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How to Setup a Winning Sponsorship Page

How to Set Up a Winning Sponsorship Page

We’ve talked A LOT about how to give winning presentations for sponsorship, and while I’ll always believe that developing organic connections and genuine professional relationships is the simplest and best way to get sponsored, there are other ways to gain the attention of sponsors and get sponsored! A sponsorship page on your website is a great way to do that.

Free advertising?

One central place to send potential sponsors who may quickly want to know more about you?

A simple + easy way of attracting new sponsorships?
If you don’t already have a sponsorship page on your website, these tips will help you put one together. Already have a page? They’ll help refine what you have.
While I can’t guarantee these tips will immediately get you sponsored, they will give you a place to send potential sponsors. Below, you’ll find the elements of a winning sponsorship page:

1. Design it like a landing page.

Landing pages are designed with an offering with no other mentions or distractions on the page — free or paid.

These types of pages are usually removed of all distractions that could take your visitor (or potential sponsors) anywhere but that page: site menu, links to external sites, “support” boxes, etc. This allows your viewer to remain focused solely on your sponsorship page – and really allows them to dig deep into what exactly they need from you.


2. Add inspirational visual elements.

Adding strong visuals to your page can make or break the experience for a potential sponsor. This can include a sleek design, powerful imagery that highlights the experience your company brings to the industry, or statistics and demographics that share relevant information about your business and who you serve.

When potential sponsors visit this landing page, they’re looking to see why they should form a partnership with you versus another company — presenting your information with strong visuals adds to the viewer’s experience.

TIP: Not sure what to make visual? Think of this as your “pre-presentation” and ask yourself, “What are the first 3 things that a potential sponsor should know about my business?” Find physical representations of these and place them on your page.

3. Showcase your credibility.

Something you’ll see on website of most brands, coaches, and consultants are sections or images labeled, “As Seen In”, “Had Worked With” or “Used By”, with a list and/or logos for their partners.

If you’ve worked with any major corporations, news stations, or been featured in media outlets, offline or online, — add this to your page! When you show the brand(s) you’ve worked with, this immediately adds to your credibility and develops trust with a potential sponsor.

4. Make this page easy to access.

Whether it’s all over your website, on your business card, or attached to your company’s social media accounts, make this page EASY to find! Place it in your site navigation, place it in blog posts, keep it in your email signature — don’t hide what you have to potentially offer a sponsor!

TIP: Keep the URL simple, such as “www.yourwebsite.com/sponsors” (hint: Google also loves these clear links).

These sponsorship page elements will help you bring a little zest to your pages, and attract more sponsorships.

And the best part?

Once it’s built, you don’t have to keep presenting it over and over again — it’s all right there for you.

I love sponsorship automation, and I use Ontraport to make it happen! From beautiful landing pages created in Ontapages to the delivery of sample sponsorship proposals and scheduling calls with potential sponsors, Ontraport make sponsorship automation simple for the everyday entrepreneur and non-profit leader.

Stay tuned to our blog, where we’ll include the ways you can bring new leads and potential sponsors to this page to land more sponsorships as well!

Oh, and if you’re still afraid of writing that first sponsorship proposal, check out “3 Tips to Overcoming Your Fears of Sponsorship Proposals

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