Timing is Everything: When to Leverage Partnerships

When is the “best” time to start getting partnerships?

It’s a question many ask.

In today’s episode, you’ll learn how coaches, consultants and online business owners can leverage partnerships to drive business growth and innovation. 

From launching new products to cultivating community, Roberto offers real-world examples to inspire collaborative opportunities. 

Tune in to discover how strategic partnerships can propel your business forward while also opening doors to new markets and possibilities.



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00:00:00 Roberto Candelaria: All right. I will welcome back. And today I’m going to be sharing with you when to partner, which is also going to coincide with the benefits. And this is one of the times in business where when you would want to utilize a partnership and a collaboration also makes it the benefit. And so we’re going to dive in here in just a few seconds.

00:00:21 Roberto Candelaria: In some of these ways, and if you want, grab your pen, grab your paper. Unless you’re driving, don’t do that while you’re driving y’all and take some notes and figure out when partnerships and collaborations might work for you and your business.

00:00:01 Roberto Candelaria: OK, so like I said, I’m going to share with you some of the times when we love partnerships and collaborations in business, whether it be our own business or when I’m coaching or mentoring someone. The different times we look at when to partner.

00:00:16 Roberto Candelaria: And you’re going to notice on some of these like window partners. So for example, the very first one and we’ll dive into it here in a second is like when somebody’s launching a new product and new service or a new event like that’s when to do it right.

00:00:31 Roberto Candelaria: But the benefit of that is that they get to launch the new.

00:00:34 Roberto Candelaria: Product or service?

00:00:35 Roberto Candelaria: And so in some of these, the win and the benefit are the same thing, which is really cool actually when you think about it, about your time as a business owner and your teams time as well. So I’m going to share seven ways today or seven times. I guess I should say. And I’m very curious to figure out which one.

00:00:57 Roberto Candelaria: Or to you may want to implement into your business as a coach, as a consultant, as an online.

00:01:03 Roberto Candelaria: His owner and yeah, shoot me a DM let me know and I’d love to hear from you. So the very first one is, this is when you’re launching a new product service or event and often times one of the things that I’m seeing is that people like, I don’t know, they get they, they don’t want to pull the trigger on a launch. They don’t want to pull the trigger.

00:01:23 Roberto Candelaria: And that new product, that new service or maybe even launching a retreat or an in person or virtual event, because it’s like I I don’t have a big enough list. I don’t know if I’m.

00:01:32 Roberto Candelaria: Going to market it right and partnerships are a great way going into.

00:01:37 Roberto Candelaria: A new product, a new service, a new event, a new launch. Personally, in our business, we are able to do that with our Affiliates. We reach out to current clients to pass clients and we have some people, affiliates that when we launch a new service or a new virtual summit or a new product, some people that have been promoting us for 10 plus years.

00:01:59 Roberto Candelaria: Now you hear me say like they’ve been promoting us for 10 plus years, but keep in mind there was a time when it was the very.

00:02:05 Roberto Candelaria: First time that they promoted us and if you listened to last week’s episode of the show, I think it was last week I mentioned, you know, Tom Anteon. Tom Anteon was really that first affiliate partnership for me, which then led to me getting to work with other coaches, other small business owners that became affiliates.

00:02:26 Roberto Candelaria: Of our products, programs and services. But I also got to become an affiliate of theirs. So y’all, when you’re launching something new, it’s an amazing time to partner.

00:02:37 Roberto Candelaria: The number 21 here is that when you’re building your e-mail list, whether that be building through a lead magnet or building through a webinar, as we talked about last week, was it a great way to do that or any way that you’re doing it, you want to partner when you’re looking to build your e-mail list and what this does is it provides an opportunity to.

00:02:58 Roberto Candelaria: Git growth within your e-mail list at 1:00 Central Time, 1 Central point, and then the ability to nurture those members so as they join that e-mail list, you get to have that welcome sequence. You get to nurture them. You get to connect with them. Somebody that does a great job helping you build that.

00:03:19 Roberto Candelaria: E-mail list and then connect with them and turn those followers into people that buy from you is Liz Wilcox and just go over to lizwilcox.com. I think it is and check out her e-mail.

00:03:30 Roberto Candelaria: Hitting membership or as Liz likes to say, go to lizwilcox.com hit the the bright pink button on the top right, but building your e-mail list is an amazing time to be able to partner now #3 I already know I’m going to get some heat about this one from different people, but #3 is you could also partner when you’re looking to stop.

