How I Do It Is How It’s Done: Owning Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Roberto Candelaria reflects on the importance of staying true to your own path and pace as an entrepreneur. Inspired by a conversation with his friend Shannon, Roberto dives into the powerful mindset shift captured in the phrase “How I do it is how it’s done.”

Key Points:

  • The freedom of not comparing yourself to others or feeling pressured to meet external expectations when you follow your own journey.
  • Observations from Disney parks about the difference between rushed and present experiences.
  • Three key practices Roberto recommends:
  • Set your personal and business goals aligned with your vision, not someone else’s.
  • Celebrate all wins, big and small, and find a support system to celebrate with you.
  • Allow times of rest and recharge by prioritizing your well-being.
  • The importance of not building your business at the cost of your personal well-being.
  • Finding moments that nourish you, whether that’s time outdoors, live music, or other self-care activities.
  • Learning to set boundaries, protect your time, and communicate needs with your team and loved ones.


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00:00:01 Roberto Candelaria
Well, hey, y’all Roberto here and welcome back to another episode of the show. I know it’s been a minute since the last one came out, but hey, thanks for being here. And thanks for sticking around. You know, I was on the phone the other day talking with my friend Shannon, and it’s actually kind of what inspired this podcast to let you know, we’ve got some.

00:00:21 Roberto Candelaria
Great podcast episodes coming up. Actually, Doctor Shannon Pansy will be one of those guests. Brick Johnson, coach and Kim.

00:00:30 Roberto Candelaria
Jenny Lankinen several other guests that we have actually recorded or in the process of recording right now and so excited to be able to get those to you over the coming weeks. But I was on the phone with my friend Shannon, like I said and we were talking and she was like hey, you know, I was listening to your podcast the other day.

00:00:51 Roberto Candelaria
And there was an episode.

00:00:52 Roberto Candelaria
Mode that I really loved where you said this one thing and I was like, Oh my God, what episode was it? My episode with Pega, was it I just kind of like went down all the other episodes and she was like, no, it was one of your solo episodes and it was the episode where you said how I do it is how it’s done. And I was like, girl, I don’t even remember what.

00:01:13 Roberto Candelaria
Episode that was exactly, but yeah, like that’s how I feel like in, in business and in life. Is that how I do? It’s how it’s done because it’s a phrase that.



00:01:25 Roberto Candelaria
Gives me so much permission to try things in business to to to take some risk in business and to know that even if it doesn’t work out exactly as I planned or I had hoped the very first time around that it is definitely worth trying.

00:01:45 Roberto Candelaria
So of course, that conversation made me realize one that I love the phrase, but two, it really helps.

00:01:51 Roberto Candelaria

00:01:52 Roberto Candelaria
Just kind of relieve stress from.

00:01:55 Roberto Candelaria
You know, wanting to compare myself to others or to not feel as much pressure or judgment of like, Oh my gosh, I’m not where I should be or I’m not where I want to be or I’m not.

00:02:07 Roberto Candelaria
Where other people think I should be.

00:02:10 Roberto Candelaria
And when I go back to that phrase and to that thought of like, you know, how I.

00:02:14 Roberto Candelaria
Do it’s how it’s done.

00:02:15 Roberto Candelaria
Just really helps me. You know, if you’re anything like me.

00:02:21 Roberto Candelaria
Being an entrepreneur where you know there are definitely times where you’ve probably at one point or another been like.

00:02:28 Roberto Candelaria
Why is this not going as quick as it should be and it can become very easy to want to compare to other people, to feel like we’re behind, to feel that everybody else has it?

00:02:41 Roberto Candelaria
Figured out, but we don’t.

00:02:43 Roberto Candelaria
And as I was thinking about that, right, like I was sitting here. I was like, Oh my gosh.

00:02:47 Roberto Candelaria
It reminds me about.

