Episode 005 – Attending Live Events For Your Business

Just about nothing compares to the energy in the room of a live event, especially when you're attending a live event for your business! In

Nothing compares to the energy in the room of a live event. Having just returned from one, I wanted to share four reasons why you should attend live events for your business.

  1. Fresh perspective – Sometimes we’re too close to the details of our business. Live events get you out of the day-to-day routine and places you in a space where you see new possibilities from the experiences of speakers and other attendees.
  1. Connection – Face-to-face interactions resulting in lifetime friendships, connections, collaborations, and partnerships which fuel your business growth.
  1. Extra information – Q&A is often edited out of recordings. Meal tables are an opportunity to get your questions answered in a manner specific to your situation.
  1. Business vacation – Sometimes we’re too close to the details of our business. A live event which we attend with the intention to learn and grow, frees us to focus and plan for the business.

I’ll be traveling to several more live events before the year ends. I’ll also be hosting my own live Position. Partner. Profit. Live! I’d love to see you there. Visit RobertoCandelaria.com/events to register.

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Well, hey, y’all Listen, oh my gosh! Today has been one of those days. And when I say one of those days, I mean, like, you know, when you think “oh my gosh, I should record the podcast”, or “I should record some new content, for reals”. And then it’s like the outside world is conspiring against you with, you know? The fire alarms and people mowing their yards and construction. And there was a big part of me that was like, “Oh, my God, I’m just not going to get this done”. But then I remembered, “okay, Roberto, we said, we’re going to work on getting podcast out regularly”. And so whether it be fire alarms, or mowing yards, or dogs barking or whatever, y’all you may hear some of that in today’s episode. Which is a bit more unpolished. It’s not edited. It’s just me at home, no intros, outros, and wanted to make sure that we get this out.

And so today, we’re gonna be talking about live events. I love live events, live events are probably one of the favorite things in our business that we’ve gotten to host over the years. But I also absolutely love to attend them. And I find that you know, live events that have somebody that can really like, change our life, change our business, change our mindset, but they really energize the business. And a big part of that, I think, is because of the community, because of the connection. And all that just goes on in this environment, when you’re with like-minded people.

So welcome, y’all to episode five of the show where we’re going to talk about live events. Now, I don’t know the last live event that you went to. A couple last week actually, I did a podcast on Copy Accelerator. I was just there. I’ve got some other live events that I’m headed to this fall both speaking at and attending. And then this December 1 through fourth, in Houston, Texas, I’m hosting Position Partner Profit, which is one of our live events. If you want more details on that you can go to positionpartnerprofit.com, or robertocandelaria.com/events to be able to get the details on that event.

And you know, I love events, because whether it be a networking event, or a business event, or a training event, and y’all look even a concert, right? Like at the end of the day, a concert is an event. And if you think about the last time you were at a concert, and it may have been a bit for some people. Like I know that my favorite two concerts ever, and don’t judge me. I mean, y’all can if y’all want, but we’re Beyonce, oh my gosh. Beyonce puts on the most amazing concert and Elton John. Again, just such an amazing showman. When I got to see Elton John at the Coliseum, I was just like, wow.

So Elton John, and Beyonce, I’ve got we saw Celine Dion, there at the Coliseum as well, you know, the energy that they bring, right? You know, and whether it’s you’re dancing, whether you’re fist pumping, you’re snapping your fingers, or, you know, you just jamming a little bit like there is just this buzz that’s in the air. You know, everybody’s singing the songs they’re dancing along. Except for that one boyfriend, a girlfriend got drug along with somebody because, like they’re dating somebody that wanted to be there. But everybody else is just like, oh my god, this is the place that we should be. And, you know, there’s so much connection and the memories that are made. Whether it be with the friends and family you go with, with the co workers you go with, or even dare I say the strangers. And if you’re at a concert, that there’s not really a stranger, right? Because we’re connected by this love of the music of the artist, of the energy that’s going on with whatever’s going. You know, being played, whatever is being sung and the same thing that we can experience at a concert. We can also experience at business events, right? And, and for me, personally, I found that there’s really nothing else that I’ve found that can replicate what I feel at a day-to-day. Sorry, what can replicate what I feel at a live event and day-to-day life, you know? Whether that be a mastermind, you know, that’s an intimate group. And, you know, we actually just held our mastermind in San Diego a couple of weeks ago, whether it’s a retreat, whether it’s a business conference, or like even a mega-conference, there are things that allow us to get things moving in our business and things that allow us to get out of a dull routine.

And so, today, I’m just gonna share with you a few ways that live events could change your business and an amazing way. And like I said, if you want to come to Houston and join us at our live event. Awesome, absolutely love to have you there. But I really want to encourage people to really look at what live events could I be going to and how does that help my business?

So the first thing here is that, you know, a live events are an amazing way for us to get a fresh perspective on something, but also bring inspiration back to our business. You know, when we spend so much time with something, it can be extremely simple to lose sight of the original goal. Or why we did it the inspiration or the dream behind starting it in the first place. And when we’re at live events, there is something about being with new people, about hearing new perspectives, that allows us to get ourselves out of the day-to-day routine, and to really begin to shift our perspective. And so whether it’s somebody that we met there, or it’s one of the speakers, or it’s a demonstration. It can really allow us what we need to get ourselves out of a rut, or to even hear just one idea that can completely change the trajectory of our business.

You know, last week, and lessons learned from Copy Accelerator, I shared things that I learned from Lee Richter, and from Brooke Castillo, and from Ron Lynch, and from Jason and you know. Just all the Copy Accelerator team that are making big differences in my business. Because I love copy, I love selling, I love making money. And there’s just things that I don’t know. And so the fresh perspective that I was able to get into the room is reinvigorated me in so many unique ways for the business. And so that’s number one, while I love live events is just the ability to get a fresh perspective and inspiration for the business.

