Cooking Up a Sponsorship Plan

The heat guide: Cooking wisdom for
your sponsorship plan

I love the kind of party where everyone gets pulled into the energy of the kitchen.

There’s something so familiar, comfortable and nurturing about the art of cooking and eating next to people you love and care for.

There’s nothing more heartwarming than being surrounded by friends or family and sharing stories and memories while sipping on wine over the smell of good food. .

Cooking requires the right amount of knowledge, patience and thirst for experimentation that an entrepreneur or non-profits needs to figure out a sponsorship plan that will bring in the right people.

As we round up the season full of kitchen gatherings, and as some of us re-adjust our eating habits to leave a few pounds behind, I’ve created a hot guide for you to pull out the next time you’re cooking up a recipe that will make your sponsors drool.

Low heat

In cooking, you simmer the dishes that require time to develop the right flavors and tenderize the ingredients to the point where the softness is an irresistible treat for your senses

Don’t rush the process of creating what you want to offer your sponsors, go easy and be thorough when you define your audience. Use this time to finalize the details of your event or other sponsorship property and figure out how sponsorship can be placed within it. Slowly simmer your plans to make sure every ingredient you add has been given a chance to flavor and create value for your potential sponsor.

High heat

High heat is not for the faint of heart. Attention, focus and a sense of risk fills up a kitchen whenever we’re trying something new.

Once you’ve got a clear idea of your sponsorship property, get ready to turn up the heat and start to work your contact list. Who do you know in any of the companies you want to reach? Is it possible to get a personal introduction?

Our digital world has made it SO MUCH easier than it was 20 years ago to search and find the marketing and sponsorship contacts of any company, big or small. Email, social media accounts and websites all provide valid mechanisms to help you figure out the path to the sponsorship management team.

Sizzle up your outreach making sure all your communications market directly to your sponsor’s interests, whether it’s brand placement, networks or endorsements.

Just as anything cooking on high heat, do not leave unattended. Dedicate attention to your prospects and keep your focus on their needs.

Best served raw and super fresh

Some fruits and veggies give you their best when you present them raw and fresh, just as nature intended.

No matter what, nothing can beat the feeling of a fresh apple bite. Or imitate it. There’s also nothing quite like fresh sliced pineapple, unless you freshly juice it!

Always keep your core values present and the approach to your clients fresh and natural. You might have been tempted to cook up your personal style to match someone you admire, or bend yourself like a pretzel to pursue a sponsorship.

Keep in mind that nothing beats authentic, simple and straightforward: presenting your event and content in the unique way your life experience and point of view has made it to be is the only thing that can guarantee that both your audience and sponsors get a real, valuable and memorable experience by working with you.

If you are still trying to figure out which are the proper ingredients to choose for your sponsorship plan and can use the energy and camaraderie of a kitchen party, get a copy of “Sponsorship For Influencers”!

I’ll be around sharing creative and simple ways to help you cook up a sweet sponsorship.

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