Episode 013 – Email Marketing For All Businesses with Liz Wilcox

The fresh princess of email marketing, Liz Wilcox, talks about growing a community of over 2000 in a year through organic growth during a pandemic…from

The fresh princess of email marketing, Liz Wilcox, talks about growing a community of over 2000 in a year through organic growth during a pandemic…from an email list of 800. 

Sounds incredible. Listen as Liz tells us how she did it.

It all began with: 

  • Simple approachable offer.
  • Filling a gap in the industry.
  • Listening to her intuition.
  • Doing it her way…quicker and simpler.

If you don’t have an advertising budget, affiliates and podcasts are a way to move forward.

She created evergreen positioning through the affiliates and podcasts that created the space to recover from an injury without losing her business…and she’s doing business her way.

Want to know more? Listen to the podcast.

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Roberto: Hey, y’all, I got a question, like the 90s and headbands, the beach and NSync all have in common, especially if you like putting a little bit of email marketing? Well, the answer to that would be the one and only fresh princess of email marketing, Liz Wilcoxson. Today we’re going to be having a conversation with Liz. And it’s probably not the conversation that you are used to. If you’ve been following Liz for a bit, you’re probably used to hearing about all things email marketing from her and she is an absolute beast with it, or I should say, the fresh princess. And she has truly become the go-to-expert like when you think Liz, you automatically think email marketing. But today, we wanted to give a little bit behind the scenes of what the positioning was, how Liz became Liz, and what the business that she’s built has allowed her to do, how it’s allowed her to make some decisions different in her life and in her business and how all of that is readily accessible to you, too. And so ladies and gentlemen, welcome to episode 13 of the relationships make money show.

Show Intro: Welcome to the Relationships Make Money podcast where it’s all about the people, partners, and profits. Each week we’ll explore conversations around partnerships, leadership, our thoughts, and profits. And now your host, Roberto Candelaria.

Roberto: All right, Liz. So people used to hearing you talk about email. And while I’m sure it’ll come up today, it is totally not the main topic of conversation today. Like, let’s talk about how you got to almost 3000 members, and I’m saying almost 3000 members now because we all know what’s about to happen. And like you did a lot of shit that people just normally like wouldn’t do, because either they don’t think it’s possible or they’re lazy. So like, how did you get here? Like, tell us?

Liz: Yeah, so I have an email marketing membership. And I mostly grow it through, while honestly, it’s all organic growth. And full disclosure, I’m not at the time of this recording, I only have about 2100 members, but Black Friday is coming up and I’m expecting a quite a large push through the end of the year. My personal goal is 2500. Roberto, obviously, you know, he likes to push people, I respect that about him.

Roberto: Listen, I’m ready for your 10,000 by the end of next year.

