Episode 021 – Being in the Right Space, Knowing When to Change Spaces

What do "moving day" and a Disney marathon have in common? Hot mess? Well, yeah…AND growth. How do we keep going when it’s not all

What do “moving day” and a Disney marathon have in common? Hot mess? Well, yeah…AND growth. How do we keep going when it’s not all perfect or done?

As Community CEO’s stretching others is easy. Stretching ourselves, is a little more difficult.

Sometimes, we’re not aware of that we’ve limited ourselves…just like an exercise from a coaching program I’m working through showed me. Sometimes we skip steps and create stress for ourselves.

So, as we grow, stretch, shift rooms, what can we do?

We’ll cover:

  • “Do you, Boo,” as my friend Aprille. Do what’s right for you. Sometimes that means shifting rooms, spaces, growing into new offers. It might feel like you’re leaving someone behind. But understand this: You’re not leaving them behind. They’re choosing to stay.
  • Run your race and run it well. I once complained that I was behind to a mentor. He replied, “Who are you racing?” Completely shifted my perspective.
  • Challenge your stretch. Is there more? Skipping two levels is not always the best course of action. What’s the next logical step? Who can help me see it and get there?
  • Intentionally choose places of stretch, not stress. All growth does not have to be painful. All growth is not pain free. Enjoy the process and the results.
  • Different race. Different place. Don’t run alone. Find communities that are growing at your pace. Hire mentors and coaches, and do the work. You won’t get different results doing the same things you’ve always done. I have those coaches and mentors who stretch me to new levels of performance, personally and professionally.

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