Happy Halloween! I have question for you — Is your sponsorship a trick or treat to your potential sponsors? I love Halloween. Why? Well, I love getting the pictures that my sister sends me every year of my niece in her costume… or sometimes costumes. I love the smile on her face in those pictures,...
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Imagine the last time you stood in front of a stage, watching one of your favorite artists perform. You may have been fist pumping to the music, snapping your fingers or doing a slow sway to the beat. Can you recall the excitement? The buzz of the crowd’s camaraderie? The memories made with friends or...
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sponsorship and social media mistakes
You know those brands you see on social media that you just absolutely adore everything about? You know… Their witty content. Their inspiring imagery. Their social mission. Their videos that have your mouth watering for their next product. Whenever I catch myself stopping my normal Facebook scroll to catch up on what’s going on with...
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Dory’s optimism can actually help you land sponsorships.
Ever feel you’re beating off bad days like mosquitos during warm weather? We’ve all had those moments, and a little optimism never hurts anyone on these proverbial rainy days. These kind of days, I love to curl up and turn on one of my favorite Disney movies: Finding Nemo. There’s nothing more refreshing than watching...
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Secret to Running a Successful Business I Love
We just celebrated Father’s Day here in America, and I’m so blessed to have a family that taught me about entrepreneurship. A family that taught me about creating the life I love and teaching us that anything was possible if we were willing to work for it. I love my clients, and the work I...
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What is sponsorship?
  You know what I love about questions? All the juicy information you can get by simply asking one. Grab your favorite glass of cab, mine is from Jordan Winery, and let’s chat about what Sponsorship can do for you. WHAT IS SPONSORSHIP? Let’s start with the facts: What is sponsorship? Sponsorship is like advertising....
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Roberto C. Candelaria Welcomes you to his Sponsorship Journal! Where you can learn how to get sponsored!
Howdy, and welcome to new my Journal! I’ve often enjoyed teaching about sponsorship and sharing ideas on podcasts, my online courses, and at Sponsorship Boot Camp Live…. but I always knew there was more that I wanted to say… more that I wanted to share. After some encouragement from a few friends and clients, I’ve...
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Roberto C. Candelaria

As a business strategist and consultant, Roberto has worked with a range of companies from start-ups and non-profits to the Fortune 100. Brands such as BMW, DELL, Disney, Hilton, State Farm, Wells Fargo, and Zappos – to name a few! Ready to get sponsored? Get your free Sponsorship E-CourseCLICK HERE!

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