Liz: I’m so ready for that as well, honestly, you know, but anyway, how I’ve grown, it is just word of mouth, of course, I believe, you know, to to, it’s an excellent offer, and it’s very easy sell. And I don’t not take that into account, you know, I’m not selling a $10,000 package, you know, to I don’t know, celebrities in Hollywood or whatever, you know, this is something that a lot of people need, I recognize that email marketing is something that every single business owner should be doing. And most business owners know that. So it’s quite an easy sell at $9 a month. So I first started with my own email list, I had about 800 people. And I literally wrote an email saying, “Can I have $9?” So, that was a subject line. That was the headline, and outline, “Hey, I’m thinking I’m gonna create this, that and the other inside the membership,” you know, can I have $9 You know, a lot of people including Roberto would tell me to increase the price. But you and I both know, and I said this in the email you and I both know, my stuff isn’t crap. I’m charging $9 because I really want you to give email marketing a chance. And so I’m hoping that the price, you know, doesn’t feel risky. So you just get in the door and you just start doing. And I had something like 30 people in the first day, and in the first 30 days, I had 100, and that’s when I really knew, “Okay, now we’re cooking’” like this is I have indeed, you know, found a gap in the market, so to speak. And I started pushing, I started an affiliate program where I gave 50%. If you sell, you know, a $9 membership, you get $4.50. And I thought that will really be the thing that gets people talking about the membership. It’s not just me, of course, I’m always talking about the membership. This is actually my third podcast interview of the day. So I’m always talking about this, but how can I get other people to talk, and so I gave a ridiculously generous commission on a low cost product. And so getting those people that are beginners, which are my audience, to actually also start affiliate marketing and get them excited and not just to send emails but to actually make money with this membership has been incredible for growth. I think at the time of this recording, I have something like 500 affiliates, maybe almost 600 and I’m actually paying out affiliates today and tomorrow, and I’m actively paying out, I think about 150 people that made sales last month. So not everybody is always selling. But I have had that many people sign up. And then when I do my yearly deal, which we’ll talk about in a second is another way that the membership has exploded, I have upwards of 400 active affiliates at a time. Of course, that’s a higher price point for the yearly. So we’re getting more people trying to make sales. And yeah, also, the, the third component has just been getting on a lot of podcasts doing a lot of interviews, any kind of stage, if you’ll have me, I will talk. I was on an interview on a panel today. And there was, you know, most people will catch the replay, right? And there were a few people in the room, but I was giving it my all I love talking about email, I love talking about the membership, it really freaking lights me up. And so it’s easy for me to say, “Yeah, I’ll come talk to your people, or I’ll do an interview,” things like that, you know, on top of being a marketing strategy has really, really worked for me.

Roberto: So I love this. And you hit a couple different things when you talked about how you actually positioned the offer when it came out. And it’s like, “Hey, my stuffs not shit. Like, you know, I’m good. I’m not janky and give me $9.” And you positioned it in such a way that was so simple, and just very approachable to people. And like you said, it filled the gap, y’all. Listen, I’m still not consistent with email. So let’s be clear, this is always given me funny looks about it. And you know, I’m gonna grow up one day when it comes to email. And outside of positioning the offer, when you mentioned these podcasts, it really got into like how you were positioning yourself and yourself and the offer. And so you know, you grew this pretty rapidly the first year. And I think one of the things that I hear from people, I don’t know if you hear this, especially when people are starting out, they’re just like, “I don’t have money for ads. I don’t have a big email list. I don’t have a big community. I don’t have $20,000 for this advertising budget.” How do I actually let people know that this stuff is out there? You mentioned affiliates. And so you know that first year, you talked about podcast, any stage, how many stages that you do and what was your goal with being out there and letting people know like, I’ve got this $9 thing?

Liz: Yeah, so for me, I definitely came into this email marketing thing, this is my third business. And I came into it knowing full well that I am the pro, I know what the heck I’m talking about. I’ve built two email lists, you know, to hell with what everybody else was saying. I did it my way. And I did it quicker and simpler. And you know, I couldn’t believe that other people weren’t catching on to how simple this was. So, I actually, when I started this business, I invested in a speaking coach, I invested in learning more about you know, “Okay, what is my framework? What is the methodology?” You know, what’s the method behind the madness type of thing, and I was gonna go all in on positioning myself as this person who knows about email marketing, and Roberto said it at the top we normally hear let’s talk about email. That is very much on purpose, because I want people to know, you know, when I say Liz Wilcox, you say email, right? And I’ve said that to Roberto in so many group things. People are like, what’s, you know, “What’s your call?” I’m like, when you say live, or, you know, anyway,

Roberto: I just pictured like, the whole, like, high school pep squad thing —

Liz: Hey, ho —

Roberto: When I say Liz, you say email, Liz, email.

