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3 Energizing Ways Live Events Can Change Your Business

Imagine the last time you stood in front of a stage, watching one of your favorite artists perform.

You may have been fist pumping to the music, snapping your fingers or doing a slow sway to the beat.

Can you recall the excitement?

The buzz of the crowd’s camaraderie?

The memories made with friends or family – even strangers?

There’s nothing quite like a full crowd being synced together, sharing the rhythm and energy of the same passion.

Business events hold a similar buzz, there’s just something about them you just cannot replicate in day-to-day life.

Whether it’s a boot camp, retreat, mastermind or business conference, live events are a fabulous way to break a dull routine or get things moving in your business!

Below, I’ve outlined 3 ways live events can change your business for the better:


1. Get a fresh perspective + inspiration on your business.

When you spend so much time with something, it can be easy to lose sight of your original goals or inspiration for starting your project in the first place.

The buzz, education and new faces you that live events offer you are opportunities to shake yourself out of the routine and shift your perspective.

Whether you’re talking to a brand new colleague or meeting one of your mentors, live events are perfect ways to cure writers blocks, get out of a rut or get a dead project moving again!


2. Face-to-face networking.

One of my favorite parts about live events: the face-to-face interaction.

Whether you’re a work-from-home coach or someone who owns a brick and mortar, getting your face out into the world (physically) is great for brand awareness, networking and generating interest from leads.

You can create lifetime partnerships, friendships and clients/customers from these events; there is nothing more powerful than people seeing your passion and experiencing it firsthand.


3. Continued education, tools and resources that aren’t available to the public.

There are a TON of resources out there to keep yourself up-to-date with best business practices and new strategies to keep your business live-and-kicking.

One of the main problems with “just googling” things? Without enrolling yourself in a long-term course (which you may not have time for) or paying for a long-term service, it’s rare that you’ll be able to ask questions or get clarity on how something works or applies to your business.

Education at live events gives you the exclusive access to mentors, developers, and creators of products and/or services that you can get real-time answers too (hand-tailored to you!) – making you that much more confident when you go to apply what you’ve learned to your business.


[BONUS] It’s like taking a “business vacation”.

Do you ever have those days you just wish you could get away and have a date with just you and your business?

Live events are a great way to treat you and your business to a little get away. With your heart in the event, you can truly take the time to explore new ideas, discuss real-time strategies with other high-level thinkers and implement them right away, rather than putting them off until “next time”.

It’s like a mini-intensive where you get to learn and take action right away.

Live events generate the inspiration and creative juices that you won’t find anywhere else.

Generally, you’ll leave an event more educated, inspired and ready-to-take action – and happy people make more money (see my blog about Dory if you want to know more about what I mean).

The major kicker to all this? Happy, energetic business owners bring in more profits.

Live events can give you just that!

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