Collaborative Success: Why Most Businesses Don’t Grow With Partnerships

Today we’ll start a conversation into the world of partnerships and collaborations for coaches, consultants, and online business owners.

Roberto will share the main reasons entrepreneurs avoid partnerships, and they are probably not what you think they are!

Today, Roberto will invite you to change limiting the conversations with yourself and lean into connections to grow your business.

Discover how having clear offers creates opportunity, while impatience during growth and catastrophizing hold us back.


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00:00:01 Roberto Candelaria: Well, hey all, Roberto here and welcome to the show. I am sitting in Orlando, FL right now. I am about to have a few clients down here in the Orlando area to do some VIP days, meet with some clients, and work and play while at Disney. I’m also in the middle of teaching a class called partnership.

00:00:21 Roberto Candelaria: Quick start for our membership, Profitable Community Academy, and I’ll be doing that this Thursday as well. But one of the things I’m seeing is people kind of really questioning like what is partnership, why don’t grow with partnership, who is partnership for, and so over the next couple of podcasts.

00:00:37 Roberto Candelaria: Those, I’m going to share a bit more about partnerships and collaborations as they apply to coaches, consultants, to online business owners, and I hope that maybe something that we say in the next few episodes will provide an opportunity to spark something for you to say, hey, you know what, maybe I’ll think about partnerships too. So with that, let’s get on with the show.

00:00:01 Roberto Candelaria: All right, y’all, so.

00:00:02 Roberto Candelaria: Listen, as I said, I’m here in the Orlando area. I am here with clients this week going to be at Disney, going to be doing some work at the hotel with some VIP days. But more than anything, we’re here talking about partnerships and collaborations.

00:00:20 Roberto Candelaria: With the clients that are here visiting, whether it be with major corporations or other coaches or online business owners, I’m excited for the people that I get to work with.

00:00:31 Roberto Candelaria: This week and their ability, their desire to say hey, let me quit doing business alone and let me find ways to connect with other people, work with other people, and in working in the coaching space now for many years, but especially with the, I would say so many coaches, consultants coming into space after COVID and.

00:00:52 Roberto Candelaria: Online information becoming so accessible, what I’m seeing is that so many people are not as open to collaborations and partnerships in the way that we teach them and the way that we’ve grown our business since 2009. And the way that our clients have. And so I wanted to take.

00:01:13 Roberto Candelaria: Time in the next few episodes to talk about what collaborations and partnerships are to us, who they’re for, who they’re not for, and hopefully that if you’re listening to this, you can find a way forward for you when it comes to partnerships and some of the stuff that I’m going to be saying in these next few episodes is coming because.

00:01:33 Roberto Candelaria: I’ve been at a few live events recently and heard peoples kind of objections to collaborations, but also I’m teaching a class right now called partnership Quick Start. It’s in Warren and maize membership called Profitable Community Academy. All the details of that are at

00:01:49 Roberto Candelaria: And one of the things that I’m seeing is that people are really kind of looking for what is the definition of partnership, what is the definition of collaboration and how do we make it simple. And so over the next few weeks, I’m going to share some insights, some information. And so I’ll say that these next few weeks.

00:02:11 Roberto Candelaria: For people that are ready to want more, like when I say want more, I mean you want to win more at life. You want to win more at business. You want to have more clients, you want to have more community, you want to have more partners, you want to have more collaboration. But also you wanna have.

00:02:24 Roberto Candelaria: Your life. You want to be able to go home at the end of the day and actually be able to relax and not have to be tied to your computer or to slack notifications all the time. And partnerships and collaborations are a way that it really allowed me allowed the people that I work with to be able to do that. And since I’m here at Disney, well, we’ll be at Disney this week.

00:02:46 Roberto Candelaria: Sam in the Orlando area, I’m going to start with Walt Disney Quote, which is this, he said. You can design and create and build the most wonderful place in the world, but it takes people to make the dream a reality.

00:03:01 Roberto Candelaria: And this is something that I learned early on in business and I say early on because when I started in business 2009, it was a different business.