Liz: Correct. That’s exactly what I pictured in my, that’s what I pictured in my mind. And so I knew I had to get in front of as many people as possible to make that happen. And I didn’t, like Roberto said, I didn’t have money for advertising. You know, I am a single mom, I support two households. Like, the money that I make, I actually need, you know, I actually, you know, I pay myself a salary. And I had to keep things very, very lean at first. I still do, I still don’t do advertising, not in the traditional sense. But anyway, that meant, I had to really firm up what it is where my stake is in email marketing, what I believe about email, how I teach it, et cetera, et cetera. And then I was ready to kind of, you know, deploy myself into those places into those rooms. So, when people you know, asked me on, I have a very simple method, I can teach very quickly, I can teach it. It’s something I can teach in 30 seconds or you know, a three day workshop. That’s how dialed in it is, and the membership is very, let’s say, complimentary. It’s the, it’s the next step. It’s like “Okay, Liz, that all sounds great, but how do I actually do it?” “Oh, well, I just write these templates for you.” So when I go on a podcast, when I’m interviewed in a summit, etc, at the very end and you, you’ll hear me now say it and you’ll hear me at the end. You know, I have a very solid pitch. When somebody says, “Oh, well, where can we hear more from you?” I say, “Oh, I’m so glad you asked. My name is Liz Wilcox, I’m an email marketer, I want you to go directly to Liz wilcox.com, hit the hot pink button, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, go into my pitch.” It’s very solid, and I knew it had to be, or all these pit, you know, all these podcasts and you know, in person events are all for naught if you fumble the ball at the end.

Roberto: So how many pod? So you —

Liz: Oh, yeah, you did ask me how many —

Roberto: Yes. Yeah, let’s answer how many and kind of what that looks like. Because you mentioned podcast stages. So like that first year, it was, you know, again, for point of reference for people, y’all. She also did this in the middle of a global pandemic. So, it wasn’t like you were traveling the country speaking on an actual in person stage every week, which is a very outdated model in some ways. But like, how did you do it?

Liz: Yeah, so I just I actually hired a PR agency podcast brokers so to speak, shout out to Publicity by Christina, she’s amazing. And I didn’t really didn’t have the money. I was like, “Oh, my gosh,” this is so it felt like so much money. But I knew if I was going to invest, like if I knew that getting in front of people was the strategy I needed, just like some people know, I need to run ads, and they just find the money. That was like, “Okay, this is going to be an investment.” But I’m also in Enneagram, three high achiever. I thought, “Okay, well, if she’s going to guarantee me two podcasts a month, then I’m going to start pitching myself at the same time.” So I’m, I’m getting double my money, so to speak, like, I’m using this as an outsource of accountability. And so this person over here is pitching me, I started pitching myself, I got on pod match.com. You know, I added it to my email signature. So if you email me, and I email you back, you’ll see “P.S. Do you have a podcast was can be on?” Or something like that. And I actually get a lot of bookings from that email, PS. And so it just, it started off very slow, you know, one every few weeks, once a month. And then, because I had that very solid, let’s say signature talk, I had that framework, I was able to come in as the expert, you know, host “Oh, my gosh, was that was great.” And I want to say, and this is very, this is my personality. I’m very bold. “Oh, have you really mean it? Can you introduce me to another host?” And of course, they’d start laughing. “Oh, Liz, you’re a riot. Yeah, I know, Ryan, you know, Lance, whoever, right? Let me introduce you.” And so just doing a really solid job and knowing your stuff can really help you, you know, turn one interview into two, or three, or even, you know, if you can’t tell I talk a lot. So some hosts only have like a 20 minute show. I have at least two hours of material guys. And so they’d say, “Oh, well, we have to stop. But Liz, I’d love to have you back on.” And then we would book the second show right then and there. But it all stems back to, you know, really knowing your stuff, knowing what the heck you want to talk about and owning it. And so in 2021, I was on 50 podcasts, and a couple it was like two dozen, either in person, or virtual, like private trainings, like private stages. And in 2022. As of today, it’s November, I, I’m pretty sure I’ve done over 100, and I have at least two dozen more lined up already.

Roberto: So I love this, y’all. And the reason that this is so beautiful is that this is something that anybody listening can go do. Like the only real barrier to this is our own headship.

