Conquering Self-Doubt with Determined Confidence with Jennie Lakenan

Join Roberto Candelaria and Certified Life Coach Jennie Lakenan for a discussion on building partnerships and referrals.

Learn how Jennie grew her web design business by offering services to fellow coaches, partnering with complementary providers, and nurturing connections across industries.

Gain strategies on providing referable services, consistency in marketing, seeking new partners, and balancing business with family.

Walk away with actionable tips to start simply by referring friends and avoid overcomplicating the process.

Connect with Jennie through her website and social media.


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00:00:02 Roberto Candelaria: OK, y’all, so you heard all about Jenny, and now we’re here. Oh, my God. Hi. Welcome.

00:00:08 Jennie Lakenan: Hi, thank you. I’m so excited.

00:00:12 Roberto Candelaria: OK, y’all know I just got to hang out and talk with my friends, which is really fun because I think that if you’re in business that you should be doing business with people that you love or at least like people that you want to hang out and have dinner with or like, randomly invite them.

00:00:29 Roberto Candelaria: Over to your house over Christmas and watch Christmas lights, because that’s a thing too, so.

00:00:34 Roberto Candelaria: Tell us what you want people to know about you. I said some stuff, but what do you want them to know?

00:00:41 Jennie Lakenan Yeah. So, I’m a web designer. I’m a life coach. I typically say to people I’m like, you know how coaches, you know, they need, they really want like a really awesome websites. But they get tangled up in all the tech and the design stuff. And they just like hate their life because it can-

00:00:57 Jennie Lakenan: Be hard when you’re, you know, dealing with it on your own.

00:01:01 Jennie Lakenan: But I just I try. I do my best to make it really simple for the coaches that I know to handle all the tech and the design by really just handling it for them so that they can move on and do coaching and the things that only they can do, you know.

00:01:17 Roberto Candelaria: I’m like, where were you? And I started when I had to learn how to build WordPress. I mean, actually, back then it was like, is it going to be WordPress? Is it going to be Drupal and well.

00:01:25 Roberto Candelaria: Ladies and gentlemen, we know who won.

00:01:30 Roberto Candelaria: So what got you started in terms of creating websites for coaches? Because I know website designers is a very specific tool, but even being like hey, websites for coaches, kind of what got you in that space.

00:01:44 Jennie Lakenan: Yeah, that’s such a good question. So I actually found coaching 1st and.

00:01:50 Jennie Lakenan: I was just like, you know, like you do listening to podcasts and just, like, soaking up all the coaching tools and and.

00:01:57 Jennie Lakenan: And I was like.

00:01:58 Jennie Lakenan: Oh my gosh, this is amazing. I want.

00:02:00 Jennie Lakenan: To be a life.

00:02:00 Jennie Lakenan: Coach because, like you know, I lost weight and I got over postpartum. Very minor postpartum depression that I didn’t really know that I even had. And my relationship with my husband got better and just.

00:02:11 Jennie Lakenan: I felt like I was a better mom and I just was happier, you know? And I was like, oh, my gosh, these tools are amazing. Like, everyone needs to know about.

00:02:18 Jennie Lakenan: Coaching and have a coach.

00:02:20 Jennie Lakenan: And I was like, I’m going.

00:02:21 Jennie Lakenan: To be a life coach.

00:02:23 Jennie Lakenan: And so like you do when you, you know, you’re going to branch into like a new industry, a new career. I just started talking to as many coaches as I could, as many as would give me the.

00:02:32 Jennie Lakenan: Time of day and and.

00:02:35 Jennie Lakenan: I very quickly realized that.

00:02:39 Jennie Lakenan: Either they didn’t have a website or their website was not doing justice to the quality of coaching that they provided and and. And I was like.

00:02:49 Jennie Lakenan: That’s not OK.

00:02:51 Jennie Lakenan: Because your online presence matters so much, like because of the human condition we we automatically judge someone’s online presence and and equate that to like the quality of their service. Whether or not that’s justified. So I was like hey, you know, like you do as an entrepreneur, this is a problem that needs to be solved. And I just kind of decided I’m going to be the 1:00 to.

00:03:12 Jennie Lakenan: Solve it.

00:03:14 Jennie Lakenan: And so I started building websites for coaches.

00:03:17 Roberto Candelaria: Now, were you building websites before this like before you were building websites for coaches? Were you a web designer, web developer? I don’t know the right term for it because there’s different sides of it.

