Roberto Candelaria is Not Your Average Speaker

In fact, he’s a business profit architect and partnership strategist.

If you need a speaker who will light up your audience while getting them excited about building sustainable relationships and profitable communities, Roberto Candelaria is the perfect fit for you.

Roberto energizes audiences through sharing his vast experience, mixed with his unique blend of passion and humor. He’s not your average speaker — he’s a driven and successful Business Profit Architect who loves to take the stage and share from experience on how joining forces with others can expand platforms, partnerships, and profits.

Roberto and his team know how valuable sustainable relationships are — they’re truly the foundation of every thriving community and business. Roberto is skilled at taking this powerful concept and weaving new beliefs surrounding it with conventional business framework. He brings each audience a step-by-step plan that combines concept with action for tremendous results.

Roberto has graced the stage with inspiring leaders such as Mel Abraham, Dr. Barbara De Angelis, Tom Antion, John Assaraf, Sir Richard Branson, Les Brown, Brendon Burchard, Jim Kwik, Loral Langemeier, Bob Proctor, and Greg S. Reid.

He, his clients, and his communities have had unbelievable opportunities to work with amazing companies like American Airlines, BMW, DELL, Disney, Enterprise Rentals, Hilton Hotels, Southwest Airlines, State Farm Insurance, Wells Fargo and Zappos — and the list goes on.

Roberto is available for keynote speaking, seminars, and multi-day workshops. Each event’s speaking will be customized specifically according to your audience’s needs. Roberto’s availability out of Austin, TX, as well as applicable workshop fees, may be requested at [email protected] with the submission of all event details, such as date, time, and location. Please include as much information as possible so we can best serve you.

What you Get with Roberto:

Authentic & Engaging

Roberto engages audience with his stories, sense of humor, and experience. He brings real world experience to your audience to help inspire change, practical and interactive content customized to you and your audience, while also helping you reach your event goals.

Straightforward & Supportive

Roberto and his team's focus is to serve you, your audience and the experience you’re curating for in your event. He can do a keynote presentation, a breakout or spouse session at the same event. Your audience will also be given access to our proven frameworks so they are empowered for their next steps.

Customized & Flexible

Roberto's customized presentation will be designed to fit your available time, from 30 minutes to three days. Because the needs of any seminar or event can change, Roberto and his team are also experienced and flexible enough to adapt when a segment needs to be cut or expanded. Roberto will do whatever he can to accommodate and help your event reach full potential.

Popular Speaking Topics:

The Mindset to Double, Triple, and 10X Your Sales

Whether you're creating $5,000 or $500,000 in sales, mindset is the key in achieving the next levels of revenues and profits in your business. In this presentation, Roberto shares the recipe to creating the mindset that allows entrepreneurs to double, triple and 10X the sales in their businesses.

How & Why Relationships Make Money

Relationships are at the key of everything we do in life, and business. In this presentation Roberto shares the 5 step process to building genuine business relationships for your brand.

Diversify Your Marketing: How to Create Affiliate and JV Partnerships for Acquisition and Profit Success

Digital products, coaching, physical products, or live events... there's one thing that all have in common: How to find more customers. In this presentation Roberto will share keys to customer acquisition that make it a win for a collaborating partner, but also deliver an ROI for the company.

The Profitable Community Blueprint: How to Build Impact Driven Businesses Without Sacrificing Connection

In this presentation filled with stories from over two decades of coaching and consulting, you'll learn the formula to building profitable online and offline communities that have helped clients build on via in-person networking and various social platforms.

Activating Your Brand Advocates: The Secret to Earning Sales by Word-of-Mouth

Your best sales people don't actually work for you - in reality, they are your happiest customers, who are so enamored with your brand that they can't wait to tell their friends all about it. Your potential customers are also far likelier to take their friends' recommendation and become more loyal customers themselves. In this session, you'll learn how to activate and incentivize potential brand advocates so that you can start earning even more sales through the power of word-of-mouth.

Roberto is available for:

Virtual Training

Whether it be a virtual summits, training for your membership community or even hybrid events… Roberto’s experience as an Entrepreneur and Profit Strategist allow him to create results driven training programs for your groups of any size.

Mastermind Groups

Roberto is regularly invited to high level masterminds where he serves as not only a facilitator, but a trainer to bring results driven coaching to coaches and entrepreneurs.

Hot Seat Coaching

With over two decades of coaching and consulting experience, hotseats are one of Roberto’s favorite ways to serve coaches and audiences. These focused moments allow the opportunity for Roberto to provide personalized coaching, feedback and direction to attendees.

Keynote Sessions

Invite Roberto to your next event to not only inspire your audience with possibility, but give them actionable steps to follow and immediately implement.

Online Training

Roberto’s extensive knowledge in business, partnerships, and profit strategy allows him to create customized online training programs for your course, community or program. These customized programs have been licensed for online courses, memberships, masterminds, group coaching and corporate training programs.

Workshops and Intensives

Roberto is often called on to do multiple sessions or run a “track” within a conference when time allows for the audience to dive deep and move from training to implementation. These workshops are curated with the end result in mind in collaboration with the event planner and conference host.