Number two is actually, let me add one more to that. Also an inspiration to the business. It’s this, and this is how you know, it’s not scripted, because I just like think of things and I talk right? Is speaking of inspiration for the business is, you know, we can in our own day-to-day lives, our day-to-day worlds, you know, see that something’s either working or not working. And the other inspiration that comes from a live event is being able to be with other people that are doing something similar, or something completely different. And to see how they’re doing it and, and for us to know that that something’s possible. Right? for us to see that an idea that we had is possible. One of the things that was at Copy Accelerator that I talked about was, you know, Jason broke down, how they did an almost $60 million internet marketing launch and took 226 days, y’all. But if you haven’t listened to the last episode, go back and listen to that, as well. I believe it’s episode four of the show. This yeah, this episode five, but just that inspiration that’s like, wow, we can launch a course, and be diligent and do the work and make almost $60 million from an internet marketing launch. It had never crossed my mind that it was possible and sometimes the inspiration is seen what others have done. So you have this awareness that it’s possible for you too.

So the number two here is just the face-to-face connection, the connection, the the networking, and I would say that this is actually my favorite part of live events, is just the interaction with other amazing humans. Because whether you work from home, or you own a brick and mortar, or you’re maybe in a job. You know, working as a coach, as a consultant on the side, getting out of your typical environment. Getting your face into the real world is not only great for brand awareness and networking, but it is also an opportunity for you to get new leads. It’s also an opportunity to create partnerships to create collaborations and you can literally create friendships, and get clients, and customers from event. And create lifetime partnerships and collaborations that there is nothing more first like, there’s nothing more wonderful, I would say. Than when people actually get to see you and get to see your passion firsthand. And what I mean by that is, I think that, you know, a sales page is great. What we put online is great, but when people get to see the person behind the brand? Man, it’s such a beautiful experience.

And in terms of face-to-face, like the connection, the networking. One of the things that I love to do at live events and if you’re a morning person, I invite you to consider doing thi. If you’re a night person do it way that you might do it at night. But if I’m speaking at an event, I love to connect with the other speakers and find speakers and be like “hey would you like to have breakfast tomorrow morning”, and invite speakers out to breakfast and have breakfast with them if I’m one of the speakers. Otherwise, I’m doing the very same thing with other attendees, if I’m just attending a conference, I will find four or five, six people and be like,” hey, I’ll be in the hotel restaurant tomorrow morning at this time. And I’m just gonna get a table and whoever wants to come have breakfast”, like, let’s come have breakfast and just get to know each other. And be the person who facilitates conversation, that facilitates connection at a live event, because you never know who you’re going to meet, and where that could lead. And so just do it with the purest of intentions just to get to know people.

And number three, here is… Y’all there’s so much that happens at a live event that’s just not available to the public. Meaning there’s the Q and A’s, there’s the training, there’s resources, there’s just so much continued education that happens at a live event in the room, that even if it’s recorded sometimes is edited out. And so you get to keep yourself up to date with the latest strategies with the latest business ideas and get to implement before recordings are released. Or, again, just the with the networking the conversations you can have at breakfast, and lunch and dinner, the things that happen, when it’s not the, you know, quote, unquote, “on time of the event”, you get to learn so much that’s just not available to the people that weren’t in the room and weren’t at the table.

And this is cool, because you’re not worrying about just Googling stuff. Right? You’re not worried about oh my gosh, I need a 72-month mentorship. Like at a live event, you actually get to sit down and connect with people that are the best at what they do in their field that are blazing trails, and be able to connect with them right away. And so this access to mentors and creators and influencers is something that you can do real-time. And when you ask the question, the feedback, the coaching is, like tailored specifically to you and not just you know, to 500 or 1000 people in a group coaching program. You get to have your question answered for you, for your business. Which means, that when you go implement this in your business later, like you have actually have strategies that are just for you.

And the last one I’ll say is this is it’s kind of like taking a big business vacation, right? Like I love to travel. And one of the things that I see that entrepreneurs and coaches don’t do enough, and this that’s an opinion. Y’all that people don’t do this enough, is create vacations for themselves in their business, you know, to create a date for you and your business where you take that getaway to focus on the business. To plan for the business. And when you’re truly present at an event. When your hearts there, when your minds there, and you’re getting to listen and to learn. It’s the ability to not only hear things and to implement things, it’s the time where you get to learn and implement right away. It’s the time where you get to learn and dream for the next level and the next evolution of your business because, at least for me live events, y’all, they just they inspire me so much. They bring a level of creativity and possibility that I don’t find many other places. And so not only do I leave learning more, but I leave inspired, I leave ready to take action. I leave ready to help people make more money. Because y’all know I love people. And I love to help people make more money. But here’s the thing, right? It’s like when we’re happy, as leaders, when when we’re happy when we have better thoughts about ourselves, we, we feel better. When we have better thoughts about our businesses, we feel better. And when we feel better, we take different actions in our business and in our lives that allow us to bring in even more profits into our business. So, y’all, that’s why I love live events.

I hope that you’ll consider joining us at Position Partner Profit in Houston, Texas. It’s December 1st through 4th. All the details at positionpartnerprofit.com or over at robertocandelaria.com/events.

So thanks for listening to another episode of the show. I hope you have an awesome day and next week, we’ll have Keenya Kelly on the show. And one of the things you’ll also see the next few weeks is I’m going to be bringing in some of the speakers from the event and I’m having them on the show sharing about their business journey. About how relationships make money for them and also a little bit more about what you can expect at the event. So have an awesome day and I’ll chat with you very soon bye.

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