00:03:25 Jennie Lakenan: I mean, either either or, so I had like, my college education had a little bit of like a a technology emphasis I’d taken a few coding classes and I also had worked part-time as a developer a few years prior to discovering coaching.

00:03:40 Jennie Lakenan: Doing so, I knew enough to be I knew enough about tech and coding and stuff to be dangerous, and to know that I liked it, but I didn’t really know that much about WordPress or like best practices with building and designing a site. That’s, you know, converts well and stuff. But I I knew enough to know that, like I could figure it out.

00:04:02 Jennie Lakenan: And so in the beginning, like I really did, just figure it out the way that any of us do like watching YouTube tutorials and just, you know, using my my confidence in tech to figure it out. But of course, you know, since then, I’ve paid for lots of education and done lots of training on, like, OK, what are?

00:04:19 Jennie Lakenan: Actually, the best practices that we should.

00:04:22 Jennie Lakenan: Consider here when we’re building a site, but at the time, yeah, I just I knew enough to be dangerous. And like they say with coaching, you know, you don’t have to like be the total expert. You just have to be a few steps ahead of where your client.

00:04:36 Jennie Lakenan: That is.

00:04:37 Jennie Lakenan: And that’s really just kind of what I practiced.

00:04:40 Roberto Candelaria: Yeah. And a couple of things I want to pull out of that. What you said that I think that sometimes as business owners as coaches, whether you’re a service provider that sometimes people, I must say forget, but almost like we forget unintentionally. So when we go into a new space, it’s like everything we did before magically didn’t exist. When we go into this new space.

00:05:02 Roberto Candelaria: And So what I love that you said is just like you know, I had this past skill that I had in.

00:05:07 Roberto Candelaria: College I took some classes for it and not only did I have a past skill, I had the confidence to be like OK, we can figure this out. And I think that sometimes when people come into a new space, whether it be, you know, one-on-one coaching or group coaching or heck, even entrepreneurship for the very first time, it’s like whatever.

00:05:27 Roberto Candelaria: Amount of life they had beforehand, whether it be 10 years, 20 years, 40 years, 50 years, it’s like.

00:05:32 Roberto Candelaria: Everything didn’t exist anymore. It’s like I’m this thing now. So all these other skill sets didn’t matter. And so I loved hearing you say I had this past skill. I had a little bit of education, but I had the confidence to know that I could go do it. Can you talk a little bit more about kind of what gives you that confidence to know that?

00:05:52 Roberto Candelaria: Hey I can just type it. I can make this happen. I can go learn or however you got there.

00:06:00 Jennie Lakenan: Yeah, that’s a good question. I think that.

00:06:04 Jennie Lakenan: The confidence comes from yes having some.

00:06:07 Jennie Lakenan: Of those skill sets.

00:06:09 Jennie Lakenan: To begin with, but also just having like a really.

00:06:14 Jennie Lakenan: Really solid determination about, OK, This is why.

00:06:20 Jennie Lakenan: All of the imposter syndrome and all of the self doubt that is going to come up, even though I have some confidence here like this, is what makes it worth it.

00:06:30 Jennie Lakenan: And for me, it was, you know, thinking about my clients that literally the thought was like, I can make this better, like they have something that is not working and it doesn’t do them justice. And I can come in and I can make it better and that.

00:06:44 Jennie Lakenan: That like.

00:06:45 Jennie Lakenan: Thought really helped me to just get over that like Oh my gosh, I can’t figure out how to like install this plugin right and configure it and Oh my gosh, what do I I don’t do I really know what I’m doing because of course that stuff came came up even for me. Like it helped me to just realize like, no, I’m still making a difference here and to push past that and keep going.

00:07:08 Roberto Candelaria: Yeah. And I think, you know, one of the things that we see with new business owners or people that are shifting business models is.

00:07:16 Roberto Candelaria: Like, how do I find my first customer and once I get that first customer, how do I get that next customer and after that next customer, how do I actually pay my bills with this thing consistently? And So what were some of the ways now that you’ve found this skill set, you had the confidence to do that, you were really believing I can.

00:07:35 Roberto Candelaria: This better I can help coaches make more money. How are you making sure that that you made more money as a service provider and building your business?

00:07:45 Jennie Lakenan: Yeah. So in the beginning how I got my first client was actually I just like.

00:07:50 Jennie Lakenan: Reached out to every coach that I had ever talked to in the previous, you know, four or five months.

