Gratitude as an Entrepreneur

Join host Roberto Candelaria for a thoughtful discussion on cultivating gratitude along the entrepreneurial journey.

In this uplifting episode, Roberto reflects on how easy it is to overlook gratitude amidst the hustle and grind of building a business. He emphasizes the importance of taking time to recognize accomplishments, celebrate small wins, and express appreciation – both to others who have supported you, as well as to yourself.

Tune in as Roberto delves into how practicing gratitude strengthens relationships and fuels personal growth for entrepreneurs. Discover simple, practical steps you can take to show gratitude to those who matter most. Roberto concludes with a reminder that even in difficult times, embracing gratitude has the power to positively transform our mindset, progress, and connections.

Don’t miss this inspiring conversation on the overlooked yet profound role of gratitude in entrepreneurship and life.


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Roberto Candelaria 00:00:01: All right, y’all. Well, welcome to another episode of the show here. It’s Roberto. And this is the Relationships Make Money podcast. And today we’re going to talk about something that I think is not talked about quite enough in the entrepreneurial journey, which is gratitude. I know it’s one word like gratitude, but it can.

Roberto Candelaria 00:00:23: Be such a. The overwhelming thing to people to not only receive but sometimes be able to express that. And so it’s just me. The computer chatting today, no fancies, intros, outros, none of that. It’s Thanksgiving week and I recorded this a bit later than I should have to get to.

Roberto Candelaria 00:00:43: Our lovely VA team that handles this, so it’s just me today and I’d like to start with like the role of gratitude in entrepreneurship. Right. And so it’s like whether you’re a coach, an online business owner, you’re running a membership. You know, when we get caught up in business, when we get caught up of all the things that got to be done when we get caught up in the hustle and the SOP’s and the launches, it can be really easy for people to stop.

Roberto Candelaria 00:01:18: To pause. And to be thankful, and I say that as someone that that happens to me too sometimes.

Roberto Candelaria 00:01:24: And so this isn’t like a hay everybody be better. I’m perfect. Now, y’all, listen, I forget to pause and do this sometimes and.

Roberto Candelaria 00:01:33: We hear it. Almost weekly from clients that they’re extremely grateful for the quote UN quote big things that happen.

Roberto Candelaria 00:01:41: And the good things that happen, but not necessarily grateful when they may have hit a goal.

Roberto Candelaria 00:01:50: But they didn’t hit the big goal. And so sometimes we miss the other accomplishments that happened along the way.

Roberto Candelaria 00:02:01: Now listen, there’s. Definitely times where I’m just like I am not grateful for this. Right now I’m just going to sit in my emotions right now. I ain’t even trying to be thankful about this, but I think that that’s something that we confuse. Is that like gratitude is when we feel good, but gratitude, right is not about feeling good.

Roberto Candelaria 00:02:25: It’s not only when we feel good, it’s. That we can be grateful.

Roberto Candelaria 00:02:27: Even if something didn’t go as planned and it’s such a powerful tool that I don’t believe that we utilize enough in our business decisions and our businesses and our partnerships and team dynamics and our hiring and I would say like even in our personal well-being and at home.

Roberto Candelaria 00:02:53: You know, like to me, it’s about being able to recognize that. Every experience brings value.

Roberto Candelaria 00:02:58: And whether it be a set back and the lessons that we learned from those y’all, I got some of those we can talk about whether it be a success, whether it be a new affiliate partnership or even the launch of you know, I’ve got some clients getting ready to launch their new podcast and launch new offers that we can be.

Roberto Candelaria 00:03:16: Grateful for these things that we could recognize value in them, even when they don’t go as planned. And I think that really brings us to an essential part of gratitude that I spent probably the past year and a half or so learning, which is this aspect of self-gratitude.

Roberto Candelaria 00:03:41: I don’t know about you, but. As an entrepreneur, as a business owner, it doesn’t matter whether I’m coaching, running our membership, being, you know, being our mastermind leader, hosting events because we wear these different hats. We have these different identities that we hold as an entrepreneur and one of the things that I would say most of the entrepreneurs that I work with, most of the women that I get to coach.

Roberto Candelaria 00:04:01: Do extremely well is they’re very good at pushing themselves hard.

Roberto Candelaria 00:04:13: And in pushing ourselves hard, we become. Our own biggest critic, I would say our own worst critics.