Liz: Yeah, I always tell people, like there’s no difference between you and me, except like I believe in myself and I’m taking action towards that vision. I have a huge vision in my head, and I have a vision for myself and for the people that I serve. And when I’m scared, like y’all, I’m terrified of public speaking. I was just interviewed by somebody and we were talking something similar. And I started breaking out in hives when she asked me why I was terrified of public speaking. There was a reason why I hired a speaking coach because I was scared of it. But I knew that was the direction that I had to go in for myself and for the people I want to serve. And some days you know, I still might break out in hives. I do this thing where I like scrunch my toes up when I’m nervous and it kind of calms me down. I’m doing it right now, I do it all day long. My toes good probably like snap a log and half they’re so strong. But you know, there’s no, there’s no difference. You can do it despite your fear when you have that really strong, like clear vision of how you want your future to look, or how you want to serve your clients.

Roberto: So, all of this is beautiful. It’s like helped you grow the membership. You said around 2100 members, about 500 affiliates, paid out about 150 of them. And, you know, just this most recent payout. And you know, I think people look at anybody that’s achieved some level of of success. And I know that like, you’re happy where you’re at. And, I also know you’ve got a massive goal to where you want to go to. And people think that like, “Oh, so and so’s at x place, they’ve got it all figured out.” And the thing is, is that life can happen to any of us. And so earlier this year, life happened to you. And will you share a bit about that? And what having 500 affiliates, and passive revenue model, and what all your podcast recordings from last year like ,what old Liz did, younger Liz did, helped you when life happened to you?

Liz: Yeah, y’all. I think God for past Liz Wilcox every day on my life. Hey, no joke. It really ain’t. So, Roberto and I worked together. And since really working with him closely, I’m again, I’m a very high achiever. And in 2021, I was literally doing the most, and I had been doing the most for you know, in my other businesses, they grew very quickly. I did very similar strategies. And in 2021, I was getting up at like, 4am every single day. And honestly, that’s where my natural energy is. So, it wasn’t a problem. But I was working on, I had services at the time, so I would be working on my copywriting services. And then in the afternoons, I’d be working on growing the membership, doing the interviews, et cetera. And, I actually, late 2021 I was diagnosed with a bunch of food allergies. And for years, I’d been like, God, I must be allergic to food and people. “Oh, that’s so funny. Liz,” I’m like, “No, really, like everything makes me feel choked up.” And then my even I think it might have been my sister or close friend, somebody said, Well, Liz, no wonder your throat hurts like you do a million interviews. All you do is talk all day. So I thought, oh, yeah, you know, maybe I’ve just strained my voice. I think I even asked Roberto for a voice coach, because I was like, I can’t talk. Well, turns out I was just allergic to life. I’m doing much better now. So I found out all my food allergies, I’m actually allergic to like over 50 foods, and, I so I stopped eating those. And that was great. My throat didn’t hurt anymore. I was feeling good. And just slowly over time, I started to feel really tired. And I remember I actually had a call with Roberto in February 2022. And I was just kind of whining and he gave me some tough love. He said, “You know, Liz, if you’re really this tired, you need to go to the frickin’ doctor. Because I know you and this is not you. Like, we’re just sitting here whining all day long. Like, if you’re really that tired, then something’s wrong with you.” And I thought, “Oh, okay,” and I turned I you know, hung up the phone and promptly took a nap. Because I was so tired that day, but he was the only person that told me like, maybe there’s something physically wrong with you. So I started say taking supplements getting extra rest, and really did feel better. But of course, you know, habits are hard to stick to I forgot to take my supplements for a few months. And you know, I just made this really short story very long, I ended up hitting my head, or fainting hitting my head and getting this I would say moderate to major concussion. Where I could barely think straight.

Roberto: I thought you were about to say mild and I was about to correct.

