Episode 004 – Lessons Learned at Copy Accelerator

Do you love attending live events? I do! I recently got invited to attend Copy Accelerator in Austin hosted by Stefan Georgi. In this episode

I learned so much from the speakers at Copy Accelerator. I wanted to share a short recap of five takeaways that are making a difference in my upcoming event, Position. Partner. Profit. Live!, and my business.

  • Be first and be better (Jason Fladlien, The $100 Million Dollar Webinar Guy). Get your game changing idea out there quickly.
  • NFTs are the opportunity to join and build communities centered around purposeful and intentional connection (Lee Richter, advisor to Gary V and NFT rockstar).
  • “How do we solve the problem by getting farther away from it and not closer? How would you have solved the problem 30 years ago? (Ron Lynch, $4 billion direct marketer, Go Pro).
  • From Brooke Castillo, founder of The Life Coach School, “There’s countless ways to win, but only one way to fail – to give up.” (Brooke Castillo, founder The Life Coach School).
  • Lead by example (Stefan Georgi, co-founder of the Copy Accelerator).

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. The podcast expands more on each point. Give it a listen. If you have the opportunity to attend the Copy Accelerator, I highly recommend it.


Welcome to the Relationships Make Money podcast where it’s all about the people, partners and profits. Each week we’ll explore conversations around partnerships, leadership, our thoughts and profits. And now your host Roberto Candelaria. Well, hey y’all Roberto here and welcome to episode number four of the show where today, we’re going to have a conversation about an event I recently attended.

Now, y’all know events are coming back like crazy. I am super excited about it. In fact, you know, we’re hosting our own event this coming December in Houston, Texas. But y’all, I had forgotten how amazing it was to be in a room with so many amazing leaders, entrepreneurs and marketers. And I gotta tell you Copy Accelerator just changed the way that I look at copy, the way that I look at events and the way that I look at business. And so I wanted to create this episode to share five key takeaways that were so impactful to me into my business. I’m working on them behind the scenes over here and share them with you to hope that you could gain some value from this event.

So if you’ve ever never heard of copy accelerator, y’all, Stefan Georgi is the founder of it. And, gosh, listen, y’all when I tell you, he curated one of the best rooms that I have been in, and probably my entire career of attending events. There was not 900 million speakers. It was not a pitch fest, but it was quality speakers that were out there actually doing what they taught. And, and you know what I mean by that, right? Because there’s some events you go to and just like they just find somebody and just like, oh, I can talk on this. And they did it once not, not here all of his speakers walk the walk. They talk the talk. And they have results not only for themselves but for their clients and some of their speakers up into the billions of dollars. And yes, I said billions with a B. But what was so unique about this and coming all the way from the top from the leadership, to all the way down to everybody to the attendees to registration to the AV team is that you were in an environment where while we were talking about a lot of money, while people were making business and doing deals, there was a place where people had a heart to serve and show up for each other. And just the way that he curated this space for business owners and entrepreneurs and copywriters to come together was so amazing.

Now, whether you were working on ads or like I’m thinking about ads for where we’re going next in the business, or NFTS and ya’ll know Warren’s thinking about NFTs without donation, or even finding a copywriter. This was the perfect room. And so here’s five takeaways.

So the very first one in no specific order, y’all comes from Jason Fladlien. And I hope I said his name, right, Jason Fladlien. He’s known as the 100 million dollar webinar guy ya’ll. And there’s a reason for that. And there’s two things that he said, and I kind of tied them together here that really made a difference. And he was talking about how they were able to do an almost $60 million internet marketing launch in 226 days, it was just right around 57 million to be specific. But one of the things he talked about was what is your speed of implementation in your business.

And by speed of implementation, the two biggest things I took away from there were number one is “be first and be better”. And so when you come up with an idea, when you get this product, when you get an idea for your event or for your community, how do you get out there? And how do you do it? And how do you do it fast and do it as best as you can. Because as soon as you get out there and implement and make mistakes, the sooner we can either win, or we can learn what the next pace is for us there.