00:02:50 Roberto Candelaria
Well, not just one in particular trip, but almost every trip where Warren and I get to go to Disney. You know, we love Disney. We love the parks, I love the Disney company. I think that there’s so much we can learn from mega corporations, and I think, you know, just a few episodes ago, I.

00:03:10 Roberto Candelaria
Have done several episodes about Disney and what I’ve learned about business from Disney, so I invite you to go check those out also. But one of the things that we see at Disney quite often is.

00:03:22 Roberto Candelaria
Is like people rushing, and I mean, like, rushing, rushing, like making the beeline somewhere, yelling at their kid. You know, when you see the people, you know, telling their kids, Oh my gosh, do you realize how much money I spent on this for you to be here? And like the kids too? And it’s like the kid doesn’t understand in there.

00:03:44 Roberto Candelaria
Putting so much pressure for an experience that they thought that they were going to have, or a memory that they want this kid to have that they.

00:03:55 Roberto Candelaria
Miss out on the magic. They miss out on a lot of the little magical moments that happened throughout the day, and I think that’s completely different than how Warren and I go through the park sometimes because, you know, granted, I do say this as you know, we do love Disney. We do.

00:04:15 Roberto Candelaria
Do go to Disney more than most and that we kind of do.

00:04:20 Roberto Candelaria
This whenever we travel, we.

00:04:21 Roberto Candelaria
We take time, we want to explore. We want to be present with what’s there and you know, some of my favorite moments at Disney, you know, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, any of the parks really is walking around and looking at the names on the windows and getting to look at the art and the sculptures and and.

00:04:41 Roberto Candelaria
But looking into all the detail that makes the magic happen and it really helps me and gives me that perspective that like when we’re walking around just like, you know, another example of this is watching somebody else witness Disney fireworks for the first time.

00:05:01 Roberto Candelaria
Oh my gosh, getting to see somebody else experience Disney fireworks for the first time through their eyes brings me so much joy. I cry all. It’s like especially at Magic Kingdom in Orlando. It’s like every time happily ever after starts. Oh my gosh, it’s like cue the music. The narrator.

00:05:23 Roberto Candelaria
Comes on the tears like the tears.

00:05:25 Roberto Candelaria
Just start and so I think that you know kind of getting back to what?

00:05:30 Roberto Candelaria
I was.

00:05:30 Roberto Candelaria
Talking about This is why it’s so important for us to have our own journey, have our own pace and to be able to experience the things the way that we want to do them. And I think that, you know, when we are looking at.

00:05:46 Roberto Candelaria

00:05:47 Roberto Candelaria
You know our own pace, setting our own goals that it’s absolutely like one of the things we have to do is like, try not to do the compare and despair right. You know, we we just can’t.

00:06:03 Roberto Candelaria
Do that and that when we’re able to go at our own pace, that that’s truly where we get to face setbacks, we get to make the mistakes, we get to have the high highs, the low lows and we get to stay true to a vision, we get to go slow, we get to go fast, but most of all we.

00:06:23 Roberto Candelaria
Get to be steady and make steady progress. You know, I was last August. Actually, I think I talked about this in a podcast.

00:06:32 Roberto Candelaria
I took a group for a Disney mastermind retreat at Disneyland, and I remember watching wondrous journeys.

00:06:41 Roberto Candelaria
And with a group of people, all different backgrounds were sitting there and there were just so many tears and I just remember thinking like, wow.

00:06:49 Roberto Candelaria
It took this company 100 years to be where they are today.

00:06:55 Roberto Candelaria
It took this company 100 years for every single person that was in our group to be able to see the representation of who they were and their multiple and different identities, right, that they hold as human beings on that castle and the lights in the music and the sounds. And it was just this amazing reminder that.

00:07:16 Roberto Candelaria
Progress pays off, but sometimes that progress is slow. Sometimes there are some setbacks and it reminded me that you know, years ago I was in such a rush to get on stage as I was on such a rush to hit a money goal that somebody else had for me.