00:07:56 Jennie Lakenan: Since I because I thought I was going to be a coach, so I had talked to a bunch of them. I’d literally just emailed every single one of them.

00:08:02 Jennie Lakenan: And I was like, hey, I’m.

00:08:04 Jennie Lakenan: Doing web design and I’m offering free digital strategy sessions for.

00:08:10 Jennie Lakenan: You know, for coaches, so let me know if that. That’s something that you’d be interested in that I’m sure I sold it a little bit better than that, but probably not a.

00:08:17 Jennie Lakenan: Whole lot better because I didn’t really know how to write copy.

00:08:21 Jennie Lakenan: And I just emailed them like 1 to one, you know, not a mass e-mail service provider thing.

00:08:27 Jennie Lakenan: And most of them either didn’t reply or were like I’m good, but one of them did, like one of them replied and she was like ohh, actually I’m just interested in talking to you about building my website, because that’s something that I know I need to.

00:08:40 Jennie Lakenan: Do and I.

00:08:41 Jennie Lakenan: Don’t want to do it myself and and she ended up being my very first coaching client. She’s still a client.

00:08:47 Jennie Lakenan: Today too, so like.

00:08:51 Jennie Lakenan: You know, of course I think.

00:08:54 Jennie Lakenan: People don’t like the term cold emailing, but in my mind that wasn’t cold emailing because I already had kind of an established relationship. At least I’ve talked to some of these coaches or emailed them previously and so really it just felt like, hey, I’m just reaching out to like my network or my group of, you know, peers.

00:09:09 Jennie Lakenan: To see how I can help them like that was.

00:09:12 Jennie Lakenan: The thought behind it.

00:09:14 Jennie Lakenan: So yeah, that was first client.

00:09:16 Roberto Candelaria: Well, in you know.

00:09:19 Roberto Candelaria: Yeah. And I think that’s something that’s so key, right is that you know whether you’re, you know, selling cars or stickers or you’re an attorney or a website designer or coach like we, there is this idea of talking to people and figuring out what they want and knowing that.

00:09:39 Roberto Candelaria: Even if they don’t reply that that you’re doing this outreach, you know, I think that some people that have been.

00:09:46 Roberto Candelaria: All my allergies today. Sorry. Like, like, real estate agents make some of the best coaches because they’re so used to prospecting. They’re so used to going out there and trying to get that, that that listing and nobody would be like, Oh my God, that real estate agents being creepy, like trying to make a living. But all of a sudden, like coaches and service providers.

00:10:06 Roberto Candelaria: Like, Oh my God, if I go ask.

00:10:08 Roberto Candelaria: People. I’m being creepy. It’s like how many people have put their house on the market that never thought they were going to sell it because a real estate agent showed up. And so I think sometimes when we look across different industries that help now, you mentioned your first client is still a client. How long has this been, would you guess?

00:10:29 Jennie Lakenan: Doing the math in my head.

00:10:33 Jennie Lakenan: Five years, almost six. It’ll be six years this year.

00:10:34 Roberto Candelaria: OK, so about.

00:10:37 Roberto Candelaria: OK. So so we’re going to say about six years this year y’all and and but the reason that I’m asking this too is I think that sometimes business owners think like.

00:10:48 Roberto Candelaria: Oh, like I had a customer. I helped them once. I did whatever. And they don’t think about all the. This might not be the right word, but like the ancillary services that they could provide, like outside of it. It’s like say you’re a coach and somebody does a six month coaching package. They may not always need a six month coaching package, but there’s other things that they can do like my attorney. She’s worked with us on trademarks.

00:11:10 Roberto Candelaria: Which she also does.

00:11:11 Roberto Candelaria: Our formations and other stuff, and so I think that you know what are some of the things that as a service provider and we’ll stick to you know websites that once the sites built what are some of the other services you may have been offering somebody over four or five, six years because that continues that relationship.

00:11:32 Roberto Candelaria: With that other business with that other person.

00:11:35 Jennie Lakenan: Yeah, for sure. Our our ongoing offer is maintenance because that’s something that you know after the site is built, it’s really the logical next step for our clients in terms of like what do they need now they need an ongoing maintenance partner, someone to keep the site up and running. And if they have changes or.

00:11:55 Jennie Lakenan: You know additions that they need to make or or just tech questions?

00:11:58 Jennie Lakenan: Honestly, like we’re there.