But there’s a very other little subtle thing here that he said that was just like, wow, and this is the paraphrased version of to me. But when he was speaking about speed of implementation, he said something along the lines of “be so fast, that people don’t even know that there’s time to copy”. And that personally hit me y’all because there are things that I do in the business that I get it, I got the idea, I run and I go, and then there’s times I think of things and I’m just like, man, wouldn’t it be really cool if we did this? And this could be anything. It could be an event, it could be an online course it could be a webinar, and then I sit sometimes and I procrastinate on it. And I don’t know if you’ve ever done that, like you get an idea and you procrastinate on it. And then by the time you, you know go and actually implement your idea that was this game-changing idea. Other people are in the Space kind of doing a similar idea. And it’s not that they copied you, right? We just didn’t take action when we had the idea. And so I also loved this take of “be so fast that people don’t even know that there’s time to copy”. And that was just mind-blowing to me.

A second takeaway comes from a woman by the name of Lee Richter. Now, y’all Lee was something else. Like when she walked onto that stage. Not only was she just so loving and kind, but you know, she stepped onto the stage with absolute and complete authority. Now, if you’ve never heard of Lee and you are interested in NFTs at any level, then you probably should hear about her. And so she’s actually been recognized as one of the top 100 women business leaders by the San Francisco Business Times. And y’all like in terms of NFTs, not only has she been in the game for a whole hot minute, but she actually speaks with Gary Vaynerchuk or Gary Vee as people like to say about NTs on a regular basis.

And, you know, NF T’s are something that I’ve never really taken the time to understand. I thought it was very bro marketing, it was very expensive. And I didn’t understand like why people were basically trading pictures of digital art is how I saw it. And in Lee’s presentation around NFTs, she really broke it down to us and to what an NFT is. And really the foundations of it to, but to why we as entrepreneurs, whether you’re a coach or consultant or a nonprofit leader, could actually be thinking about bringing NFTs and Web3 into our businesses.

And I’m not going to explain NFTs because that is not my space. But there was a really key takeaway here. And for me, it was this. She said, when you look at NFTs, what we get the opportunity to do is to join and build communities. So NFTs, we’re joining and building communities. And whether you’re building or joining, what you look for around an NFT is to center communities around a purpose. And she said so many beautiful examples of what that looked like to have purposeful and intentional connection and community around NFTs and not just the big names that all of us may know that have millions and millions of followers but how you and me. Everyday people could go and mint, our own NFT ourselves and begin to build community with NFTs and it was just game-changing for my head.

So number three comes from Ron Lynch now, y’all. I have never sat with someone like Ron. And if you don’t know, Ron, you again please google him. It’s Ron, I believe it’s spelled l y n c h, Ron Lynch. But Ron is a direct response copywriter and marketer. And if you have ever heard of Go Pro, it might be because of his work and the direct response and copy world around that he’s worked in film and television, but sold so many billions of dollars, with his copy and with his marketing plans. And it was so fascinating. So one of the things that was done on VIP day over at Copy Accelerator is that while there were presentations during the morning, in the afternoon, they hosted Rockstar parties, and these Rockstar parties, oh my gosh, I mean Rockstar tables, listen, y’all, it felt like a party.

Because it was like me and four other people sitting with Ron, and it felt like a party. So they’re Rockstar tables, but I called it a rockstar party. And he was sharing business and marketing advice. And someone at the table was given an example about, hey, how would I solve this problem? And the problem was really around YouTube and monetizing YouTube and being able to do more with monetizing the community and the people around YouTube and the platform. And as this conversation was going on, you know, all of us were like, yeah, like, like, how do you do that?

How do you solve this problem? And the question that Ron asked was, “What would the problem have been 30 years ago?” And we all just kind of looked at him. And again, he said, “What was the problem have been 30 years ago?”. And the person who was kind of in the hot seat at the moment at this rock star table was like, well, there really wouldn’t have been a problem and Ron came back and then said, well, then is it a problem? Or with technology with everything that is come forth? Has this person been able to find a way to do something with a new platform? And therefore there may not be some other ways yet. And he continued to go on to say, you know, how do we address a problem? By getting farther away? And not closer?

