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How to Ask for Sponsorship with confidence
You’ve done the prep work, and now… The time has come: you’ve picked up the phone. You’ve sent emails. You’ve made connections. You’ve written and sent out sponsorship proposals. A potential sponsor has reached out to you, asking for a meeting where you will present your sponsorship proposal and idea. You do a little excited...
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Part 2 of How to Grow Your Business Like Olivia Pope
We’re back with Part 2 of How to Grow Your Business Like Olivia Pope! If you missed last week’s blog, be sure to check it out here. You won’t want to miss out on the first few ways that Olivia can really teach you to grow your biz! So, let’s continue with our tips… 1....
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Here are 3 ways to Grow Your Business like Olivia Pope
Have you ever wanted to grow your business? If you’re anything like me, the answer is yes! Most business owners have rituals – daily habits or routines – and I’m no exception. Every Thursday night, I grab my favorite wine glass and pour a glass of cabernet sauvignon from Jordan Winery or Nickel & Nickel...
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the best thing you can do for yourself and the potential sponsor is to think like Mulan
The day is here: you’re ready for a meeting with your potential sponsor. You’re nervous, but feeling optimistic. You’ve got all your ducks in a row: Business plan? Check. Contact info? Check. Clearly defined values and mission? Check. Yup! You’re ready. There’s lots of buzz going on in your mind, wondering how the meeting will...
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Sponsorship Training - 3 Key Questions to Building Sustainable Sponsorship
I love sponsorship training! Seriously… when I get on the phone with a client, I’m always excited to help them figure out how to get sponsored, from the basics to the dirty details of the actual launch. However, often my work isn’t logistical. A question I encounter often is: “How do I know what I...
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Here are 4 of the must-know questions to ask when getting sponsors
Why should you ask questions of your sponsor? Simple, Relationships Raise Money! (Oh, and because most people looking to get sponsored don’t ask questions.) It’s true! Most sponsorship seekers have NO IDEA what really happens in the sponsorship process when they ask for a sponsor. I’ve seen people think that because they created a proposal and...
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Last week I shared part 1 of my sponsorship glossary. In case you missed it or want to review, you can read it here. Here’s part 2 of the sponsorship glossary: Marketing Message: The message a sponsor wants to share through their sponsorship. Marketing messages can be around the launch of a new product, a...
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Why a sponsorship glossary? When visiting a foreign country it is best practice to understand some key phrases in the native language. For me, that applies to business and sponsorship also. Here is sponsorship glossary of terms that will assist you in your sponsorship process, especially if you want to get sponsored by larger brands. Activation:...
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Sponsorship Training — Is it all the same? Personally, I say no. I base my sponsorship training off the RELATE model I created, which teaches how to get sponsors by building effective and sustainable sponsorship relationships. Here are the 5 Steps of the RELATE Sponsorship Training Model… Represent Sponsorship all starts with knowing who you...
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A common question I get by those learning how to get sponsored or just want to know how to get sponsored is “Where do I begin?” In fact, I asked the same question many years ago when getting sponsored for the first time. When I first started securing sponsorship for organizations I was volunteering with,...
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As a business strategist and consultant, Roberto has worked with a range of companies from start-ups and non-profits to the Fortune 100. Brands such as BMW, DELL, Disney, Hilton, State Farm, Wells Fargo, and Zappos – to name a few! Ready to get sponsored? Get your free Sponsorship E-CourseCLICK HERE!

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