00:12:00 Jennie Lakenan: To help out and not just is, you know, it’s like an ongoing month to month cost that’s fairly low and.

00:12:07 Jennie Lakenan: You know no contract or anything, but I find.

00:12:09 Jennie Lakenan: That that it’s.

00:12:10 Jennie Lakenan: It’s a no brainer for our clients who are.

00:12:12 Jennie Lakenan: Really serious about.

00:12:13 Jennie Lakenan: Like keeping their business up and running. So I think like for coaches or other service providers.

00:12:19 Jennie Lakenan: Finding something that can be an ongoing if your main offer is not going to be something that people want to keep on going forever, then finding something that’s a sort of logical next step can be smart. Once you’re a little once, you’re a little more established. I didn’t even have really this maintenance software at the beginning, but.

00:12:37 Jennie Lakenan: Like you know, once we got things rolling.

00:12:39 Jennie Lakenan: And the the.

00:12:41 Jennie Lakenan: Big projects were like, you know, we were getting.

00:12:43 Jennie Lakenan: Good leads for.

00:12:43 Jennie Lakenan: That I was like, OK, what’s kind of logical? Next thing we can add?

00:12:47 Roberto Candelaria: So you mentioned getting leads and you know we talked a lot about when you started, how you were out there emailing and reaching out to everybody you’ve met in the past few months before. My guess is things look a little bit different now.

00:13:01 Roberto Candelaria: And yeah, y’all, I just wish you could have seen her face. There was like, this sigh of relief like, Oh my gosh, thank you. That I don’t have to be doing that anymore. What has helped grow the business? What has helped grow the more of the inbound leads versus always having to be outbound and prospect.

00:13:21: OK.

00:13:22 Jennie Lakenan: Yeah. So one of the best ways I find for.

00:13:27 Jennie Lakenan: Like high touch service based businesses like mine to get leads is to have relationships with other service providers that are complementary to me. So for me that looks like you know a brand designer. I don’t do brand design, but I it’s a logical thing that a lot of my clients need.

00:13:47 Jennie Lakenan: Actually have a brand designer that we we actually partner on projects like we actually work and you know pitch it together and the client makes one payment and I love it and we we connected very early on.

00:13:57 Jennie Lakenan: In our in our business journey and it’s been awesome copywriters, ads agencies, business coaches honestly are are really bigger for a partner for us too. So like finding those relationships and nurturing those and being friends with and having connections with other.

00:14:17 Jennie Lakenan: Services, other service providers that are aligned with mine but aren’t the same as what I do is really, really useful and it’s it’s like.

00:14:28 Jennie Lakenan: It’s a lot better use of time. It’s a lot more efficient too, because not only is it super fun just to have lots of friends that are other business owners, but be like they instead of me going one to one like I did in the beginning, just where we all start trying to reach out directly 1:00 to 1:00 to people it’s it’s a.

00:14:48 Jennie Lakenan: The more efficient use of.

00:14:50 Jennie Lakenan: Of the relationship because it’s more, it’s more one to many sort of while still being one to one in a weird way. Like you know, if I’m friends with with Corinne and she’s got a membership of hundreds of people and I can go in there and I can provide value doing a monthly workshop or something for her audience like.

00:15:10 Jennie Lakenan: Not only is that super fun to do, but also it gets me in front of their eyes and helps them to know that I even exist, you know.

00:15:19 Roberto Candelaria: When I think that that’s so good and so key, right. And so two things that I I hope that y’all were able to catch #1 is the importance of finding other people that do good work that that that you can refer with and that you can do business with. And even within that that’s like kind of like the next layer of that was you know she talked about.

00:16:05 Roberto Candelaria: You know, be going, being able to go to a workshop in Karina’s membership and it.

00:16:07: OK.

00:16:12 Roberto Candelaria: And that sometimes people forget that teaching or doing a workshop or doing a training is a great way to show your skill set. It’s a great way to show who you are, what you’re about, your personality people to find out if I am actually gonna vibe with this person, and even if they don’t become your customer, they may know.

00:16:27 Roberto Candelaria: Another business owner be like you know what I was listening to this workshop in Carino’s thing and there was this web designer.

00:16:38 Roberto Candelaria: She’s like, I wish I picked one.

00:17:00 Jennie Lakenan: No, I think I could come up with four. I think the first one.

00:17:04 Jennie Lakenan: It is.

00:17:05 Jennie Lakenan: Having a really quality.