00:03:51 Roberto Candelaria: Or reduce paid traffic and ads so I know there are some people that are team ads and it’s like ads are the only way for acquisition. I know people that are just like, Oh my gosh affiliate marketing, it is the only way there are.

00:04:06 Roberto Candelaria: People that are.

00:04:07 Roberto Candelaria: Going to say organic traffic is the only way. Listen, they all work, whether it be paid ads, affiliate marketing or organic traffic, all traffic works. The key is finding the one for you and when we see that people are looking to reduce paid traffic and ads.

00:04:29 Roberto Candelaria: Or maybe even stop it, because they’ve gotten some great organic push.

00:04:33 Roberto Candelaria: Affiliate marketing has been one of the ways that they’ve been able to do it, but also partnerships and collaborations. So, you know, last week we talked about that podcast guesting. We talked about being a guest trainer. We talked about Co creating offers with people. These are all ways that you can bring leads and traffic into your business while reducing.

00:04:54 Roberto Candelaria: Paid traffic while reducing ads, and so when you want to partner or do more collaborations when you’re looking to stop or reduce your paid traffic and you.

00:05:03 Roberto Candelaria: Adds and #4 here is when you’re looking to cultivate new community and not just even cultivate new community. I’d say when you’re looking too deep in the relationships with your community and for this, I suggest that you pick your platform. I shared with you all that I love e-mail.

00:05:23 Roberto Candelaria: While other people love Instagram, other people love Facebook groups. Other people love LinkedIn. Other people love podcasting and truly just building a community around the work that they do as podcasters and.

00:05:37 Roberto Candelaria: Partnership and collaboration allows you to create new community in a platform and a place that you choose and you pick and I want to highlight that because sometimes as small business owners it can be very tempting to say I need to be everywhere I need to be on all the platforms so everyone can see me.

00:05:58 Roberto Candelaria: You get to choose where works for you, where you want to cultivate that community that you truly believe that your people are too. Now #5 here is we look at partnerships and collaborations when you want to generate leads.

00:06:16 Roberto Candelaria: And of course, the benefit of that is you generate leads.

00:06:20 Roberto Candelaria: And this is key because as business owners, whether you are running a what they’re calling micro memberships or a low cost membership, whether you’re running a multi 5 figure business coaching program or master.

00:06:36 Roberto Candelaria: Find a live event, whatever it is that you are running, you want leads. And why do you want leads? Because leads, when nurtured, can become customers and even if they don’t become customers, they do become a part of our communities and they get to hang out with us.

00:06:56 Roberto Candelaria: And y’all, when I say hang out again, whether that’s your podcast, whether that’s Instagram, whether that’s any social media platform, they get to connect with you at a deeper level, even if they choose not to buy. And that’s one of the things that’s so great about generating leads through partnerships is you get to reach.

00:07:15 Roberto Candelaria: More people that, even if they don’t buy now, it doesn’t mean they won’t become a customer in the future.

00:07:22 Roberto Candelaria: Now #6 is a cash infusion, so if you’re in a space in your business where you need a cash infusion, sometimes partnerships and collaborations are one way to be able to do that without putting.

00:07:40 Roberto Candelaria: A lot of extra stress and burden on you to create something new, to write all the new copy to, to launch it, to sell it. And while, hey, we should all be creating new things. We should all be serving right. There are times where when I’ll give an example many years ago.

00:08:00 Roberto Candelaria: I was going through some health stuff.

00:08:02 Roberto Candelaria: And I was anemic, was going through a bunch of surgeries, and I needed to have some iron infusions that Simply put our health insurance didn’t cover at the time or at the.

00:08:16 Roberto Candelaria: Actually, no. Let me actually let me correct that. They did cover one, but at the frequency which I needed them, we were not able to get the insurance approval at the speed that we needed that I needed the infusion. So we ended up paying cash first.

00:08:33 Roberto Candelaria: Here’s the problem.

00:08:35 Roberto Candelaria: I didn’t have the cash at the time.

00:08:38 Roberto Candelaria: And so, knowing what the infusion was going to cost, getting the estimate from the center, and because we had a digital product, I was able to send an e-mail to a few people. That and y’all I was very open with them how open you are with your partners is completely up to you.

00:08:58 Roberto Candelaria: But I literally told him, hey, y’all, I’m going through some medical stuff and some of y’all know, I’ve got to have this infusion. My insurance isn’t covering this right now.

00:09:07 Roberto Candelaria: I need to pay cash. This is the amount.

00:09:11 Roberto Candelaria: If any of you have space this weekend to do a webinar or to send an e-mail to this digital product, the affiliate commissions exactly the same.

