Dory’s optimism can actually help you land sponsorships.

3 lessons from Pixar’s Dory That Will Land You Sponsorships

Ever feel you’re beating off bad days like mosquitos during warm weather?

We’ve all had those moments, and a little optimism never hurts anyone on these proverbial rainy days.

These kind of days, I love to curl up and turn on one of my favorite Disney movies: Finding Nemo.

There’s nothing more refreshing than watching one of Finding Nemo’s main characters Dory quite literally keep her heart and thoughts open in the face of every danger.

And as always, the business and Disney parallels start in my mind: can you imagine what life would be like if you were always positive in the face of hardship?

I promise, I won’t ask you to forget all your worries; you’re human, you don’t need to be perfect!

But I do want to share how adopting some of Dory’s optimism can actually help you land sponsorships.

1. “Just keep swimming” mentality

It’s no joke that rejection can feel really, really personal. Yet, it’s usually not. However, it’s understandable! Especially in business when you’re pouring your time, heart and passion into your business.

“Just keep swimming” as Dory says, because there is always more opportunity out there for you.

Don’t give up and keep putting yourself out there! The more your put yourself out there, regardless of rejection or lack of response, the more opportunity you have.

QUICK TIP: If you want to “laugh in the face of rejection”, I would suggest training yourself to think a little more positively about rejection in general. Write down 10 positive things you learned or got from your last presentation, you’ll develop a stronger mindset for seeing the rejection as an opportunity to improve!

2. Always see the best

When you’re looking for positive, you usually find positive. When you’re looking for negative, you usually find negative.

You usually find what you’re seeking – when you go in seeking the best, you go in with your eyes wide open. You’ll see more opportunity because you’ll be more open minded to different solutions.

Opportunity comes in all shapes and sizes, seeing the best will allow you to see every opportunity in front of you (and there’s a lot more than you think!).

QUICK TIP: If you’re feeling frustrated, channel that energy into an activity that can fuel you more to getting more sponsorships! Develop consistent weekly activities to keep yourself in the habit of “putting yourself out there”.

3. Positivity attracts opportunity

It’s a scientific fact that people gravitate towards positive people, because they feel good to be around.

You can use #1 to help you fuel this, as people will admire the mentality of “just keep swimming” – just like Dory!

Staying optimistic at events, around others and in the face of rejection will attract others to you as well as tell people you’re a joy to work with (you’re not easily discouraged!).

HINT: This quality will make you a networking whiz, even if you’re not the type of person that enjoys being the life of the party.

QUICK TIP: Develop a mantra that will help you keep your eye on the prize when you’re struggling! Everyday I wake up and ask myself, “What is the ONE thing I will do today to take me closer to my goal?”

Most important thing I’d love from you to take from this whole blog?

How to make a bad day in business one that helps you win the long-game.

Bookmark this page to come back to next time you’re facing business (or sponsorship!) rejection or struggling to keep your head above water in day-to-day frustrations.

Yes, it’s no cake-walk to cross the entire ocean to find Nemo, but Dory makes the best of the journey.

And in the end, she finds him! Couldn’t think of a better ending myself.

You can write your own happy ending! Just a little positive perspective can make it happen.

(Not so bad, right?)

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