00:17:08 Jennie Lakenan: Service that is referable because if you don’t have a good service, it doesn’t matter how many relationships you have there. If they refer one person to you, they’re going to know, oh, they’re not actually good at what they do. I’m never going to refer anyone again because as someone, someone who refers a lot of people to other people myself like.

00:17:28 Jennie Lakenan: Whenever I refer I’m I’m very picky about who I refer to because my reputation is on the line. If I refer you to autumn and she does crappy legal work for you, which?

00:17:39 Jennie Lakenan: My friend Adam is an excellent.

00:17:41 Jennie Lakenan: Lawyer, but like you know, if if if she were not to do a good job like that would reflect poorly on me. So that’s like the biggest first step is having a a service. It doesn’t necessarily have to be like crazy polished or the most extravagant thing ever. But just that it’s quality, even if it’s.

00:17:59 Jennie Lakenan: Very simple, so that’s definitely the first thing. I think the second thing is.

00:18:08 Jennie Lakenan: Like, actually just really caring about your audience and caring about the people that you are.

00:18:17 Jennie Lakenan: Having a referral partnership with and just.

00:18:20 Jennie Lakenan: I mean, it seems silly, but just being a nice.

00:18:24 Jennie Lakenan: They’re trying your best to be a nice person that cares about people and is thoughtful and.

00:18:29 Jennie Lakenan: Because ultimately I don’t know. I feel like people kind of get a vibe of that after a while. Like if they can just.

00:18:35 Jennie Lakenan: If they sense that you’re just.

00:18:37 Jennie Lakenan: In this because I don’t know, you only want to make money or of course, we all want to make money. But like, there has to be a little bit more to it too. There has to be like this is my passion project. This is why I’m building websites for coaches and not for plumbers, you know like.

00:18:52 Jennie Lakenan: So just having that why and having that passion behind it I think is important.

00:18:58 Jennie Lakenan: To building relationships.

00:19:02 Jennie Lakenan: And there’s so many other things can I narrow?

00:19:04 Jennie Lakenan: It down to.

00:19:06 Jennie Lakenan: I think being consistent.

00:19:08 Jennie Lakenan: It would be the the third thing so consistent and by consistency I mean like.

00:19:14 Jennie Lakenan: Not only consistency in how you show up in your marketing and you know if you’re posting on your blog or on social or.

00:19:19 Jennie Lakenan: Whatever, but also.

00:19:20 Jennie Lakenan: Consistency in keeping those relationships going like this is actually something that I’m really working on this year because of my friend autumn, who’s an attorney. She she was like, oh, this is something that I do and I.

00:19:30: OK.

00:19:32 Jennie Lakenan: Was like, that’s a really good idea is.

00:19:34 Jennie Lakenan: She actually has like a little bit of a or. I’ve created and I don’t know if this is exactly what she does, but I have a little bit of like a CRM going just in my own personal like little note workspace. That’s like, hey, these are all the.

00:19:46 Jennie Lakenan: People that have ever sent me leads before and these are other people that are potential referral partners and like.

00:19:53 Jennie Lakenan: This, you know, this is some info about them here. Links to like the notes from our calls that I’ve had with them previously and it just makes it easier to be like, oh hey, it’s been three months since I caught up with Roberto. Like, let’s just send him a quick message or, you know, DM him on social. Just say, hey, what’s up? What’s up with that last thing? Last time last we talked you.

00:20:11 Jennie Lakenan: Were doing XYZ. How’s that thing?

00:20:12 Roberto Candelaria: We should go look at all of the.

00:20:14 Roberto Candelaria: Notes on this.

00:20:16 Roberto Candelaria: Anybody knows how to make that happen? I’m kidding.

00:20:20 Jennie Lakenan: You know what I mean?

00:20:20 Jennie Lakenan: Though like it, it’s just.

00:20:22 Roberto Candelaria: I do.

00:20:24 Jennie Lakenan: And I don’t. And I’ve been when I first created this, I was like ohh, I don’t. I don’t know if I’m gonna like this because I don’t. I want it.

00:20:30 Jennie Lakenan: To still feel organic.

00:20:31 Jennie Lakenan: And like I care and not like I’m.

00:20:34 Jennie Lakenan: Keeping notes on people just for the sake of.

00:20:38 Jennie Lakenan: But it really actually doesn’t feel that way to me. It feels like I have a terrible memory. I have three small children and I care about my friends, and I want to like, remember what we talked about and remember what’s going on in their lives. And that’s one way that.