Okay, so how do we address a problem by getting farther away from it, and not closer. And this is something that with all of us in our fields, and our expertise and our niches that we can get so technical, and so close to the process that we know and become attached to that, that we fail to take a step back and have the viewpoint of a beginner or as they say, have fresh eyes on something. And this was key to me, because we’re in the middle of, you know, some of y’all know, I run a Business Mastermind called the Propel Mastermind. And we’re looking at for this next year 2023, how we’re repositioning the mastermind, and how we shift what’s included in the mastermind, and growing it to actually happening two cohorts a year. And I found myself sitting in the technicalities of, well, this is how we’ve always done it. This is how we’ve always done it. This is what we’ve done every year, how do I scale it if this is the way that I do this, and what it made me realize, as I was getting so close into the problem, it was almost like I was using one of those microlenses on a camera where you can see, you know, like a bottle of water, a bottle of soda, and you see like all the drops of you know, the moisture on it. I was doing that with my offer.

Instead of stepping back and saying, You know what, this, this really isn’t a problem. There’s another way to view this. And so I really loved what we talked about when we look at marketing, when we look at sales, when we look at creating offers, how are we addressing a problem by getting farther away from the problem, and not closer to it. And that has really helped me clarify some offers in the business. Redo some copy and even as we’re getting ready to hire an ads agency for some promotions that we’re going to be running later this year in q4. This thing of being able to step back helped me so so so much. Now number four here is from Brooke Castillo. Now Brooke Castillo is the founder of The Life Coach School, she is a life coach, some would say she is THE life coach. And you know, The Life Coach School is actually where I have been going to get my certification as a life coach. And so I’ve had the opportunity to know Brooke, as a friend, as a human and also be going through certification to become one of the life coaches that is certified through the Life Coach School. But she said something in this presentation, there was so many moments. The one that stood out the most for me was there are countless ways to win. But there’s only one way to fail to give up. And I see this happen with myself with so many entrepreneurs that we go out and we try something once or try something twice. And that as we go out and do it that once there comes an obstacle or a challenge that it can become very simple to say ‘I tried it once it didn’t work’, or ‘I tried it twice and it didn’t work’. Or you know what, oh my gosh, I put that out there. But nobody wants to buy this. People must not like the offer. Nobody wants to learn X or nobody wants to be helped by this or nobody wants to give money to my nonprofit, or join my Facebook group. And we make it mean something about us versus making it actually mean something about the offer or about our copy and being able to like look into it and say ‘hey, what’s really going on here?’ and so when she said there’s countless ways to win, there’s only one way to fail to give up. It’s a reminder that even though something may not go the way it should the very first time that when we are persistent that is how we get there that we continue to learn through the mistakes.

I believe it was, I remember was John Maxwell or Max Locater, wrote a book called Failing Forward. And I know they’re two different authors, y’all. I just don’t have the book in front of me. That Failing Forward was a great book on that about, you know, taking our learnings taking our mistakes to be able to get to the next stepping stone. And so I love when Brooke said that. And you know, one other thing that Brooke shared was, is specifically to copywriters in the room and as you know. She was sharing like, you write amazing headlines all day long for copy. “What copy are you writing for the life that you desire?” In other words, our thoughts create our feelings. And so what thoughts are as a copywriter, are you writing to yourself about where you want to be in your business? And I would even share that with everybody listening is as a coach, as a consultant, as a community leader. What thought, what you know, if you think about a sales page, right, like what is the headline that is running your brain every single day.

And then the last one actually comes, you know, from the leader of this amazing organization and the Copy Accelerator event. And it was that he led by example. And when I say leads by example, you know, he talked about how the events had gone one direction. But in speaking with his community, when speaking with the business owners and the copywriters that they were looking for something more. That he saw something more. And so he was willing to change, to be willing to listen to his community, to be willing to serve them. And he curated an absolute, what I would call an elite room.

People who were and are responsible for billions, yes, billions in sales, yet also down to earth, and humble, and willing to have a conversation about how they got there. If you could walk up to somebody and be like, “Yo, you were talking about this, I’m stuck here”. And there was so much generosity from the speakers from the attendees to help see everybody else win. But then also at night, some amazing parties and some amazing open bars and networking where people really get to know each other.

And so, y’all, thanks for listening to this episode of the show where I share just some of the takeaways that I had from attending Copy Accelerator and if you get a chance to check out copy accelerator to go to one of their events. Listen, go it’ll be completely worth it.

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