Here are 3 ways to Grow Your Business like Olivia Pope
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How To Grow Your Business Like Olivia Pope (Part 1)

Have you ever wanted to grow your business? If you’re anything like me, the answer is yes!

Most business owners have rituals – daily habits or routines – and I’m no exception.

Every Thursday night, I grab my favorite wine glass and pour a glass of cabernet sauvignon from Jordan Winery or Nickel & Nickel Winery and flip on one of my all-time favorite shows: “Scandal”.

I adore Olivia–she is brilliant. What started as an obsession for an addicting, edgy show grew into a love for the character of Olivia Pope, the female powerhouse & savvy business owner.

This girl lives and breathes her business; it’s not your overworked business owner, she is passionate about what she does.

Just like myself.

Just like you.

Why do I love the show, and Olivia, so much?

She’s a woman with a mission to change the world.

The more I watch, the more I notice the parallels of what makes Olivia such a great business owner – so I thought I’d share what those parallels are; we have a lot to learn from her!

Here are 3 ways to Grow Your Business like Olivia Pope:

1. Know WHO you serve.

Olivia knows her clients. She can leverage most situations based on the fact that she knows WHO she works for and the players on the field. She does her research. Stop now and examine how clear you are in regards of who is your ideal customer.

Pinpoint as many characteristics as you can for your customers: their interests, place in life, aspirations, tastes in music, literature, values, family constitution, etc. You could also get started using online tools like Facebook Audience Insights or even your website’s Google Analytics to help you get accurate information on the people who are interested in buying what you’re selling.

Explore your audience by setting the stage for conversation and relationship building.

2. Know your worth.

Shake your mindset a little and even while hunting, appreciate the power of your tools.

How much of an impact would it have on your business for you to project onto your customers the energy of these words:

“I am very good at what I do. I am better at it than anyone else. And that is not arrogance, that is a fact.”

While you don’t have to save the forward attitude, having confidence in your work inspires confidence in those who want to work with you. Confidence pays and one of the best ways I know how to do that is lead by example.

Acknowledge and celebrate every single accomplishment in your business–it will help you build momentum and translate that into a business relationship that will appreciate what you have to offer

3. Find your Gladiators.

As amazing as Liv is, one thing I really admire her for is that she’s not afraid to ask for help (an important trait of any business owner). She brings in gladiators and supports them and accepts their support in return.


Not only does she ask for help, she stands by them loyally. It’s Pope & Associates and they’re all gladiators. Gladiators are trained to fight and handle the toughest of situations. They don’t give up on each other even when they want to. Don’t give up on your people. You are their gladiator.

This means training them, mentoring them during the hard times and guiding them when things just aren’t quite right.

This is a lot to swallow – in a good way – so we’re going to end it there for now.

We’ll be sharing you the last few tips (and perhaps a bonus tip) with you next week!

Until then, let me know in the comments below how you’re going to start channeling your inner Liv.

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