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3 Tips to Start Creating More Magic & Success in Your Sponsorship Proposals

3 Tips to Start Creating More Magic & Success in Your Sponsorship Proposals


Do you believe in magic?

Not to be too cheesy: I definitely do.

I got my first big taste of magic when I was accepted into the Disney College Program for an internship.

It was one of the first times I decided to take a “risk” or leap of faith.

I’ve always adored Disney movies for their tenacity and support for the underdog. In almost every Disney story, you see the main character overcome a tough situation to get the thing they want. Even though Disney doesn’t necessarily write about business, and I’ve never had to rescue a damsel in distress during the work week (yet!), this perseverance is something I’ve carried into my values and work.

From a dream to overcoming fears of failure and putting myself out there, achieving the opportunity to work under the Disney umbrella was a pivotal moment for me – I learned about hard work, preparation, and how to have a strong vision of your own truth and what you want.

This internship was one of the reasons I fell even more deeply in love with the Disney brand. From this journey, there are three valuable lessons I learned that I’d love to share with you to create more magic and success in your own journey!

Writing sponsorship proposals is more that just a first step.

Every time I sit down to prepare a presentation or work on sponsorship proposals, I learn something new. My advice to you is do your research. Look at quarterly reports and blog posts, look past the companys homepage. In todays digitally charged environment, every business, big or small, has online content. Thats where you find your insights. And those insights are the difference between a generic; Hi, my name is John Doe and I need something from you,and really speaking to the person youre trying to reach.

This tactic also sets you up to become enriched, as a person. And that means that every first step you take is most certainly a success – regardless of whether you get the job, sponsorship, or whatever you are hoping to achieve.


Good communication and interview skills are serious assets.

Here’s a REAL question to ask yourself: when was the last time you truly listened to what someone was saying? (This is something I ask myself to make sure I am present for my work, family, clients, etc.)

Better yet, when did you feel like you were being listened to? Listening is an underrated act that goes a long way. Try it. Let the person you are talking to be heard and youll definitely make a lasting and super-positive impression.

Another tip, ask questions. Simply put, its engaging. If there’s something you don’t understand, feed that back. As you begin engaging in conversation, you’ll find most often that an organic conversation begins, connections are established, and professional and beneficial relationships for everyone are born.

And if you ever hear yourself waffling. Stop. Take a deep breath. Listen. Seriously, it works. Try and remember that you can add value to this interaction. Oh, and an honest smile goes a long way too.

Reach for the big thing you’re dreaming of… even if you’re unsure of the outcomes.

Notice, I said REACH for something BIG. Not, dream about big things. Of course, its good to dream.

Im the one who brought up the topic of magic, right?

You are in charge of making your own magic. You have to take concrete steps. Submit that application, take the seminar, write your sponsorship proposal. Dont get stuck dreaming.


Effort creates opportunity for synchronicity.

There isnt a wand you wave and POOF! your business is a success. Do the work. Make sure youre positioned for a little fairy dustto blow in your general direction.

I love what Valeria Hinojosa (banker turned lifestyle blogger and Airbnb Host) has to say about following your heart; Be raw, be you and be ready to risk it all when it comes to pursuing your dreams.

If youre serious about taking that first step and want to learn how to get more sponsors and write sponsorship proposals that sell, join me at my next live event; Sponsorship Boot Camp: March 31 – April 2, 2017, in Houston, TX or take a look at my Dreamer’s and Doer’s Group Coaching Program.

How will you create more magic and success in your sponsorships? Comment below or send me an email!


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