00:03:12 Roberto Candelaria: We didn’t have all the ad opportunities that are available now, you know. So we didn’t have Facebook ads and Instagram ads. I don’t even know if Google Adwords was on, but I didn’t know what it was at.

00:03:25 Roberto Candelaria: The time and our distribution networks at the time, the way that we got more leads, the way that we got more clients was really our networking, our in-person connecting and it was the relationships that we built. And so the connections and the people that we got to build relationships with truly made money.

00:03:46 Roberto Candelaria: They allowed us to, well, make the dream a reality.

00:03:50 Roberto Candelaria: Of having a business, of having a customer, of being able to get those customers results and as a result of that being able to create a business that we enjoyed working in while also building a life that we love. And so to me partnerships and collaborations, what they’re really about is the ability to connect more than be able to do more and to be able to serve more even at a deeper level. And you know one of the things that I’ve been seeing when it comes to coaches when it comes to the online business space specifically.

00:04:10 Roberto Candelaria: Is people have these To-Do Lists and I want to say massive To-Do Lists y’all like it’s like client working consults and making offers and qualifying clients and I got to be focused and then I got to focus on the right thing and then I got an elevator pitch and I need to know their objections and then email marketing and then Oh my gosh let’s not forget about social media and the pretty website and the sales techniques and like the.

00:04:44 Roberto Candelaria: The list goes on and on and on, and what I’m seeing as I talk with people as I have these conversations is that people are in this space.

00:04:58 Roberto Candelaria: Of I need to show people where I want them to think I’m at versus the reality of where I am really at. And you know, I don’t know if you remember that saying danger Will Robinson, Danger, will Robinson. But this really reminds me of that because like when we can’t.

00:05:18 Roberto Candelaria: Show people where we’re really at. People can’t help.

00:05:24 Roberto Candelaria: Because they’re going to give us the advice based on where we tell them we’re at versus where we’re really at. And so you know partnerships.

00:05:35 Roberto Candelaria: Are that way that we can connect with people at different ways. So there are three top reasons that people don’t grow with partnerships and collaborations.

00:05:46 Roberto Candelaria: And I will tell you that you know, these come from doing partnerships, collaborations, affiliate JV work, sponsorships for you know in my own business for 15 plus years. But in my corporate career and in my fundraising career even before that. And so you know this is 20 plus years.

00:06:07 Roberto Candelaria: Of doing this, 20 plus years of experience, but also watching the trends evolve, but noticing some commonalities in just people that don’t grow with this.

00:06:18 Roberto Candelaria: And I must say that the number one thing that we see is when people tend to feel that someone’s going to get, you know, quote UN quote more.

00:06:27 Roberto Candelaria: Then they don’t want to do it, or that they’re leaving money on the table again. And so the number one reason is people tend to feel that someone will get more and that they’ll be leaving money on the table again. And this is so fascinating to me because I wanted to let you know, like, I don’t know if anybody.

00:06:43 Roberto Candelaria: Ever told you?

00:06:44 Roberto Candelaria: This it’s OK to leave money on the table like.

00:06:47 Roberto Candelaria: Not all the money on the table is supposed to be yours.

00:06:50 Roberto Candelaria: And all money on the table that could be yours doesn’t mean that it’s the right money at the right time for you right now. And so when we go into partnerships, right, I think that this idea and this thought of someone’s going to get more, I’m going to leave more again might.

00:07:08 Roberto Candelaria: Be missing out is.

00:07:10 Roberto Candelaria: Such a scarcity way that keeps people from approaching them.

00:07:14 Roberto Candelaria: Because when we can approach partnerships and approach collaborations from in a space of how do we come together? So we both.

00:07:22 Roberto Candelaria: In and knowing that what a win is to each person may be a little bit different, like it may not always be 50/50 y’all because everybody’s going to have a different win. It’s how do we come together and win. The number two thing that we see as to why people don’t grow with partnerships is people don’t grow.

00:07:43 Roberto Candelaria: With partnerships and collaborations because they’re lacking influence.

