How to Ask for Sponsorship with confidence
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How to Ask for a Sponsorship with Confidence

You’ve done the prep work, and now…

The time has come: you’ve picked up the phone. You’ve sent emails. You’ve made connections. You’ve written and sent out sponsorship proposals.

A potential sponsor has reached out to you, asking for a meeting where you will present your sponsorship proposal and idea.

You do a little excited dance, a fist pump in the quiet of your victory.

Yes. You’ve got a shot.

This is your dream afterall, so even a shot at fulfilling said dream feels like a dive into guilty pleasure island.

So here you are, ready to rock, but you’re missing your trusty sidekick: confidence.

You know now is your time to shine, but you’re not sure where to start.

And that’s where I’ve got your back, below you’ll find a few savvy tips on How to Ask for Sponsorship with confidence:

1. Good introduction is key.

If you’re not sure how to start your presentation and feel like a rockstar, simply start with yourself! Share your mission, your passion for what you do, and the work you’ve done so far.

Don’t be another faceless ‘innovative idea’ with no soul behind it. It’s not the idea that gets you sponsored – it’s the trust. It’s the relationship. Remember, Relationships Raise Money!

2. Don’t belittle yourself.

Sometimes it seems you ask too much,  the act of asking itself becomes awkward. You are about to ask them to give you money and all you can give back right now is a pinkie promise put on paper with a signature below.

Right? Wrong. Remember that you have the will to make the world better and their money can BUILD on making that vision of world-changing into a reality.  You have a plan and determination.

The only thing you lack is certain resources that your potential sponsor has a-plenty. Money comes and goes, any good businessman knows that. What’s important is to use it for the right cause and help the right people. Be those people.

3. Be clear from the start.

‘Confidence’. The first thing to pop into my head is Annalise Keating, a genius defense attorney, the main character of ABC’s “How To Get Away With Murder”.

That woman oozes confidence, either in a classroom full of anxious students or in court, defending her client at all costs. What makes her like that? She is direct! Not a single extra word, no excuses. Annalise is never afraid to ask when she needs the answer and she does it so quick and easy you can’t resist.

Surprisingly enough, once you realize that being direct is simpler than creating a veil of vague but comfortable politeness, it becomes quite easy: “I need N dollars for this project, and it’s great ROI for you because of reasons 1, 2, and 3.” Boom! You are so confident, it makes me proud already.

4. Remain respectful and considerate.

Remember that the sponsor is not a tower you need to conquer or an enemy you need to defeat— they are a potentially great guy or gal to work with.

5. Prepare for the worst.

While it may sound extreme, you can use it to calm yourself down before the meeting. What’s the worst thing that can happen? You get a “no”. But is it that bad? Sometimes rejection is a great opportunity for growth–I’d know! More on that in Where Do I Begin?

Remember: if you are convinced your idea is good and you can make it a reality, you have the power to share your dream with others in a way that feels good – and confident.

No matter the outcome.

And if it doesn’t work the first time? No prob!

Practice makes perfect and this opportunity will prep you to “succeed” at the next one.



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