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Industry Leading Sponsorship Strategist

Roberto is the creator of The Sponsorship Roadmap, Sponsorship Crash Course and Sponsorship 901. He helps influencers increase their income by leveraging sponsorships.

International Speaker

A Speaker and Trainer Providing Results for Your Event

Roberto has shared the stage as with speakers such as Dr. Barbara De Angelis, John Assaraf, Brendon Burchard, Greg S. Reid, Sharon Lechter and more.

Roberto C. Candelaria

Best-Selling Author

International Best-Selling Author & Sponsorship Expert

Roberto is the author of “Relationships Raise Money: A Guide to Corporate Sponsorship” and “Sponsorship For Influencers: Profitable Partnerships in 5 Simple Steps”

Howdy, I’m Roberto and welcome to my home on the web!

As an Influencer Income Strategist, I help influencers increase their income by leveraging sponsorships and partnerships.

As a Customer Activation Consultant, I help brands increase their bottom line by leveraging influencers, events and customer relationships.

In other words, if you’re just getting started with sponsorship (or need more corporate sponsors), building your online platform, or ready to take your business to the next level… you’re in the right place!


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I started in sponsorship by accident. You see, I had heard of sponsorship and knew that people were getting sponsored… but I didn’t know it was for me. I thought it was only for big celebrities and non-profits. I didn’t realize there was funding for authors, sponsorship for speakers, and sponsors for events and for-profit business.

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While all of the content on my blog and in the Sponsorship for Influencers Facebook group are all free, I do have products and services that I offer. You can check out my online store and Sponsorship pages to learn more!

Pick My Brain!

Are you looking to identify the next steps to grow your brand/business as an influencer or non-profit leader, but don’t know which direction to choose? Book a consult with Roberto and allow him to help you get clear on your next steps to get sponsorship and/or additional income streams as an influencer. This is NOT a coaching session, this is a determination consultation. 

Ever wished you could pick Roberto’s brain? Some of his most creative ideas and strategies come from these customized one on one calls and, more importantly, he enjoys doing them. This is perfect for the influencer seeking Roberto as your strategic thinking partner with ideas, strategies and solutions based on his business and life experience. 


What clients are saying...
  • Les Brown Sponsorship Training, Sponsorship Coaching, How to Get Sponsored

    “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. Roberto C. Candelaria teaches you how to get that new goal or dream funded without worrying how the development bills will be paid. There is greatness within you, and it’s time sponsors helped the world see that greatness!”

    Les Brown
    World Renowned Motivational Speaker
  • “Roberto has a magnetic and captivating personality. I have been fortunate to work alongside Roberto at several events and witness the caring and generous way he shares his gifts and talents to his clients. Roberto’s ability to help others see their potential and source ways they can tap into it is remarkable. He is a believer in dreams which has enabled him to be a dream maker. He is indeed THE expert when it comes to sponsorship, speaking and connecting. I would be thrilled to work with Roberto in any capacity.”

    Jessica Hammeke
    Business Development, Infusionsoft
  • “I have had the pleasure of working with Roberto at a High-end Executive retreat where he volunteered his time. What we received by choosing Roberto was far beyond my expectations. His caring and professionalism are most certainly two of his greatest assets. His willingness to go the extra mile and do what needs to be done are cherished assets in his arsenal of giving. Roberto is a great asset and friend.”

    Barry Spilchuk
    President of You’re My Hero Books LTD

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