Liz: No, no. I was gonna say mild to moderate. But really, I mean, even today, I’m feeling a little fuzzy. And so, what Roberto I think is trying to get at if I wouldn’t, if I wouldn’t have put in that work done those interviews, like listen to really that intuition of “Yes, Liz, this is the direction you need to go, this is the marketing strategy you need to have this is the membership you need to have,” I wouldn’t have been able to sustain if I would have kept doing client work and you know, putting off Liz Wilcox work, then I would have been screwed. I, you know, I wouldn’t have been able to pay the bills, etc. But because I had built up this, I don’t know, army of sorts with affiliates, where nowadays they make up 60% of my sales. And you know, also saved money, had a bookkeeper where I was putting away a little extra every single month and having that recurring model, then I have no idea. I mean, honestly, sometimes I get overwhelmed emotionally, had I not listened to myself and pushed myself when I could, because right now I can’t really push myself some days. I’m like, “Oh, Liz, just get up and do it.” And I think you know, I could do this a year ago. But I mean, my head is still kind of fuzzy, my nutrients are off. But I’ve also already you know, I’ve already made more sales than I made last year. I’ve made more revenue. I’ve saved more money than last year, and I’ve done maybe 30%, or I felt it feels like I’ve done 30 percent of what I did in 2021, 2020, etc.

Roberto: Yeah. And what I hope that you know people can take from that is that, you know, I think that so many people look at what is the quickest flash in the pan type promo, and the work that you did between the podcast and some of these virtual stages, you created evergreen positioning, per se, I think, you know, people talk about like an evergreen launch or things like that. But you’ve actually done positioning that pays you more than that one time. And —

Liz: Yeah, thank you.

Roberto: And I think that that’s important to acknowledge, because and I wanted to talk about that, because I didn’t actually realize that years ago, that’s something I had done until my father had passed, and a couple of weeks after my father passed, you know, actually, that was a whole situation, it was more than a couple weeks, ya’ll. But that was like, nine months of depression that I really wasn’t working. And it wasn’t a concussion. It was depression, and Oreos, and all of that. But the work that we had done with affiliates in the past positioning, that’s why I didn’t know I was depressed, because money was still coming in. And it allowed a different type of healing for me as what you’ve done for you has allowed you the time to be able to heal. And I think that that’s so beautiful that, you know, people don’t always have to hustle, we can hustle in a season, and then basically write our own coat tale version.

Liz: Yes. He’s laughing because one day, my sister, I told him the story, my sister was, I don’t know, January, February 2022. I’d saved up a bunch of money from Black Friday sale, and I was just sitting in my room and my sister lived with me at the time she comes in, she goes, “What the hell are you doing?” I said, “I’m on my own cocktails. I don’t, I don’t even need to be doing nothing today. Like I can take the day off.” Again, it was that season of hustle. Like, I know, everybody thinks hustle is a bad worl, word I personally don’t. There are times when you know, you might have to or it feels good, right? Like, back in the day, I used to have to hustle. Now there are some days where I’m like, “Ooh, yeah, I’m gonna do this, that and the other and it feels really, really good.” And then, you know, I take a week off because I ride my own coattails. Right? And that’s, I think that’s something and it might take you a while to even get there. But it’s a it’s a very long term thinking. I’m always thinking 5 10 years into the future. Like when even Roberto, you’ll laugh, Roberto and I would argue about this $9 price point, he’d be like $18. Maybe like, what about 10? What about 11? You know, and we went back and forth for a while. And you know, but at the end of the day, I knew like, This feels good for me. But also, this is a strategy, right? When people see that this is $9. They’re like, “Whoa, this lady is out of her mind. I gotta get in right now before she comes to her senses.” I know. That’s what people are thinking. If you go to the sales page, you’ll be like, “Wow, all of this for nine bucks? Like, yeah, this lady is definitely going to raise her price. I need to get in right now.” Like, but that to me, it’s the same as like Jeff Bezos, when he started doing free shipping, like prime free shipping, free two day shipping. He lost a lot of money at first, but it was one of those. “Oh my gosh, Amazon is out of their mind. I better hop on this right now before they come to their senses.” Right? Like free shipping had never been done before. And I don’t I’m not saying I invented the $9 membership. That was Netflix. But in my space. Most people’s memberships at the time. Were 100 $200 a month I think Amy Porterfield had her first membership was $300 a month right? But to have this, “Oh my gosh, nine bucks. I gotta get in this right now before she comes to her senses.” That has been a strategy. Honestly, that has worked for me. On top of all the warm fuzzies I get to feel for helping people at a price that doesn’t break them. That’s like the cherry on the top, you know?

