Episode 008: Declutter your Space, Declutter your Mind with Sarah Mueller

In this episode, Roberto Candelaria chats with decluttering expert, Sarah Mueller, to get a glimpse of her growing business community and how decluttering can change people’s outlook on life.

During this episode, we cover:

  • A perspective on decluttering as a way of life and as a source of community
  • How decluttering helps in decluttering the mind
  • Simple steps to start your decluttering journey
  • A look on Mueller’s journey on starting a strong Facebook community
  • How decluttering changes people’s lives
  • Service as a driving force that grows a solid community
  • Overcoming Mueller’s biggest setback in building a business

Follow and connect with Sarah Mueller on Facebook and keep track of her daily decluttering challenges at Declutteringschool.com. You can also follow her on Instagram for your daily decluttering fix at   www.instagram.com/declutteringclub/.

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