Episode 004 – Connecting with Your Community Through Email Marketing w/ Liz Wilcox

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I talk a lot about how you put people, purpose, and passion ahead of profits, but it really takes the profits to be able to do the things we love.

And Liz has been able to build a life that she truly loves hanging out at the beach and all that fun stuff while teaching other people how to bring simplicity into their life with email marketing so they can stay more in touch with the people that they’re already working with, the people that they want to work with and create deeper and more intimate relationships with email marketing.

Today, we have Episode 004: Connecting with Your Community Through Email Marketing w/ Liz Wilcox

In this episode, Roberto Candelaria tackles the less traveled world of email marketing with Liz Wilcox, a seasoned online marketer with a thriving community centered on content marketing. This episode talks about the lucrative business of list building and email selling and how it can make wonders for your life by learning its long-term ins and outs.

Wilcox, with her reliable experience in the world of online marketing, shares about building a community through email lists. She also shared how she fostered a growing online community by establishing an intimate level of connection one can get from a simple email and through collaborations.

During this episode, Roberto and Liz discuss:

  • How Wilcox learned about email marketing
  • Turning content marketing into a lucrative business
  • Finding money ‘on the list’
  • Focus on list building and email selling
  • Cultivating growth with your online community
  • Importance of collaboration with product creators
  • Advantages of email marketing
  • Going deep with online marketing through email
  • Creating a level of intimate connection from emailing
  • The four Essential Emails needed in email marketing
  • Engaging with your target market
  • Being yourself and having fun with email marketing

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