Roberto Candelaria 00:04:19: But how do we give and? I’m not? Yeah, I’m not even going to say equal airtime, right? How do we give more airtime to celebrating ourselves?

Roberto Candelaria 00:04:32: To celebrating where we’re at to celebrating what we’ve accomplished to celebrate where we’ve come from, even if we’re not there yet.

Roberto Candelaria 00:04:43: How do we give just a little bit more time to that than we do three uh, the launch failed. Uh, I’m just going to have to settle for this. Oh, my God. I’m just going to surrender. It’s not going to happen. Like, how do we allow ourselves the opportunity to stop and pause?

Roberto Candelaria 00:05:05: And be grateful. Because to me, like I’d say that, like even if we’re not where we want to be yet, like, hey, I’m not where I want to be yet. We’ve had an amazing journey and there’s so much more, so much more that I want to step into. And so to me self-gratitude about acknowledging the achievements, it’s about acknowledging.

Roberto Candelaria 00:05:27: The growth it’s about saying ohh hey, I did that ****. I did the hard ****. I did the easy ****.

Roberto Candelaria 00:05:34: I did the **** and I did it as well as I could with what I knew at the time. Could it have been better? Well, that’s a whole other conversation for another day. But.

Roberto Candelaria 00:05:45: I did it.

Roberto Candelaria 00:05:47: And I think it’s important to note that like, this is not just about like, Oh my God, we got to congratulate ourselves. It’s not that, right. It’s about beginning the practice.

Roberto Candelaria 00:05:59: That fuels in in many cases, motivation that it can fuel resilience and that we begin, as we’re able to receive gratitude and positivity and praise from ourselves, that it is something that can help us remind us.

Roberto Candelaria 00:06:18: That we’re worthy.

Roberto Candelaria 00:06:20: That we’re enough.

Roberto Candelaria 00:06:22: Just exactly as you are just exactly as we are where you are that you are enough that you are worthy. So one of the things I would invite you to do is just.

Roberto Candelaria 00:06:38: You know, take a moment, maybe pause this episode and ask yourself like.

Roberto Candelaria 00:06:44: What are some of the cool things? Like what are some of the goals? What are some of the dreams? What are the milestones that I’ve achieved this year?

Roberto Candelaria 00:06:54: And maybe what are some of the things that have happened or some of the results that came out of things that you were doing?

Roberto Candelaria 00:07:06: That you learned from maybe something you were taught.

Roberto Candelaria 00:07:10: And how can you celebrate where you are today and recognize the growth in every single step that you’ve taken, even if that growth didn’t look what you thought it might look like at the time?

Roberto Candelaria 00:07:26: Because as we do this right as much as we give praise to others, I think it’s such an important practice for entrepreneurs to do this for ourselves.

Roberto Candelaria 00:07:40: And I would add, maybe even argue right that as we can do this for other people, let me restate that as we can do this for ourselves, right, like we can almost do it better for other people because we’re able to receive that. And one of my mentors.

Roberto Candelaria 00:08:00: Earlier this year, we were having a conversation about.

Roberto Candelaria 00:08:03: Gratitude. And I was just telling her, like all the people, that I was grateful for and all the great things. And she tried giving me a compliment.

Roberto Candelaria 00:08:13: And I did not know how to receive that compliment y’all.

Roberto Candelaria 00:08:17: It was not a cute situation and then she was actually like, why can you give praise and gratitude to so many people? But you’re not the best at receiving it. And I was like, oh, friend, listen, I am like my biggest critic. Like, I can sit here and catastrophize and judge myself and come up with all the reasons.

Roberto Candelaria 00:08:36: Is why that compliment wasn’t earned, because they didn’t get to see.

Roberto Candelaria 00:08:43: The full picture.

Roberto Candelaria 00:08:45: And we had just such a beautiful conversation about learning about self, love and learning about this self-gratitude that I now call it and being able to express it to myself. And that, as I do that, I’m actually better.

Roberto Candelaria 00:09:03: Able to extend those compliments, extend that gratitude. Extend that thanks to other people in my life.

Roberto Candelaria 00:09:11:< And you know, whether it's, you know, you're building a business or growing a membership, you're building your coaching practice. It doesn't have to happen alone. And depending where you are.

Roberto Candelaria 00:09:24: You know, you may just be starting out. You may have this napkin idea. You may have not even started it out yet, or you may have employees or partners or customers. You may have your own coaches. You may have your own mentors. You may have memberships that you’re in, you may have built a community. You may be in community and for some of you.

