The Business Profit Architect

helping coaches, consultants, and community leaders increase their profitability through products, programs, and partnerships.


The 3 Key Profit Accelerators 

After working with thousands of business owners, I’ve found that building a wildly profitable business comes down to three key things:

“There’s more value in what you know, than what you do.”

$15K in sponsorships!

Signed $15,000 in sponsorships within 2 weeks of completing the program, one for $10,000 and the other for $5,000.
Lisza & Lucho Crisalle
Founders of Exercise & Nutrition Works, Inc.

Grow and serve…

As a result of working with Roberto, I have been able grow and serve thousands by partnering with key brands. Now, I’m saving children’s lives through the education I provide thanks to my partners.
Dr. Nancy Fox
CEO of Red Tale Fox Enterprises

Roberto refers!

Roberto refers! I have had many coaches and he has been the ONLY one to send clients my way or to introduce me to potential partners.
Shahara Wright
Founder of The Wright Firm, PLLC

The main thing

He helps guide me and to keep “the main thing the main thing”! Our work has given me the confidence and the courage to continue to grow my organization, even in the face of adversity. By positioning ourselves as the leading National organization for women with all cancers, we continue to grow by building sustainable partnerships in the beauty, personal development and health care field.
Kim Becker
Founder of Hello Gorgeous! of Hope, Inc.

Wealth of knowledge

Roberto Candelaria is a wealth of knowledge and one of the most creative thinkers I know. I appreciate the structured approach and guidance he offers along with his willingness to take selfless action to make connections and business happen. Roberto combines his heart and expertise in business making him a top notch speaker, coach and professional in this field.
Suzanne Jarvis
Executive Director of Living Forward Alliance

Incredible mind

Roberto is an incredible mind. With his help and guidance, I took the big jump to double my business revenue and consistently grow. If you’re looking to fund your dreams, move your business forward and maximize sponsorship opportunities in ways that only he knows (simply because he’s worked with some huge corporations), then sign up for his next course, book or event.
Lacy Kirkland
Certified High Performance Coach


By working with Roberto my communication and strategy is focused, I have the blueprint I need to move my business forward, and the quality of the people that I am associating with is elevated. With my new messaging, my tribe is growing and I know that I can stand strong in my mission to help serve those who serve.
Nahaku McFadden
Founder of VETERAN CEO

Clarity and direction

Working with Roberto has allowed me to gain clarity and direction for my business so that it aligns with my goals as a wife and mother. He has helped me through the fear of stepping out from behind the scenes to being the face of my company. I have grown from a high 5-figures to a multi 6-figure business. More importantly I have been able to serve more mom entrepreneurs!
Christine Jerry
Founder of The Virtual Collab

Tripled my revenue!

What can’t be said about Roberto? The man knows how to pick out leaders and push them to do what they say, build with integrity, and increase their bottom line. My skeptical butt was called out and called in by him earlier this year and my revenue has tripled in just 9 months…and we ain’t talking about going from just one hundred to three. If you want to build a business that lasts while also having a freaking life…you better hope Roberto is available.
Liz Wilcox
Founder of Liz Wilcox


His dedication to serving his clients and partners honestly made me question my own level of commitment at one point… which was great! Because I saw what was possible.

When you surround yourself with someone like Roberto, you can either choose to “level-up” or allow yourself to stay where you are despite knowing what’s possible for you.

In one day, I earned $6,000 in profit after having $0 in my bank account that same morning!
Roberto played a critical role in helping me not to over-complicate things, enhance my messaging to increase my response rate and, because I knew what Roberto was creating for himself, he helped me to know what was possible for me.
Robert Collier
Founder of Entrepreneurs Dinner