Episode 009 – Friendship, Connection and Lessons from Marketing Impact Academy

Friendships are such an important part of life and business. We're in Mexico this week after being at Marketing Impact Academy last week, and this

It’s been a while since we’ve been able to travel without jumping through a million hoops and attending live events. I’d forgotten just how refreshing it is to hang with like-minded people who care about you and your success…and I theirs. So on this outing, I attended Chalene Johnson’s Marketing Impact Academy. I was reminded of three things 

  • Don’t get caught up in doing all the things and forget to live. Remember the life you dreamed of creating and say “yes” to outsourcing. Say “yes” to trusting others to do the work. Say “yes” to your dream.
  • If you don’t want to invest in high ticket programs for you, how can you expect anyone to buy high ticket programs from you? You can’t charge premium prices if you don’t know how to deliver a premium experience. Being a part of other people’s high ticket programs is a coaching opportunity and an opportunity to learn what works and what you might want to incorporate into your high ticket program.
  • C’s get degrees. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just get it out there. Learn from it. Improve on it. Keep going forward.

We’re getting ready for Position. Partner. Profit. Live! December 2-4 in Houston. We’d love for you to attend virtually or in person. To register go to positionpartnerprofit.com 

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Well, hey y’all Roberto here and welcome to Episode 9 of the relationships make money show I am in Mexico, down in Playa Del Carmen right now. And so hey, it’s me. It’s microphone. It’s the hotel room. And it has been the most amazing week. Like, I didn’t realize how much I needed to be able to just decompress to be with friends, and to really feel that life was back to normal. And when I say that life was back to normal, you know, it’s after a couple of years of, you know, the pandemic and lock downs. And then, you know, just travel restrictions, you could fly here, you couldn’t fly there. You could fly somewhere, but then what you need to do to get back into the country or to another country.

And I forgot how nice it was just to be able to travel and not have to jump through 500 million hoops to be able to travel. And so, we’re down here in Mexico right now. Warren and I, were down here for Aprille’s event this weekend, Epic Woman. And we came down on Monday with Britt Chalene Johnson and have been here at the hotel, getting to hang out with them, getting to chill with them. Warren’s been working out with him at the gym, I have not been at the gym, y’all. I probably shouldn’t be back into the gym. We’ll, we’ll have another conversation about that later.

But, you know, it was been nice just to be with friends and to be in a space where we could have conversations with friends. And it not need to be like that you’re on, that you’re perfect that you have all of your ish together, but to really sit with people and be present with people who care about you, who care about your success. And they really want to see you win and win in a way that is good for you. Not necessarily what they feel is best for you. And so the conversations we’ve been having this week have been so refreshing, so enlightening, and just a reminder of the amazing relationships that Warren and I have in our life that I’m so grateful for and that we continue to get to build and to learn.

And so, you know, Monday night, well, this week, Friday’s, Warren’s birthday, Warren’s turning 34. So Monday night we went to this Mexican restaurant and I don’t remember the name of it. But y’all it was like everything was a production. And I mean, like, literally everything was a production, was like you order fajitas and they bring it out and they light it on fire. And there was cocktails that were lit on fire, or that there was sparklers and noisemakers, and at one point like all the music changed in mariachis run in the restaurant.

It was so amazing, there was so much going on. And that was one of those other moments where I was just like, “Oh, my God, it feels good just to be with people that you love, and to be able to play and celebrate and party and just have an amazing time.”

And, you know, I mentioned that we flew out here on Monday, but we did that after being at Chalene Johnson’s Marketing Impact Academy. And so this episode, what I really wanted to do is just share a couple lessons that I picked up from the event. You know, if you’ve not been to Marketing Impact Academy or heard of Marketing Impact Academy, y’all, like Chalene, Brett, Brock, the Johnson family, they know how to throw an event and they know how to party. Like, let’s be clear about that.

And what I really loved about the event was that you could tell that Chalene and her team really took time to think about who was on the stage and who to trust the stage with with her community and to make sure that they were able to deliver actionable content and to call her community, call her audience to be able to, to rise to a different level in wherever they were in business. And so, you know, Warren spoke there. Aprille spoke there, Natalie, Jill, Pat Flynn, several other people outside of the Johnson family. Keenya Kelly was there, she was a couple of podcast episodes back talking about Tiktok, but there are three things that I want to share with you today. And I hope that they’re able to make a difference in your life as they were amazing reminders for me. And so the first one was, this is one of the things that Chalene shared was, don’t get caught up in doing all the things that you forget to live. I say that again, don’t get caught up doing all the things and forget to live. And I feel that as, as an entrepreneur, as a coach, as a consultant, you know, whether we’re starting out and you’ve got a napkin idea, or you’ve already hit, you know, 6, 7, 8 figure success that there can be this temptation for us to when we see a new level coming up to want to roll up the sleeves and dive in which is an absolute amazing, thank you, y’all, and sometimes we forget that other people want to dive in and help us also.

And, you know, for me, this was a reminder of being able to outsource more, and that when we outsource, being able to trust people to do their jobs, and to give feedback and really remembering that, you know, we got into business, we get into entrepreneurship to create something that we could not create in a job. We wanted to be able to create a life that we dreamed of, that we imagined of, or, honestly, for me, when I first started my first company in 2009, I didn’t know what was possible, I just knew that with all the medical stuff that I was going on through there was just like, “Hey, like, I’m going to do this so I can get better. So I can get the medical treatment that I can need, that I have the opportunity to still create revenue.” While at that point, like I said, what was important to me was, be able to get the medical treatment that I needed and have the time for that. And I could not do that in a traditional job, because you can’t be going to the doctor two, three times a week and having a full time job. And, you know, now with everything remote, that’s an option but that wasn’t in 2009.

