The Table Mastermind is a 12-month mastermind, coaching and mentoring program designed to help you develop the strategies, plans, and skills to reach your business and life goals.

The Table Mastermind, hosted by Roberto Candelaria and Warren Carlyle, opens enrollment once per year. 

Applications are now being accepted through December 24th for the 2024 Mastermind year.

For more information about joining this amazing community of heart centered coaches, consultants, service provider and entrepreneurs, please apply.

LaKendra Smalley / CEO of The Global Life Coach Training & Entrepreneur Institute

“Roberto helps me with ideas to create more financial diversity in my business, which allows my audience to succeed even more with my products, services, and offers as a Life Coaching School.”

Christine Jerry

Christine Jerry / Founder of The Virtual Collab

"Working with Roberto has allowed me to gain clarity and direction for my business so that it aligns with my goals as a wife and mother. He has helped me through the fear of stepping out from behind the scenes to being the face of my company. I have grown from a high 5-figures to a multi 6-figure business. More importantly, I have been able to serve more mom entrepreneurs!"

Justin Schenck / Founder, Growth Now Movement

“Roberto makes thinking bigger, make sense. Through his coaching you’re able to not only realize your full potential but see your blind spots you’ve been missing for years. He also drinks good whiskey”

Nahaku McFadden / Founder of VETERAN CEO

“By working with Roberto my communication and strategy is focused, I have the blueprint I need to move my business forward, and the quality of the people that I am associating with is elevated. With my new messaging, my tribe is growing and I know that I can stand strong in my mission to help serve those who serve.”

You’ll receive the coaching and mentorship to develop the strategies and skills needed to grow the business you desire. You don’t have to sacrifice your profits or your values to have connection and community with your clients.

You're not just joining a Mastermind...

You’re joining a community of heart-centered, profit creating, business owners who are committed to taking action to grow their businesses, communities, and impact. Not only will Roberto and Warren support you, but your peers will support you, help you work through challenges, and hold you accountable for what you want to create.

Meet LIZ Wilcox - The Fresh Princess of Email...

“What can’t be said about Roberto? The man knows how to pick out leaders and push them to do what they say, build with integrity, and increase their bottom line. My skeptical butt was called out and called in by him earlier this year and my revenue has tripled in just 9 months…and we ain’t talking about going from just one hundred to three. If you want to build a business that lasts while also having a freaking life…you better hope Roberto is available.”

-Liz Wilcox

Email Marketing Expert at

Who The Table Is For:

You're Might be a Good Fit If...

Who We are NOT For.

But for Real...
Please Do Not Apply If...

The Table is where high-achieving heart-centered entrepreneurs ready to make and impact and income (without sacrificing connection with their families or communities) gather. 



“Roberto’s mentorship and strategy has been a game-changer for me. I have clarity on what I want for my business, and was able to create offers that feel good to me and my clients. Now, I get to collaborate with other amazing six and seven figure coaches with my “Your Basic Pitch” sales program and my podcast and YouTube show, “High Earning Coaches.” While working with Roberto I’ve more than doubled my six-figure income while also creating more partnerships with other coaches and creating monthly residual partnership and affiliate revenue.”

-Ashley Jangro

Certified Sales and Marketing Coach /

What’s Included with Your Investment?

Each Member of "The Table" Will Have Access To…

We work with leaders who are ready to build even more profitable businesses and are ready to ditch their excuses to reach their next level.

What Are the Program Dates and Investment?

The Table Mastermind runs from January 11, 2024 - December 12, 2024.

The investment is $15,000
Payment plans are available.

How Many Members are at The Table?

The group is limited to 15 invite-only members. We will only be accepting up to 15 members into The Table.

Each person must complete the application and be ready for the Mastermind to be invited.

Apply for your invitation to join us at The Table:

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