Roberto: Yeah. And it’s been so fun to literally walk in play in all of this with you. And y’all she did mention the price thing, right? Like yes, Roberto was the one that was like, “How about $9.01.” Like, if you won’t go past. But what’s so important in in that and I’m glad that Liz brought this up is that you know, it’s great to have friends and coaches and mentors in your life. And at the end of the day, right? Like what a coach what a mentor does is provide accountability. They provide guidance, they bring a different perspective. And at the end of the day, it’s never a coach or mentors job to tell you what to do. It’s to help them become more of who you are, while also challenging you to become more of who you are. And so, that was fun for me is like, ya’ll literally you should see the conversations Liz and, I have, like —

Liz: We argue, not in frequently, I’m like no I’m just gonna do it that way or, but yeah, it’s, it’s definitely and that’s one of the things that I admire in Roberto is like, despite that friction, he’s like, “I’m pushing you. So if you push back like then we both know this is really what you want.” Right? And Mama didn’t raise no pushover over here.

Roberto: And you know, it’s, that’s actually so key that mama didn’t raise no pushover, you need to ain’t no pushover shirt. But in that, you know, when you’re in a coaching relationship, and I told y’all, we can talk about everything, but email, right? Is that like, knowing who you are in that relationship, I think is so key and so important. And it’s funny that we’re talking about positioning and coaching relationships. And you know, using a little bit of email into all of this. So, as but the membership’s has been growing, people are asking you for more like, what is that more looking like? Because hello $9 $108 a year, and when you do the Black Friday sale, your annual sales people are like, “Wait, $108, and I get all these other digital products?” And while it’s been so amazing, people get so much value, you’ve also created this space in your Facebook group. And the email is for people just like I want more, Liz. And so as you’ve been continuing the journey, and the positioning, like what is society and what is more look like while also maintaining like life while you’re healing and being a single mom and Chelsea’s awesome. Yo, yes, Chelsea? Everybody.

Liz: Ah, yeah, my kid is pretty cool. I can’t deny it. Honestly, full disclosure, I’m, I’m still not sure what that looks like in my head. And the, the thing I want to say is like, I’m not a coach, I’m an email marketer, every presentation I do. Every time I teach, I’m like, “This is what I did. I don’t know you, I don’t know your business. I don’t know your capacity or capability or your creativity, okay?” Like, just take this, like, if, if you only get one thing out of this, then we’re golden. Like, this is not at ABC, like, you know, FDA approved blueprint. You know, like, just take what you can, and like, give yourself permission to deviate. Because like, this is what has worked for me, even the podcast thing, like I always tell people like “If you’re not, if you don’t like talking about the same thing over and over, like getting asked the exact same questions over and over day after day, like if that’s going to drive you crazy? Maybe do Facebook ads,” you know, really depends on who you are as a person. So anyway, with that, I’m not sure what the next thing will look like I do sell, you know, I can get digital get downs, only the true NSYNC fans will get that inside joke, but that’s my one on ones and I do one on ones with people where I walk through, you know, their email service provider, or their copywriting their sales page, whatever. I even did one today where the woman maybe this is where Roberto was getting at. She literally just wanted to know how the heck I did what the heck I did. And too bad. I couldn’t point her to this episode yet. But I am getting a lot of that, and I’m still developing what the heck, I want to what I want to say, what I want to offer, I do not like the idea of doing one on one client work with people including coaching, because I like that, you know, I’ve got this concussion, I’ve you know, my energy is sometimes low if I forget to eat enough vitamin C, that I can just take a couple days off. And you know, nobody is disappointed in not receiving an email from me. But yeah, honestly. I mean, my answer is I have no idea. What’s next.