00:09:22 Roberto Candelaria: I would appreciate any help we can get this weekend so I can get the medical care.

00:09:27 Roberto Candelaria: That I need.

00:09:29 Roberto Candelaria: Now, listen, I’m willing to be that open with our partners.

00:09:34 Roberto Candelaria: And some people may not, and that’s OK. But what I’ll tell you is we had several partners. Couple did webinars with US1 in particular, partner just did a webinar replay of something. They had recorded a couple of people just sent emails straight to the pages and within 48 hours we not only had the cash that we needed for.

00:09:54 Roberto Candelaria: My iron infusion, but more than that and so my yours may not be a medical thing, right? AF few years ago a good friend was running an event and there was a couple snacks with the.

00:10:07 Roberto Candelaria: Went and the hotel was like, hey, we need this much extra money at this time, otherwise we’re not going to let the event start and similar thing. We sat down with that person. We figured out what was a great partnership opportunity or affiliate opportunity for their partners.

00:10:29 Roberto Candelaria: We wrote up the offer, reached out to their partners and again within 48 hours they had that dollar amount and more.

00:10:38 Roberto Candelaria: Now understand that myself and these other examples we have built the relationships with other partners, other collaborators, to be able to do this, but that we all started at zero. Also we all started with our first partnership, our first collaboration and continued to build those relationships. So please do not hear this as.

00:10:59 Roberto Candelaria: If I write an e-mail, if I reach out to one person, I will make multiple 5 figures immediately. That is not what I said, right? What I said is partnerships are a way that there could be a cash infusion, especially as you start to build the relationships, which is why you want to start now.

00:11:17 Roberto Candelaria: And then the seventh reason is to test a new market.

00:11:21 Roberto Candelaria: You know.

00:11:23 Roberto Candelaria: As some of you have followed me for years, you’ve seen me start with nonprofits and all the work that we did around partnerships, collaborations and sponsorship in the nonprofit world saw Me Start working with speakers, with coaches. And while most of our work is still coaches and speakers and consultants, we use the term online business owners.

00:11:43 Roberto Candelaria: And have recently started working more with some service providers.

00:11:47 Roberto Candelaria: As well.

00:11:49 Roberto Candelaria: But each time we move a new product or even add a new area that we’re going to serve, we test the market 1st and partnerships and collaborations have been a great way to be able to test this. And so while connecting with other people, we’re just like hey.

00:12:09 Roberto Candelaria: Give you an example. We know someone who has a low.

00:12:15 Roberto Candelaria: Membership and in this low cost membership, they primarily work with people who are starting online businesses.

00:12:24 Roberto Candelaria: Now forewarning myself, the people that are in our master mind, the people that we work with privately, the people in our master mind, and that we worked and do some coaching with one-on-one are typically doing between 300 and $700,000 a year and those are the people that we’re working with on our brand management side.

00:12:45 Roberto Candelaria: The people that we’re doing more consulting with, those people are making seven figures and multiple 7 figures.

00:12:52 Roberto Candelaria: And so as there’s an offering that we’re looking at stepping into that gets back to where I love in business people that are starting out and trying to get to that first 10K, that first 50K, that first 100K.

00:13:08 Roberto Candelaria: What is some of the ways that we want to work with those people and see if there’s a market fit for how we would approach that or not?

00:13:19 Roberto Candelaria: And so we’ve reached out to someone with a low cost membership that is working with business owners that are starting and saying, hey.

00:13:27 Roberto Candelaria: Can we do this training? Will it and and so the the starters will? Will it? Can we do this training?

00:13:34 Roberto Candelaria: But what we’re looking for is.

00:13:36 Roberto Candelaria: Will it resonate? Is it the work that we wanted to do? Can we help them? Or, and this is a a very real reality for some business owners like, are we, you know, and I say this slightly quote UN quote too far away from making that first thousand or how can we teach from where we are now what we would have done to get to that.

00:13:59 Roberto Candelaria: Their thousand that 5000, that 10,000 and not make the mistakes that we made.

00:14:05 Roberto Candelaria: And so we do that in testing with partners who have access to that ideal client for something that we’re thinking about. And so these are seven things that we’ve done in business, 7 things that have helped us for over a decade now. And I hope that they will be able to help you too. And I want to invite you to pick.

00:14:25 Roberto Candelaria: One or two so.

00:14:26 Roberto Candelaria: Whether that’s you know, hey, I want a partner to build the e-mail list or partner to cultivate community or partner to generate leads or partner to test a new market. Because when you can set the goal of This is why I’m partnering. Then you can figure out how and some of the ideas from last week’s episode may help.

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