Secret to Running a Successful Business I Love
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My #1 Secret to Running a Successful Business I Love

We just celebrated Father’s Day here in America, and I’m so blessed to have a family that taught me about entrepreneurship. A family that taught me about creating the life I love and teaching us that anything was possible if we were willing to work for it. I love my clients, and the work I do.

The first thing that always comes to mind when I think of work?

My clients. My audience. The people I serve…


Recently, my mind began to wander around the hardships I know many entrepreneurs – clients and colleagues alike – have struggled with.

I remember my own painstaking days of building my business, getting my first client, and building my list — it was a rollercoaster ride!

Sometimes it was frustrating and defeating on the bad days; on the good days, I felt like celebratory morning glasses of champagne were in order when a client would share a big win with me.

It’s perfectly okay to have days where you’ve thought about giving up.

Seriously. It’s okay!

But… the truth? I don’t think you should give up. I understand that all-too-familiar feeling of having doubts or frustrations along the journey.

That’s why I’m writing this blog for you, as I finish up my own taste of freedom and joy of spending time with those I love — I want to share with you my secret for getting through the “bumps in the road” along your self-paved journey.

Always stay connected to why you began to started “this thing” in the first place.

Is it to have the freedom to be there for every first your child has?

Is it to have the mobility to take in the world’s amazing beauty as you work?

Is it to provide for your family?

Is it to change the world?

Whatever brought you here: put that thing in front of you at all times:

• Create a vision board of your dream life that shows all the people, places and things your dream life contains.

• Create a desktop background – in Canva or another easy-to-use graphic creator – with it written down.

• Put a reminder in your phone to receive a gentle reminder every day, maybe even at a time you struggle the most (not a morning person?).

I know that sometimes, being an entrepreneur doesn’t always feel like the “dream come true” you thought it would be.

Entrepreneurship is a lifetime of self-growth and lessons that will strengthen you in the best ways.

You learn how strong you are.

You learn how deeply skilled you are in specific areas.

You learn how much you really have to give to the world.

Yes… you might occasionally have to take jobs, customers, or clients that don’t exactly fit into your niche to help you get to the “dream job.”

But you get to choose: your attitude, perspective, clients and how you live. You get to choose.

Build a business on your why and you’ll always have the time, energy, motivation, strength, and money to make things happen.

And with consistent and focused action comes success – or in this case, your “dream come true”.

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