00:20:52 Jennie Lakenan: That I can do it so and being consistent, actually reaching out to that list and seeing how they’re doing and nurturing that.

00:21:02 Jennie Lakenan: And I think the.

00:21:03 Jennie Lakenan: Last one would just be like.

00:21:05 Jennie Lakenan: Looking for ways to add to that list like looking for ways to find new referral partners and for me this is actually very easy.

00:21:17 Jennie Lakenan: Anytime I have a consult with someone and they’re like, oh, my business coach, ex Wiz, said XYZ. And I’m like, oh, who’s your business coach or? Oh, I’ve been looking like my copywriter is helping me with my homepage or whatever.

00:21:30 Jennie Lakenan: Like who’s your copywriter?

00:21:32 Jennie Lakenan: And I write their name down and I just reach out, you know.

00:21:38 Jennie Lakenan: Just say, hey, like, I’d love to look for ways to refer to you. Like, do you want to catch up, have coffee top sometime over zoom and just connect and.

00:21:49 Jennie Lakenan: Like 90% of the time they say yes, because who wouldn’t want to have a new friendship and have a new referral partner so.

00:21:57 Roberto Candelaria: Yeah, and. And a lot of what I heard through what you said, you know.

00:22:02 Roberto Candelaria: Having a quality product caring about your people, your community being consistent and then, you know, always looking for more. The overall theme that I really see you take with this is is being curious like it seems like you’re very curious and very playful with it.

00:22:22 Roberto Candelaria: And I think that that is so powerful because business owners sometimes can be so serious and it’s like it’s got to be this check box and it’s not that check box. I can’t go to the next check box, which means that I can’t go to the other spreadsheet and you’re just found a way to make curiosity.

00:22:40 Roberto Candelaria: Just organic and even though you kind of a little bit of a system behind it, it allows you to, like you said, I’m a mom, I’m running a business. I’ve got these kids, they want to eat, but people also want their websites and I want to build relationships. So this is what helps me do it. And I think that that’s also again going back to that curiosity.

00:23:00 Roberto Candelaria: And like I wanted to do this, but I also want to be present with my family. So how can I have both? And I think that that’s so awesome that you’ve really kind of gone into that partnership with yourself too. And like really like building that strong relationship even stronger, I would say with your husband being like, hey.

00:23:17 Roberto Candelaria: Here’s how we’re doing the business and life, and I want this and I think that you just have such a beautiful story of how you’re even collaborating with your husband and that relationship to build the business, have the family, you know, get to where you want to do, to be able to have all the family, all of them, all the sides over for holidays.

00:23:37 Jennie Lakenan: But yeah, well, and yeah, for anyone listening, that’s like what my husband. So my husband’s a stay at.

00:23:41 Jennie Lakenan: Home Dad and he homeschools our three small children and he has from the very beginning. And that yeah definitely like.

00:23:51 Jennie Lakenan: Being curious, even in that relationship, as far as how how are we going to rent our House and how do we want to run the business because he doesn’t work in the business. But of course we, you know we it’s it’s a joint effort and we talk to each other about it like.

00:24:03 Jennie Lakenan: It really helps it to just stay.

00:24:04 Jennie Lakenan: Fun and like.

00:24:06 Jennie Lakenan: You know, serious. We’re running a business here. We’re making CEO decisions, but like doing it from a place of, like, this has got to be a long term sustainable thing, not only for me, but also for our family and.

00:24:18 Jennie Lakenan: And I feel.

00:24:18 Jennie Lakenan: Like our clients can sense that? Like if you ever worked with someone as you know that you like a contract or something and you can just kind of feel that like.

00:24:28 Jennie Lakenan: They’re, they’re frazzled or, you know, they don’t necessarily always seem prepared. And they they’re freaking out about it or what. I don’t like. I don’t even know. I can’t even describe it. But I just feel like I’ve definitely been that way sometimes. And I I think that.

00:24:44 Jennie Lakenan: And and I’ve worked with other people that are and I think we can really sense it as the client like.

00:24:50 Jennie Lakenan: And I think that’s something to be aware of when we’re, you know, when we’re in our businesses, especially when we’re several years in and we’re kind of past the beginning like adrenaline rush.

00:25:00 Jennie Lakenan: And we’ve got some success. It’s like, OK, how can I make sure this stays like fun and sustainable and, like, something that I’m going to want to keep doing for the foreseeable future?