Roberto Candelaria 00:09:45: Your families sharing this journey with you, you may be in business with your spouse.

Roberto Candelaria 00:09:50: There’s the home life of spouse and entrepreneurship. Your kids and siblings, and what I’ve really learned.

Roberto Candelaria 00:09:59: The past few months, even more so from beautiful humans that I get to call friends and really watching the way that they model some of this.

Roberto Candelaria 00:10:11: Is that when it comes to gratitude and it comes to others that expressing gratitude with others.

Roberto Candelaria 00:10:21: Actually really makes a lot better for work and.

Roberto Candelaria 00:10:26: For home, for your relationships, it can help build and I would say like add these pathways to stronger and deeper relationships into even deeper community and that a simple thank you y’all whether it’s a text or a slack or a box or I don’t know how y’all do that.

Roberto Candelaria 00:10:46: Because I don’t know what you use in your business, right, it can really go a long way in showing your team or your partners that you value them.

Roberto Candelaria 00:10:54: A simple text message to a family member saying I was thinking about you today can let them know that you value them.

Roberto Candelaria 00:11:03: And when it comes to our customers, when it comes to our clients acknowledging their support.

Roberto Candelaria 00:11:10: Can also strengthen those relationships, and so I just want to share a couple of ideas here with you.

Roberto Candelaria 00:11:17: And let’s see what.

Roberto Candelaria 00:11:19: You’re able to create out of this and so #1 is.

Roberto Candelaria 00:11:24: Let people know that you appreciate them. I want to invite you to make a list of five people, maybe clients, maybe family members, maybe team members, five people in your life that you can express gratitude to and commit to send out a text message or however you choose.

Roberto Candelaria 00:11:45: To express that that gratitude to.

Roberto Candelaria 00:11:48: This second one I want to invite you to do with the people that are closest to you in your life, your team members, your wives, your husbands, your partners, your kids. And this is something that.

Roberto Candelaria 00:12:04: Really helped me in some of my relationships. Is there was actually a book years ago? My friend Leslie told me about it. It was, I believe, was called the Art and science of appreciation. It was by Doctor Scott Degraffenreid. I don’t believe that it is still in.

Roberto Candelaria 00:12:22: Different, but one of the things that he talked about in this book and that he shared in some of his teaching was.

Roberto Candelaria 00:12:30: Ask people how they like to receive gratitude and appreciation, and then to the best of your ability. Do that.

Roberto Candelaria 00:12:41: And this was. Such an eye-opening thing for me at the time, because how we like if you’ve ever read like the five love languages or anything like that and it’s just like, you know how you receive love or how you show love.

Roberto Candelaria 00:12:53: Is 1 and sometimes two different things.

Roberto Candelaria 00:12:57: And how we choose to express gratitude in the way that simplest to us may be different than how our closest family members, how our spouses, how our team members might receive gratitude and appreciation. So I want to invite you to, if you’ve got a VA, if you’ve got a director of operations, you got a team.

Roberto Candelaria 00:13:19: Ask them like how do you receive gratitude and appreciation?

Roberto Candelaria 00:13:24: If you’re in a relationship and maybe you haven’t done that in a while, stop and ask them. Hey, husband. Hey wife.

Roberto Candelaria 00:13:32: How do you receive gratitude? Like how can I show you that I’m grateful?

Roberto Candelaria 00:13:40: So as we wrap up y’all and we’re going into Thanksgiving week this week. I want to thank you for being here

Roberto Candelaria 00:13:46: Thank you for listening to the podcast. Thank you for buying our products, our programs, our services. Thank you for joining profitable Community Academy, our membership for being in our mastermind for coming to our live events. And for those of you that maybe have not been a customer.

Roberto Candelaria 00:14:00: Yeah. Thank you for being here for listening, for sharing it with people, you know, thank you for showing up for yourself to learn something. And so y’all wherever you are.

Roberto Candelaria 00:14:14: Practice gratitude and be thankful for your progress. For the people around you, for the lessons that we, good and bad that we get to learn along the way. I hope you have an amazing, amazing week for those of you in the United States and are celebrating, have an amazing Thanksgiving holiday.

Roberto Candelaria 00:14:34: And I’ll see you soon. Bye bye.

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