And so I love the reminder of y’all, we did this so we could live so we could have a live so we could have adventure and friendship and to be able to celebrate, and to not be the one to feel that we have to be the answer to everything, that there are people that are way smarter than us, and brighter than us that want to lend their skill sets, their talents, their efforts to helping us get to the next level of what we’re doing in our business. Now, the second takeaway actually comes from the business bestie, Aprille. And, you know, for years, I think that so many of us have the kind of conversations about people that coach, that want people to invest into them but they will not necessarily be coached, right? So it’s like the coach that wants to coach but doesn’t feel that they need a coach, which is a whole situation.

But Aprille, you know, was talking about high ticket. And what she did there in this conversation, and her presentation was made high ticket extremely accessible to people, meaning she taught people how to create $50,000— months with a very clear roadmap to high ticket success. And and not overthinking the ish, right, y’all.

And if you’re a part of Marketing Impact Academy, you can probably go watch the recordings at some point, I don’t know if they’re going to put the recording anywhere else. But what Aprille said was this. She says, “If you want to invest in high ticket programs for you, how can you expect anyone to buy high ticket from you?”

And I think that that’s so important, because there are so many people that want to charge premium prices, but don’t know how to deliver that premium experience. And that’s so important because, y’all—someone that wants to be a part of your organization and wants to invest 5000, 3000, 10,000 15,000, 50,000, there is a different experience and a different expectation that comes from when someone’s buying high ticket from you then when they buy a $3, $7, $27 PDF, right? You know, high ticket programs are really about the access and the experience.

And so I think that this was an amazing reminder to everyone because if we do not experience things ourselves, if we are not willing to invest in things ourselves, then we’re out of alignment and not really congruent with what we’re asking our communities and our people to be able to do.

And so, this was just an amazing reminder. You know, Warren and I have a Business Mastermind is called the Propel Mastermind. It’s a high ticket offer and that said, right, Warren and I are also investing into other programs. In fact, you know, this year, I was one of the last ones I just did that just finished, actually Monday, the day that we were flying back and finished. You know, I just did a $21,000 high ticket certification program for myself as my own personal development.

And so as I continue to do high ticket offers in our business, and also invest in high ticket offers for my own education, it also gives the lens of what can we do to be able to curate better expense— experiences for our customers, for our buyers that are part of our, our high ticket offer. So y’all, it was just amazing. And I think that you know, that’s a thing for coaches, right? Coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, anybody selling really, right? Like, be willing to invest in yourself at that you’re, at the level that you’re asking other people to invest in you.


Sorry, I’m just like, thinking about this all out loud real time and I’m also looking out the window and seeing the ocean and it’s so beautiful. I wish I were here.

And okay, so the third one from Marketing Impact Academy was this. It was Brock and I was sitting backstage, and Brock was on stage. And you know, one of the things that Brock shared, he said that he actually learned from his mother. And, y’all should have shins essentially in space. It was so fun. Like, I loved it. It was that look like, “Did he really just say that?” And it was such a beautiful lesson.

So, what Brock said is, you know, at one point when he was going through his college, the experience that his mom said, “C’s get degrees, C’s get degrees.” And again, right, it wasn’t like don’t try, it wasn’t get out there. It wasn’t like, you know, you need to be a straight A student, but it wasn’t like don’t flunk out, flunk out. What it was a reminder of to me was just get it out there. Just get it out there. It doesn’t have to be perfect. And whether that be a book or your PDF or your coat, your course, your your coaching, offer your masterminds, whatever it is, even the free content. Like, y’all may have noticed, I’m working on the process of starting to do Instagram reels and stories more. And it’s so uncomfortable to me because when I think about social media, I’m such a perfectionist. And so I could sit there and think of like 900 million reasons why I would do a reel. And I remember the first reel that I made, I was so proud of it. I sent it to Aprille and Aprille was like, good job you did it. And like, “Why the fuck did you make that so complicated? Like you spent way too long on it. Next time do A, B, C.”

And some people would have taken that as something offensive. But I was like, “Oh my God, my friend cares enough about me to say, I see you. I see you doing something new, I see you trying and you made that way harder than it needed to be.”

And so Brock’s reminder of just getting it out there, it doesn’t have to be perfect, that you know, a C or a C plus is better than zero, it’s better than not having it out there was something that I really needed to hear. Especially as it comes to social media, to Instagram, you know, I’m going to be putting out more reels, trying to post more on Instagram. I say trying because I’m still learning Instagram, y’all. But it was this. Just extremely refreshing to me to know that I don’t have to get it right, that I don’t have to get it perfect. Because sometimes I tend to do that, I tend to beat myself up for not being perfect or having it look a very certain way, a very polished way. And I just needed that permission of C’s get degrees. Just get it out there.

So anyways, y’all. Thanks for listening to the show. We’ve got some more stuff coming up in the next few weeks as we’re leading up to Position Partner Profit in Houston, Texas, December second through fourth. If you want information on that, you can just go over to positionpartnerprofit.com, positionpartnerprofit.com.

Warren and I will be in Houston, Texas, for this event. But the awesome part about it is, like, you can come to Houston but there’s also a completely virtual aspect to it where you can join and watch the three days of training of workshops, everything completely virtual and all the details that are at positionpartnerprofit.com.

So, thanks for listening to the show. I’m going to get ready so I can go meet Brett and Warren and Chalene over at the pool, maybe have some severe Chase and guacamole, who knows.

But y’all have a wonderful day and I will chat with y’all soon. Bye.

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