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How Drinking Wine (responsibly) Helped Me Build My Business

How Drinking Wine (responsibly) Helped Me Build My Business 

I think a glass of wine is one of the best ways to celebrate the end of a busy Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (with Olivia Pope, of course!),  and Friday.

Theres not much a good wine doesnt compliment; a delicious meal, some dark chocolate, doing the laundry, and the list goes on!

Seriously though, I love that every bottle tells a story. If theres a strawberry patch close to the vineyard, you can pick up that delicate note. If there is no rain that year, you can taste it in the final product. Winemakers are true alchemists, mixing and blending grapes into a work of art.

They can certainly teach us a thing or two about growing your business. For me, its simple:

Your passion will help you find opportunities!

Friends know that the Jordan Vineyard is my favorite. Ive been drinking their wine for a while and actually ended up tweeting them to set up an anniversary dinner in 2015. That sparked an ongoing conversation, which developed into, believe it or not, a fun business idea.

Do you love dogs? Maybe you spend your weekends hiking up big hills, or like me visiting wine country (my couch with a bottle of Cab Sav). Those passions are your way in. Mutual affection and a little curiosity are the best ways to start any relationship. My advice to you is to find brands that mirror your ethos and share the same passions as you.


Be creative.

Can you imagine the first time someone turned grapes into wine? Thats some serious creativity. (Imagine, the first grape mashers in their barefeet curating the idea.)

In my 100 Things You Can Get Sponsored eBook, I outline a lot of creative ways to look at sponsorship. Im not going to give away all my tips today, but heres a taste of how you can think outside the box:

  • A sponsorship doesnt need to be in the form of money. Organizing an event? Why not create experiences like VIP member areas and hospitality suites that companies can sponsor?
  • If youve connected with lots of small businesses that dont have the capital to invest in big ideas, why not set up page sponsors for your workbook or brochure?


Building a relationship is a process.

Just like the winemaking process, developing good relationships takes time. When I first tweeted Jordan, I wasnt looking for sponsorship. But, over time, the relationship grew into a wonderful exchange.

Ive told all of you this before, but it bears repeating. Dont jump out at brands yelling; Give me money!Imagine if winemakers just threw some grapes in a bottle – yuck. No, fermentation takes years. So, get to know the businesses you want to be involved with. Let them get to know you.

Remember, a good idea goes nowhere without a touch of resourcefulness. Sponsorship is simple, but it takes time and energy.

Good luck out there. Im always here if you need me.

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