Mastering Failure: Thriving in Online Entrepreneurship

In today’s episode, Roberto Candelaria shares an honest look at redefining failure and guides listeners through identifying limiting beliefs.

Learn his step-by-step approach mastering / overcoming failure:

Define failure on your own terms

Examine self-created “obstacles” to avoid failure

Develop a mindset mantra to push through doubts

Gain insights to cultivate a positive, growth-oriented mindset over perfection. Simple strategies for new and experienced business owners.

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00:00:00 Roberto Candelaria: Well, hey, y’all. Oh, my gosh, Roberto here. I just got off a podcast recording. Uh, with my friend for the art of online business. That should be coming out sometime in April, and one of the conversations we started with today is about this belief that I have and this kind of little mantra. I guess I would say.

00:00:21 Roberto Candelaria: Of how I do it is how it’s done and that really led us into a conversation about entrepreneurship, about failure, about virtual staffing, about all of these things that happen as we run.

00:00:35 Roberto Candelaria: Online businesses, but it really made me realize that I have a way that I like to discuss failure and work on it with my clients. So today we’re gonna have a conversation about failure. So grab your pen, grab your paper. Hey, bring some of those thoughts about fail.

00:00:50 Roberto Candelaria: With you and let’s dive right in.

00:00:01 Roberto Candelaria: All right, y’all. So today I want to talk about failure and failure is one of those things that I’m going to say. I don’t know that we talk about it enough as entrepreneurs, as online business owners as coaches. I think there’s a lot of conversation of, oh, my gosh, I might fail. Oh my gosh.

00:00:20 Roberto Candelaria: This thing may not work or that people come into.

00:00:24 Roberto Candelaria: Ohh I’m a failure because dot dot dot then they get to fill in the blank there but.

00:00:30 Roberto Candelaria: I don’t know that we’ve had a conversation and I say we, I mean me here on the podcast, I have it one-on-one with my clients. But what it really means to overcome failure because when.

00:00:45 Roberto Candelaria: I see what’s going on with the clients that we’ve worked with talking with other coaches, other leaders in the industry, you know, I see so much that it’s not actual failure that happens, right, but it is the fear of failure is why people don’t go out and they don’t try things. They don’t go out and.

00:01:05 Roberto Candelaria: Attempt to new things, or even if they’ve gone something and maybe it didn’t go as planned.

00:01:10 Roberto Candelaria: Go out and do it again. And So what I’d love to do today is share with you a few questions and just have a conversation about some of the things that I go through in my business as I’m addressing kind of thoughts of failure or.

00:01:26 Roberto Candelaria: I should say pre planning that failure. You know, I don’t know if you all know Corrine Crabtree. Corrine Crabtree. I absolutely love her. And we were having a conversation about self trust one day and Karen essentially was like, listen.

00:01:43 Roberto Candelaria: When your brain tells you that like, everything’s just going to die, everything’s just gonna burn. Everything’s not going to work. She’s like you believe it.

00:01:52 Roberto Candelaria: And so why is it that you allow yourself?

00:01:57 Roberto Candelaria: When you have all these things about how things aren’t going to go right, why do you believe it versus just like actually questioning it?

00:02:06 Roberto Candelaria: And it really reminded me about the beginning of my entrepreneurship journey, the beginning of my business journey, where I was then in my own mindset versus where I am today.

00:02:19 Roberto Candelaria: Hey.

00:02:20 Roberto Candelaria: You know, when I started there was like nothing they could stop me. And when I say nothing that could stop me, I was having this conversation with Quay Joe for his show, the art of online business, where I was just like I.

00:02:33 Roberto Candelaria: Didn’t believe that there was an option of failure. I didn’t believe that there was an option that this, whatever this is, this book, this podcast, this course, this event. I didn’t believe that it could not not work like it was going to work if I did it because I just had such an extreme belief and such a big hope that whatever it was that we were doing that.

00:02:54 Roberto Candelaria: It was going to go out and it was going to be like the best thing ever.