Podcast Interview Samples

These are merely suggestions and we can create a topic, interview or training customized to your audience.

Roberto is a Must-Have Speaker

“Roberto is a must-have speaker for your main stage. When I heard Roberto speak for the first time, I was blown away at his unique ability to fuse how-to teaching with wit, humor and action-oriented guidance. Don’t think twice… book him now!”

Allyson Byrd

Money Mindset Strategist
Private Tech Founder


I sure do! Many speakers say they customize their presentations, but to them that means using the name of your organization a couple times and charging you a premium for it.

Here’s how I do customization for your organization:

  • My team does in-depth research of your industry, your company and your competition. The more we know about you and your audience, the better I can serve them.
  • When possible, we will host phone or video interviews with audience members or others from your organization. (sometimes I incorporate their quotes into color visuals and/or handout materials).
  • My team will review your trade publications, blog articles, online community and social media presence.
  • You get handout materials that reflect the theme of the engagement we are retained for.
  • Titles and subjects are customized to your event, your audience, and your results.

My customized presentation will be designed to fit your available time from 30 minutes to three days. Also, because the needs of any seminar or event can change, I am also experienced and flexible enough to adapt when my segment needs to be cut or expanded unexpectedly. I will do whatever I can to accommodate your needs and help your event reach its full potential, whether speaking in person or as a virtual keynote speaker.

The fact that I’ve addressed and worked with a wide range of businesses, for-profit and nonprofit, is a big part of my value to your organization. We all know that every group is different and has their unique needs, but I have found that we also face many similar challenges. In my areas of expertise, I bring the best of “what works” from other industries to your group.
Many groups and event professionals that hire me to do a keynote presentation also have me do a breakout or spouse session at the same event. This gets you a big discount on the second presentation and saves you travel and expenses. I will also help you design exciting convention openings and closings, even if you are on a limited budget! Whenever possible, I can also create a customized pre or post event webinar to give you and your audience extra value.
This is always an interesting question for a keynote speaker. If you give me a group that is alive, awake, sober and somewhat excited to be there… you will get a top-notch, effective presentation every time, or you’ll get your money back. If requested, our team will assist you in room set-up, timing and logistical parameters to optimize the presentation.
I’m a serial entrepreneur, community leader, and business profit architect. Starting from scratch, I started my first business with a loan from my mother. I’ve started and run 7 companies. The first one was a complete failure, with the past 6 being successes – including my current brands! From main street to the boardroom, I’ve mentored and advised thousands of business owners and startups regarding community building, how to create products and programs, corporate sponsorship, launching an affiliate program, business strategy, monetizing an online community and more! As a business profit architect and consultant, I’ve worked with range of companies from start-ups and non-profits to the Fortune 100. I’ve worked with and consulted brands such as BMW, DELL, Disney, Hilton, State Farm, Wells Fargo, and Zappos – to name a few! I am also a Strategic Thinking Partner for community leaders, entrepreneurs, nonprofits and business owners, with the expertise to quickly get to the heart of complex issues, seeing solutions and helping to illuminate a path to forward progress.
I prefer to fly business or first class on Delta Airlines. You’ll never have to deal with meal charges, frills, or surprises! All travel expenses to be reimbursed, and provide a sleeping room, at the speaking venue or host hotel, direct billed to client for a minimum of two (2) nights, including the night prior and night of the speaking engagement(s).
I like to keep it family friendly. I love my nieces and nephews, so I use only clean, non-offensive humor that I could use in front of them or my parents. You will never be embarrassed. I love to use stories about my family, food, and Disney during my presentations.
My team and I will handle all the details of your event in a professional and timely manner and we’ll make every effort to keep expenses to a bare minimum. Unlike most speakers, YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED for my meals while I am on the road. Pretty cool, huh? You will never have any alcohol or extravagant expenses of any kind charged to your master account. When possible, AIRFARE WILL BE PRORATED FAIRLY between clients. You will find we are always courteous and very accessible. My team and I are here to serve you and we won’t ever forget it! We get to do what we love because of you! Please call or email when you are ready to plan your next great event.
I’m so glad ya asked! Our company will need to both receive and approve the master. Video recording fee: 25% of speaking fee Audio recording fee: 25% of speaking fee Addendum to agreement required related to distribution and/or licensing of any recording.
I sure do! You get 50 copies of one of my best selling book, “Sponsorship for Influencers” with each paid engagement. These can be used as giveaways for the attendees, door prizes, sign-up premiums, or even as part of the centerpiece at your banquet or luncheon. These books will save you a small fortune on “throwaway” flowers and balloons and give your attendees a valuable business gift. If you want to buy more copies so everyone gets one, I give really large discounts for bulk purchases.

As soon as we work out the details and you engage me, I’ll begin my pre-program research by interviewing you briefly by phone, and then sending you a questionnaire to complete and return. I will ask for back issues of industry trade publications, newsletters, corporate reports, and a list of your group’s “movers and shakers” to be interviewed.

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