00:07:36 Roberto Candelaria
That I actually put my needs aside, like I wasn’t paying attention to me.

00:07:43 Roberto Candelaria
And it wasn’t until Warren and I were having a conversation one day and Warren was just like, why are you doing this?

00:07:52 Roberto Candelaria
And I was like, why am I doing what he’s like all of this? Like, like why?

00:07:57 Roberto Candelaria
Are you doing all of this? Like, why are you speaking on all the stages? Why are you saying yes to everything? Why are you, you know, creating everything that everybody else wants? Like, wasn’t your vision something else? And it made me realize that I had gotten so caught up. And this is, you know, probably about 2015 ish 20/15/2016. I’ve gotten so caught up in what?

00:08:18 Roberto Candelaria
Other people believed my company and my mission and my vision should be that I was comparing to that versus mine. And so I want to encourage you to be like, hey, yeah, it is OK to take my.

00:08:30 Roberto Candelaria

00:08:31 Roberto Candelaria
And as you figure out, like what that is for you, there’s three things that I love to do. #1 is to set your own personal goals or your own milestones, and whether those be in your personal life or in your business, you know, over the past couple years, I’ve been working on getting some weight.

00:08:52 Roberto Candelaria
Down and I’ve managed to get down about 30 lbs from where I was last time this year. Do I? Would I love to lose more? Yes. And I’m also just like, Oh my gosh.

00:09:05 Roberto Candelaria
I’ve got all this other stuff in life happening and so I’m so happy for the progress that I’ve made and the progress that we’re making in the business to set your own personal goals, set your business goals and make sure that even if you have a coach, even if you have a mentor, that the goal that you’re reaching for is your goal.

00:09:25 Roberto Candelaria
Not the goal that somebody else is gifting you, and that you’re choosing and to unwrap like the Christmas present and you look at and you’re just like.

00:09:33 Roberto Candelaria
Oh, OK. I guess I’ll smile and be like, Oh my gosh, thank you for this gift. But you really hate it. It’s OK not to love everything that your coach wants for you. I really believe that as coaches, as consultants, it is our job to help people get where they want, not what.

00:09:53 Roberto Candelaria
We want for them. So have those personal goals, those personal milestones for you.

00:10:00 Roberto Candelaria
#2 would be for you to actually celebrate your wins, even the small one, y’all even the small ones. So I want to invite you to celebrate.

00:10:10 Roberto Candelaria
Everything, the small things, the big things and find people that will celebrate with you, especially if it’s you’re the type of person that is hard for you to celebrate yourself, find people that will celebrate with you.

00:10:23 Roberto Candelaria
For me, you know, I I text my friend Savannah. I text my friend Heather, who was in my master coach training class. I text my friend Brooke. I text my friend April. Of course, you know, Warren and I talk about things at home, but I I reach out to my friends like, Oh my gosh, I have something to tell you because I know that.

00:10:44 Roberto Candelaria
If I just do it to myself.

00:10:46 Roberto Candelaria
I’m like woohoo. Yay, I did it.

00:10:50 Roberto Candelaria
It doesn’t last as long for me as when I’m making the effort to reach out to people and be like hi, can you help celebrate me? And so I encourage you to do that is find those people that you can celebrate with and they can celebrate you no matter how small, like whether it’s, you know, the first person in your membership or the fact that you even did your membership.

00:11:10 Roberto Candelaria
Your first consult, even if it didn’t close the fact that you put yourself out there and got somebody on a consult, find people that you can celebrate with and.

00:11:21 Roberto Candelaria
Take breaks.

00:11:23 Roberto Candelaria
Allow yourself the opportunity to also take care of you. You know, just like when you travel, you know. Hello Disney example again. You know, you may need to rest. You may need to stop and have that bottle of water. You may need to go inside to the Hall of Presidents and sit down and sit in the AC for 30 minutes in the middle of July and that.

00:11:44 Roberto Candelaria
Or to heat just to rest and recharge a little bit so you can continue today, you know, we see.

