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Stretch Your Imagination to Perfect Sponsorship Proposals

Stretch Your Imagination to Perfect Sponsorship Proposals

“What can I get sponsored?” “How do I make sponsorship proposals that sell?”

These have to be, hands down, the most common of all the frequently asked questions I have had since I’ve been sharing my experiences with sponsorship.

Some of you might feel as lost as last year’s Easter egg when reading the words “anything is possible”, be it for your sponsorship or your business. With sponsorship, as long as it’s legal and a sponsor can see value in it, anything (legal) is possible.

Starting from the ground up allowed me to experiment, to much success, but the experimentation when I first started also led to some stumbling blocks which allowed me to then shape and re-shape my relationships with sponsors and be able to identify where the most value of a certain sponsorship property is created.

Sponsorship is built upon your ability to create sponsorship properties and sponsorship proposals that make both your sponsor’s marketing goals and your audience’s attention click. Yes, the room in between those can be huge, and that’s what’s so thrilling about sponsorship.

A combination of your knowledge and your imagination can create great outcomes that nurture your brand and the relationships you create with your clients and those you want to be your clients. But just as your knowledge and talent as a speaker, performer, advocate or entrepreneur takes dedication and growth, your imagination also requires some stretching and exercise.

That’s what today is all about.

I want to share some a few ideas to help you gain the vision to start working towards that perfect sponsorship package and sponsorship proposal.

Go outside

I love my office! My Disney art and the perfect playlist, but when it’s time to get focused on creating new projects, I like to take it outside. Pure nature isn’t always an option but go have a cup of coffee in a nicely decorated coffee shop or diner. Take just paper and a pen, and start drafting.

I find that getting out of my day to day environment allows a different level of creativity! Where do you go to “get away” for a few minutes? Be sure to comment below!

Take care of the thinker and creator

Yes, that’s you. Make sure you dedicate some time to wander daily. Take baths, read some fiction, connect with family and friends, create new experiences through hobbies or outdoor activities.

Even more interesting, find ways to connect and serve your community: Volunteering, fundraising and giving back are activities that will help you identify how to be collaborative and nurturing, two key aspects to build rapport with your sponsors.

I take care of myself with a good book and a glass of wine, spending time with family, and the occasional visit to Disney! There’s also a handful of non-profit organization that I personally volunteer with as I believe in their mission and purpose.

Ritualize your creativity

Keep a notebook on your desk, kitchen counter, or nightstand to write for 5 minutes daily. This is the time to let any and all ideas our that come to your mind. They don’t have to be profitable or even a reality at the moment. Get them all out of your head!

By listing the ideas, you’re getting your brain into the habit of free thinking and putting a stop to censoring your own ideas even before they are on paper. Plus, I find that I come up with even more ideas when I get existing ones out of my head.

In your list, you might get a cool concept for a sponsor benefit and, even if you don’t, it’s great practice to get you ready for it. (And you might just come up with some other crazy ideas in the meantime!)

Check your brands

Which brands do you connect with the most every single day? From your slippers, to your toothbrush, pantry items, office supplies and wine. What brands and people are around you? How are they connected to you?

Are these brands aligned with your message? How have they affected you? Is there a way to help them reach your audience?

Dream big

My mom and dad, to this day, have always encouraged me to dream big. If I share an idea with them, they invite me to dream bigger Yes, bigger!

When creating your sponsorship inventory, think outside of the box and not just at the obvious benefits you see in front of you. Having an inventory give your a list of benefits to discuss with your potential sponsors before creating and sending over customized sponsorship proposals.

Remember: We all have an unlimited amount of connections and resources, if we only ask!

What will you get sponsored? Where do you go to “get away” to stimulate your creativity for a few minutes? Be sure to comment below!

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