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Top 5 Sponsorship Mistakes On Social Media

You know those brands you see on social media that you just absolutely adore everything about?

You know…

Their witty content.

Their inspiring imagery.

Their social mission.

Their videos that have your mouth watering for their next product.

Whenever I catch myself stopping my normal Facebook scroll to catch up on what’s going on with business colleagues, friends and family and then a brand I follow catches my attention, I know I’ve caught a brand doing something right.

As my thoughts meandered (like they often do!) towards how to use this snippet to help my clients and audience (you!), a thought hit me: there’s some awkward practices on social media that alienate brands from their audience.

We’ve all made mistakes, and will in the future, but this thought process inspired me to write a quick list of 5 things you should do to avoid falling into the “awkward” category:

1. Trying to be someone you’re not.

Social media isn’t one of the places where “fake it ‘til you make” is going to work. It’s best to give your ideal customers and sponsors the pleasure of getting to know and trust the real you. The one with the character they’ll interact not only on social networks, but on emails, calls, meetings and other encounters.

Fight the urge to “join the hype” and talk about anything and everything… Relax and talk about topics that matter to you and your customers.

2. #Over #Doing #Hashtags

Hashtags are tool for grouping and presenting to an audience content that is relevant to them. Using rare or obvious hashtags just make for reading clutter.

Keep your posts easy on the eyes by limiting your posts to 3 relevant hashtags.

Tools like Hashtagify.me can help you select proper hashtags that are active and useful to drive attention to your content in social media.

An absolute “DO”, is browsing and analyzing your sponsor’s or prospect sponsor’s content, so you can create content that’s meaningful to the keywords they are using.

3. Buying Followers

Here’s the thing, the reason why social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter stay in the game is because of the work they put into tweaking their systems to deliver content that’s relevant and engaging for every user, they want their trust and interest, and so should you.

Ghost followers won’t give you trust or interest, especially as software available online allows people to check how many of your followers are fake, ghosts or inactive.

Again here, stay true to your brand and the quality of your content, attention from real people that become leads are is the result you’re after.

4. Asking for sponsorship or money right away

Be smart about the asking part. Invest time and effort into building relationships with your prospect sponsors and don’t go head first asking for business.

Learn how to build a relationship that lands the sponsorship money you need for your business to grow. I am so passionate about this that I wrote my book, Relationships Raise Money in three days. I wanted to help people – you! – figure out how to do that, but while on social media keep this in mind:

Interact on a steady basis with your sponsor’s content and listen to your sponsor’s audience conversation. This will also help you with keywording and hashtag use, adapting your strategy to capture your sponsor’s audience attention.

5. Not utilizing the tools social media provides you for free marketing.

Another usual mistake is bypassing digital media as part of the property (sponsorship package) benefits presented for sponsors.

Your social media presence is a great value to offer to your sponsors, since they are almost certainly working to increase their brand presence in the digital world as well.

If you’ve committed your brand into developing an important social media presence and your brand is gaining momentum, keep it as an asset to share and offer with your sponsors. It’ll give you leverage as it enhances the sponsor’s ability to reach audience with the money they invest.

If you’re feeling a little nervous you might be doing these things, no worries!

What should you do next? I invite you to do a self-assessment of your last 10 social media posts to see if any of these fall into these categories.

If they do, no big deal! We all start someplace and continue to grow, right? Leave them there, so you know where you started, and reassess your current social media strategy, whether that’s with yourself, your team or coach.

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