00:11:51 Roberto Candelaria
The parents leaving right after the 3:00 parade to take their kids to the hotel, get a nap to be able to come back for fireworks, and so do that in your business as well. Find those things to rest to recharge in a way that works for you. And so for me, you know, some of the, the rest.

00:12:11 Roberto Candelaria
And the recharge is.

00:12:13 Roberto Candelaria
Taking, you know Walt and Lily out for a walk. Our dogs. Some of it is, if we’re on vacation, it is just going to sit by the pool.

00:12:22 Roberto Candelaria
It is going to if there’s live music where we’re at, especially if there’s like a piano or a jazz band like I love the jazz band over at the Ritz Carlton and in New Orleans, just going and sitting down and and listening to to live music. So find those things that allow you to break.

00:12:43 Roberto Candelaria
And in all of this, right?

00:12:46 Roberto Candelaria
As you build, as you grow.

00:12:50 Roberto Candelaria
Something I wish that somebody would have told me about business sooner.

00:12:54 Roberto Candelaria

00:12:56 Roberto Candelaria
Don’t build at the cost of your own.

00:13:00 Roberto Candelaria
Well-being and say that again, don’t build, don’t create at the cost of your own well-being. You know, last year Warren and I were.

00:13:09 Roberto Candelaria
In our mastermind trip to Mexico.

00:13:12 Roberto Candelaria
And we spent a couple of extra days there. And you know, Warren loves getting in the ocean. I’m like, hey, ocean water. Nah, Nah, I don’t really need to get in that. But I love sitting at the cabana and watching the.

00:13:24 Roberto Candelaria
Ocean I love.

00:13:27 Roberto Candelaria
Warren loves to get up and watch the sunrise.

00:13:29 Roberto Candelaria

00:13:30 Roberto Candelaria
And there are times where I’m like, I don’t wanna.

00:13:32 Roberto Candelaria
Get up. I wanna sleep.

00:13:34 Roberto Candelaria
But Oh my gosh, I love.

00:13:37 Roberto Candelaria
A sunset.

00:13:39 Roberto Candelaria
And so find those little moments where you can find your version of that for you that you can find those little breaks. And I know you’re hearing me say that a lot, but I’m saying it on purpose because as a leader, as a person.

00:13:56 Roberto Candelaria
I believe that these things are important to avoid burnout, which actually reminds me I probably do need to reach out to Dex Randall and have him.

00:14:04 Roberto Candelaria
On the podcast.

00:14:05 Roberto Candelaria
So y’all schedule your down time. Focus on you, your health, whatever that is for you. I’m not a doctor. I’m not here to tell you what.

00:14:16 Roberto Candelaria
What’s healthy for you, right? It may be meals, it may be your exercise, it may be sleep. It may be whatever it is to you.

00:14:24 Roberto Candelaria
And learn to set boundaries for yourself.

00:14:27 Roberto Candelaria
And with others learn to say no, learn how to protect.

00:14:32 Roberto Candelaria
Your time, you know, and I hope that.

00:14:37 Roberto Candelaria
This episode, this conversation, like I said, all of this started because I was on the phone with my friend Shannon and she was like, Oh my God, I was listening to that podcast and you said how I do.

00:14:46 Roberto Candelaria
Do it is how it’s done and I wanted to share with you.

00:14:52 Roberto Candelaria
How I do it? How I make it done? It is through my own personal goals. It’s through the business goals. It’s through celebrating the small wins. It’s through taking breaks. It’s through prioritizing health. It’s through setting boundaries and it’s through communication.

00:15:11 Roberto Candelaria
With our team, with our clients, with my husband and I hope that you too can find some of these things and maybe borrow that thought. Hey.

00:15:23 Roberto Candelaria
How I do it?

00:15:25 Roberto Candelaria
Is how it’s done. Hope you have a great day and I’ll see you on the next episode.

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