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How to Get Sponsored by Watching Your Favorite TV Show


“Winter is coming.”

That’s a phrase I hear all too often around this time of year (and it’s not winter at all).

You probably already know what I mean.

Usually the whisper of these words means Game of Thrones (GoT) is back on and it’s time for tons of Facebook posts about the complex characters and plot development that occurs in this show.

I myself don’t religiously watch Game of Thrones; however, I love using some of my favorite shows as a way to make learning lessons in business more fun.

The Internet is full of different advice, strategies, and education about how to land sponsorships. Imagine using your very own internal data and past experience to get sponsored, similar to the GoT craze rather than reading a basic “how to” article.

This process can be applied to any show you watch — you just have to know where to look.

Let’s dive in!

Brainstorm the things you love about your favorite character from the show.

The things we admire in fictional characters tend to be the things we’d like to include in our day to day life.

For example, the Lannisters!

The Lannisters know how to use their strength to their advantage. In other words, they know how to use their strength to get sponsored. They have the coins and the power, but not the authority.

Crown, on the other hand, has all the authority coupled with a never ending need for coins (money). Lannisters with Crown’s sponsorship on their back become a force to reckon with!

Quick Tip: Recognize the traits you admire about your favorite characters from your show and write them down. Ask yourself: How can I incorporate these traits into positive qualities to potential sponsors?


Learn from the bad guys’ mistakes.

Take note of the villain in every show – even those shows that carry traditional villains.

In GoT, for example – you don’t want to be the Starks!

The most respected house in the Westeros, the Starks, have been surrounded with all sorts of trouble, deceit, murders, and more. Friends are turned into enemies and left with hardly any support.

Starks are no doubt loyal to their king, fearless, and respectful, but why so ill-fated? The reason, as I see, it is that they can be easily fooled, they don’t embrace studying their competition, hence falling into the same trap continually.

Making the same mistakes repeatedly is definitely not the type of quality that sponsors are looking for!

Quick Tip: While taking notes of the qualities you love in your favorite characters, also note the qualities you don’t like. Use these in a self-assessment to see if you’re in alignment with your beliefs.

The truer to yourself you are, the more people will see the amazing work you can do. This can result in getting more sponsorship in the future.


Take note of the elements of a winning strategy.

In storylines, there are always parts where a character must overcome hardship.

One of the most famous characters of the show is Tyrion Lannister, the imp. He is known for his wittiness, ability to handle tough situations calmly, research and knowledge of politics. And, just in case you’re one of the readers not following the show, he is pretty famous amongst ladies too.

On more than one occasion, Tyrion saved his life and those of his companions with his  mere knowledge and cleverness. He is a tireless knowledge seeker and has a great ability to almost convince anyone. Tyrion’s main strengths are his knowledge, ability to persuade, lead, and set others at ease enough to enjoy his company.

Quick Tip: Read, read, and read! Study how characters in your favorite show overcome hardship. This can be a trait or mindset they used to overcome a hard time – you’ll walk away with an entertaining night, but also additional lessons to mull over the next time you’re putting together a winning sponsorship presentation.


These activities are perfect for getting a new perspective on business or helping you fall back in love with your biz if you’re feeling burnt out.

What could be better than making your entertainment and your business one in the same every once in awhile?

What show could you implement this plan with? Comment below…

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