Episode 007: Mindset is NOT Enough with AJ Amyx

In this episode, Roberto Candelaria delves into the successful business journey of top business and life coach, AJ Amyx.

During this episode, we covered:

  • A perspective on shadow work and knowing the unloved parts of ourselves
  • Looking at things with objective capacity through shadow work
  • 3 Tips to build a profitable community
  • Making the most out of your online community’s success potential
  • Finding out the right business model for your community
  • AJ Amyx’s top advice to building a profitable and strong online community

Follow and connect with AJ Amyx on social media and get to know more about his works and motives at www.ajamyx.com. Also, grab a copy of his best-selling book, ‘Mindset is Not Enough’, at  www.ajamyx.com/book.

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