00:25:11 Roberto Candelaria: Yeah, and and you know, y’all and I wanna add to this the.

00:25:17 Roberto Candelaria: You know, obviously a value that we share is fun. We share a value of family. It’s OK that’s not your value. And. And so I I also want to say it’s like lean into your values, whatever they are like, yours may not be fun. Yours may not be family. You may not love play. You may not love curiosity and that’s OK.

00:25:37 Roberto Candelaria: Like love your values and lean into them.

00:25:43 Jennie Lakenan: So good and it’s OK if you don’t necessarily know what your values are right now. I feel like that’s something that.

00:25:50 Jennie Lakenan: Evolves and becomes forth very easily once you know as you get into the business, but yeah.

00:25:57 Roberto Candelaria: Yeah. And I think you’re right. And I think that sometimes, you know kind of going in line with everything else we’ve talked about today and.

00:26:06 Roberto Candelaria: Is that?

00:26:08 Roberto Candelaria: Y’all, I’m not a branding person. Don’t make me a branding person and I did not take story brand. I have 0 branding certifications and like it’s OK if your personal values are different than the business values because like your business is a tax entity like and so like there are.

00:26:29 Roberto Candelaria: Even in my own life, like there’s values that I have for me and my family that are not company values, but my company values don’t contradict my personal values.

00:26:39 Roberto Candelaria: You and when you build your website, y’all y’all will definitely figure out your values really fast.

00:26:46 Jennie Lakenan: Yes, I always joke, you know, those threads on the Internet that are like, ohh tell us what you do for a living without telling us what you do for a.

00:26:54 Jennie Lakenan: Living and I’m like I force people to write.

00:26:56 Jennie Lakenan: Copies to what I do.

00:27:01 Roberto Candelaria: Ohh so as we close today like what is something that you would tell a business owner whether they are new or been in this game a minute about partnerships and collaborations, what would you want?

00:27:16 Roberto Candelaria: Someone to know?

00:27:20 Jennie Lakenan: Doesn’t have to be as complicated as we.

00:27:23 Jennie Lakenan: Make it. Sometimes it can just be as simple as.

00:27:30 Jennie Lakenan: You know, these are my friends and.

00:27:33 Jennie Lakenan: I keep up with them and when someone needs them, I make.

00:27:36 Jennie Lakenan: Sure that that.

00:27:37 Jennie Lakenan: That person knows about them.

00:27:41 Jennie Lakenan: As simple as that.

00:27:43 Roberto Candelaria: Yeah, I love it. And where can people find you where? Like all the things?

00:27:48 Jennie Lakenan: All the things they can find me my website is just my name. Jenny It’s spelled kind of funny. So you.

00:27:55 Jennie Lakenan: Might want to.

00:27:56 Jennie Lakenan: Look in the.

00:27:56 Roberto Candelaria: They didn’t have a shirt out y’all.

00:27:59 Jennie Lakenan: Even if you misspell it, actually if you Google Johnny Laketon in any form and my hopefully my website, it would probably come up. But yeah there. I’m also on Instagram so you can follow me there and yeah, I.

00:28:12 Jennie Lakenan: I have a very helpful helpful blog, so any tech questions you’ve ever had.

00:28:18 Jennie Lakenan: Probably answered there.

00:28:21 Roberto Candelaria: And y’all, that’s the truth. So yeah, head on over to the website. Listen, there’s all types of content over there. Everything about, like if you’re coach and you’re hosting a podcast where you should host your podcast to things on elementor to I meet y’all. I’ve been over there myself.

00:28:37 Roberto Candelaria: About where your opt-in should be, so it’s just a bunch of amazing content, even if.

00:28:44 Roberto Candelaria: She doesn’t build your website, there’s still value that you can find, and rumor has it there may be a course over there about how you can actually build your own WordPress website if you’re just starting out in business, starting out as a coach, maybe you want that simple one or two-page website and not ready into the branding investment.

00:29:03 Roberto Candelaria: Of like the whole kitchen, bang. Like you’re not ready for that new Tesla website.

00:29:08 Roberto Candelaria: Then don’t let like the idea of I don’t know how to do it. Keep you from getting your first website like go over, check out the course and learn how to build your first website. Because guess what? I built mine first one too and I’m still here 15 years later, so we all start somewhere. So you have an amazing day.

00:29:28 Roberto Candelaria: We’ll chat with y’all soon.

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