00:02:59 Roberto Candelaria: And then as we started to find some success and started to have more resources available, I found myself allowing myself to have this fear of failure, and not because I was like, Oh my gosh, it’s not going to work. But it was the if it doesn’t work.

00:03:19 Roberto Candelaria: Then what? And that there was this possibility of loss, and it was almost like pre grieving, losing something that I had gained even though I wasn’t really going to.

00:03:29 Roberto Candelaria: Use it and so I wanted to have this conversation today. So as a coach, as an online business owner, as you are building your business.

00:03:39 Roberto Candelaria: I’m really curious what is your definition of failure like? Have you actually written that down? Like what is failure to you? And and I’ll even clarify here like, what is the act of failure versus? I feel like a failure. So like, what is the definition of failure?

00:04:01 Roberto Candelaria: In your business.

00:04:02 Roberto Candelaria: And I think that this is key for you to identify key for all of us to identify because then we actually have something that we’re able to measure against, right? And once you have that definition.

00:04:17 Roberto Candelaria: I really want to invite you to say hey.

00:04:20 Roberto Candelaria: Now that I know that this is what I think about failure, like what are some of the things that I do?

00:04:26 Roberto Candelaria: So that I can avoid failing or feeling failure. So I’ll give you some real life examples here. So I love doing online works.

00:04:40 Roberto Candelaria: Oops.

00:04:41 Roberto Candelaria: And I also part of me sometimes has this belief that like, oh, my gosh, people don’t want to buy pop-up workshops anymore.

00:04:49 Roberto Candelaria: And So what will happen is I’ll come up with an idea and be like we should do a pop up workshop on this topic and we should do it in two weeks now. Y’all years ago, I would just get up. I would do it. I would build the sales page myself and I’d build the automations. And we were on our way because I just knew, Oh my gosh, there is.

00:05:09 Roberto Candelaria: 0A This is not going to work.

00:05:13 Roberto Candelaria: But then, as I began to learn more about business and what the, you know, quote UN quote real or proper marketing cycles were, I realized that I wasn’t living by those because I would just come up with a pop-up workshop and do it two weeks later. And I hadn’t really looked at launch plans or anything like that. And so.

00:05:34 Roberto Candelaria: Once I learned what launch plans.

00:05:37 Roberto Candelaria: Right.

00:05:38 Roberto Candelaria: I would allow myself to say like.

00:05:41 Roberto Candelaria: Oh my gosh.

00:05:43 Roberto Candelaria: I just had this idea. I want to do it in two weeks, but marketing says that we should come up with this for four to six weeks in advance because we need to test ads for five to seven days before we actually run the real ads. We need to test the variations, and so I would tell myself we don’t have enough time to feel this.

00:06:02 Roberto Candelaria: Otherwise, it’s going to be a failure. Now let’s be clear. Y’all. I was already been doing these pop-up workshops for years with just marketing two weeks in advance, but because I had another piece of data that some outside authorities of outside being said, this is the one way to do it.

00:06:23 Roberto Candelaria: I would immediately stop trusting myself and say they must know better, and so I’m curious, what are some of the things that you may do so that you’re just like uh?

00:06:36 Roberto Candelaria: I don’t want to fail. I don’t want to feel like I failed, so I’m just not going to do this.

00:06:43 Roberto Candelaria: And when you come up with some of those things, one of the things that I like to do is.

00:06:48 Roberto Candelaria: I like to write down like pen paper. Yeah, I’m a pen and paper person. Some of you may want to type it, but I love pen and paper because then I can see it. I can write it down. I can think I can cross it out. But like, what are some of the things?

00:07:04 Roberto Candelaria: That your thinking?

00:07:06 Roberto Candelaria: That could actually lead to failure. Like what are the real things? So using the example I just gave would be like OK.

00:07:14 Roberto Candelaria: We don’t have enough time. If we do this in two weeks, we don’t have enough time to run the ads. We don’t have enough time to get the graphics designed. We don’t have enough time to get the copywriter to write an ad.