Roberto: And y’all. Here’s what’s beautiful about that for each one of you. You don’t have to have it all figured out all the time. Liz: Yeah, you know what, actually, guys? Honestly, I think I want to start a YouTube channel that has nothing to do with coaching or getting more about email. But I, I think, I think I want to start a YouTube channel about something completely unrelated to email, but Roberto: it’s gonna be Liz Wilcox and then it boyband trivia

Liz: Probably 90s related. Yeah, so that’s adjacent if you don’t know my brand, it’s very 90 seen I’m wearing NSYNC earrings right now. I’ve got like this rainbow thing going on. But yeah, as far as like, people getting more from me right now, I don’t even know if I want to give people more access to me other than these one offs, maybe do you know like copy clinics where I work with a group of people, because I like I’m learning that I really like actually having spare time. I’ve never in my life had spare time. I had two jobs in high school. You know, I had, I had a full time job and college, graduate. You know, I have a kid. It’s really nice to just be like, “Yeah, we’ll go to Disney after school today or yeah, we can go to the beach this weekend or even I was like, What do you think about going to Vegas for Christmas? Like, it’s really kind of nice.” And honestly, I’m making enough money. And this feels like such a amazing, honored privilege to say like, I’m making enough, like, not just financially, but like, in my head mentally. I feel like I’m making enough that I don’t have to go for the next thing, I can say with ease, like, I’m not sure yet. And it doesn’t feel like desperate. And that, to me is like the coolest thing ever.

Roberto: It is. It is super cool. So as we close out here, you know, you apparently do this email thing and emails created such a beautiful life for you and Chelsea, how do people learn how to do that for themselves?

Liz: Yeah, so when I figured out that I could write an email and make money. I was like, move over Jeff Bezos, like Liz Wilcox is in town. And I was also and then when I realized other people didn’t get it the way I guess I got it. I was like, “Y’all need to come over here. Because this, these rich folks have been lying. And this is actually pretty damn simple. Let me just teach it to you.” So if you’re like, “Okay, Liz. Yeah, write emails, no simple are not simple.” I’d love to prove it to you, you can go directly to Liz wilcox.com. In the top right hand corner, you cannot miss it. It’s a hot pink button. It says free email swipes, you’re gonna get an entire welcome sequence already written for you. You’re gonna get three newsletter examples to show you how to get people to click in your emails, how to get people to reply to you, and how to get people to buy directly from your newsletters. And if that’s not enough, because I know writing from scratch totally sucks. You get 52 subject lines all for free. Liz wilcox.com. Hot pink button.

Roberto: Awesome. And last question of the day for the person who’s listening and might be thinking I don’t have the money to get started. I am a single mom, I don’t have money. What do I do? I know that there’s something more, what do you have to say to them? Liz: Great question. Honestly, everything that I do, I filter through to questions. And but really, I want to preface it and say like, “If you believe that what Roberto and I are talking about is possible, then just work on the belief in yourself. And one day, you can have it too.” But as you move through and take action, I always filter everything through two questions. So number one, “What would this look like if it was easy? And normally the answer to that is oh, I’ll just hire someone.” And normally I don’t have any money for that. So that’s, that’s where the the follow up question comes from. So, “What would this look like if it was easy? And if that feels impossible, ask yourself what would this look like if it was fun?” And that’s how I’ve guided every single business. It’s how I guide my personal life, every decision. I filter through those two questions and like, boom, I’ve ended up here and that’s not so bad. So hopefully they’ll help you too.

Roberto: Awesome. Thanks so much, Liz and y’all go visit lose Liz wilcox.com Hit the bright pink button. Can’t miss it. Maybe talk about Yeah, if you miss it listen, like we don’t know it. Listen, just just the top button in the corner. Okay.

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