00:07:26 Roberto Candelaria: And we don’t have enough time to market. We don’t have enough time to do a podcast episode around it. We don’t have enough time to build a new lead magnet or an opt in for it. So what are these are all real examples from my life y’all that I deal with with myself sometimes. But what are some of the obstacles?

00:07:45 Roberto Candelaria: That in your brain or like just in in your business system, right? That could actually lead to fail.

00:09:45 Roberto Candelaria: Two weeks is not enough time.

00:09:47 Roberto Candelaria: Well.

00:09:49 Roberto Candelaria: Is that really true? Because in the past we’ve done things as fast as seven days. OK, cool. That’s really not true. And so I want you to go through each like, thing that you’ve given yourself. It’s like, this is how it’s all going to end. This is how the business dies. This is the failure. This is the obstacle. And go through each one.

00:10:09 Roberto Candelaria: And come up with a way to say, OK, is this real?

00:10:14 Roberto Candelaria: If it’s real, what is a plan? Or is it even really an obstacle in in my face?

00:10:20 Roberto Candelaria: And then.

00:10:22 Roberto Candelaria: The last thing that I do is I go through this and I’ve you kind of heard me say this before many times as I have just belief, this thought of like how I do it is how it’s done.

00:10:36 Roberto Candelaria: So I want to ask you like what is something that you can give yourself?

00:10:42 Roberto Candelaria: So that you can hold on to it.

00:10:45 Roberto Candelaria: That’s going to help you push through.

00:10:47 Roberto Candelaria: Like what is the thing that you could write on a post it note and put on your computer that is going to help you push through. It’s going to help you believe it’s possible when these thoughts of doom and gloom and failure are popping up that you can say, OK, but this one thing I have a client that’s.

00:11:07 Roberto Candelaria: You know, going through some stuff right now in their business and I told them to make a post it note and I said hey, just put a post it note by your bed and have the post it note say this.

00:11:20 Roberto Candelaria: My clients love me.

00:11:23 Roberto Candelaria: And so that now whenever they go to bed at night, because there could be some things going on in life, they can just read and be like, you know what? My clients love me.

00:11:32 Roberto Candelaria: I’ve got a little post it note on my computer that says how I do it is how I how it’s done because sometimes as an entrepreneur, as an online business owner, as we’re navigating different things and trying new things, it can be very easy to want to look and be like. Well, that’s how so. And so is doing that and this is how so. And so is doing this and Oh my gosh.

00:11:53 Roberto Candelaria: Did you know that they did?

00:11:54 Roberto Candelaria: That and so I just want to remind myself that like how I do it is how it’s done as I’m on my journey because my journey isn’t the rest of somebody else’s jersey. So I’m curious, what is that thought? What is that little statement or mantra that you can write for yourself that?

00:12:15 Roberto Candelaria: Helps you push through to help you feel courage to help you want to move forward. To accomplish this thing when you are feeling some sort of doom and gloom or it’s all going to end because sometimes those little mantras, those little pieces of paper.

00:12:30 Roberto Candelaria: Really do help us? Well, they help me so.

00:12:34 Roberto Candelaria: That’s how I deal with favor failure y’all I literally stop and say, OK, what’s really failure in this scenario?

00:12:41 Roberto Candelaria: What are the things that I’m doing so I don’t fail or though so I don’t have to feel? What are the things I’m avoiding or what are the things I’m doing that make the business slow down just so I don’t have to feel like I messed up.

00:12:56 Roberto Candelaria: Then I literally make a list of. This is everything. I think these are all the obstacles. These are all the troubles. These are all the roadblocks I could face that are going to lead to failure.

00:13:08 Roberto Candelaria: I list them all.

00:13:10 Roberto Candelaria: And then I make a plan for each one, and I find out if it’s even really true.

00:13:16 Roberto Candelaria: And then I always remind myself that how I do it is how it’s done. So I’d love to know what that thought is, what that mantra is that you want to use for you. Do me a favor. Shoot me a DM on Instagram. Send me an e-mail, love to connect. And I hope that you have a wonderful day because how you do it is how it’s done.

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