00:07:48 Roberto Candelaria: Yes, I said. They’re lacking influence now. Y’all, this isn’t what you think. This isn’t because you have three social media followers. This isn’t because you have one person on your e-mail list. This isn’t even about people that have a million social media followers or a million people on the list. It’s because people are lacking influence over their own thoughts.

00:08:08 Roberto Candelaria: People are lacking influence over their own ability in their business to create offers and to be focused, and we’re going to talk more about that in a bit. But when we lack influence over ourselves and over our thoughts and over our relationships, then it makes it a little bit harder to connect with other people if we don’t have the ability to go in with the.

00:08:31 Roberto Candelaria: They said, huh?

00:08:32 Roberto Candelaria: What could happen here?

00:08:35 Roberto Candelaria: And just stop right there. We don’t have to catastrophize. We don’t have to come up with everything could be wrong. But it’s like, huh, what could happen there, which really goes to the number three reason here about why people don’t grow with partnerships. It’s about how they think.

00:08:56 Roberto Candelaria: And I’m going to dive into that here a little bit more and say that, you know, when people don’t utilize partnerships when people.

00:09:05 Roberto Candelaria: And again, when I say people, I mean this whether you’re an online or an offline business owner, right?

00:09:10 Roberto Candelaria: This is for the local business owner. The brick and mortar business owner. Like when people don’t do this, there’s a few consistent reasons. The first one is that, like there’s scattered offers or there’s no offers.

00:09:23 Roberto Candelaria: So like in our business, you know we’ve got Profitable Community Academy which is our monthly membership to help coaches, consultants, online business owned and and online business owners build highly profitable online communities with their content, with their collaborations and with their partnerships, right. And so like that’s an offer we have our business.

00:09:43 Roberto Candelaria: Mastermind, which is a business mastermind which is year round services. We have a brand management division and then we also have the one-on-one coaching and consulting that Warren and I do. Each of these have their own individual avatar.

00:09:58 Roberto Candelaria: Well, if someone does not have an offer, it’s hard to grow with partnerships or to utilize partnerships. If you’re not sure of what you’re selling.

00:10:09 Roberto Candelaria: And so I want to invite you to think about what are the offers I could create? How do I make my offers less scattered? Heck, how do I even make it clear so that when I’m on the phone on a sales call or a consultation or discovery call, a strategy, call whatever you call it in your business, that you don’t feel that you’re scrambling to make an offer based off the clients?

00:10:31 Roberto Candelaria: Budget, but that you’re doing it based off what the offer in your business is.

00:10:37 Roberto Candelaria: The second reason here, like I say, people don’t typically utilize partnerships is they lack patience during growth. Now listen.

00:10:46 Roberto Candelaria: Whether you have a.

00:10:47 Roberto Candelaria: Kid, that’s getting their first tooth or like, growing pains. Oh, my gosh, I remember those as a kid. Like when your legs and your feet hurt.

00:10:56 Roberto Candelaria: And you just like, nothing helps and you’re just like, I want a Tylenol like this sucks. You know, some kids cry with them and, you know, parents like oh, it’s growing pains. It’s growing pains.

00:11:08 Roberto Candelaria: And we tell kids, we tell our nieces, our nephews, our kids, grandkids, like it’s OK. It’s going to be better soon.

00:11:16 Roberto Candelaria: But when it comes to business growth, sometimes we lack patience during growth, and if we lack patience during growth, we don’t really set ourselves up for the opportunity to have conversations with collaborate fellow collaborators for with people that we could partner with about what the future could look like.

00:11:36 Roberto Candelaria: If we’re such in a rush to make something happen right now, and so we need patience during growth #3 I like to call it compare and despair and that.

00:11:49 Roberto Candelaria: You know, we like to look at where other people are and compare our day one or day zero or not even day zero. We have an idea to someone else’s year 15.

00:12:02 Roberto Candelaria: And when we’re comparing ourselves to where other people are and are just on their journey and then like beating ourselves up about it or judging ourselves about it, it’s really hard to get in the energy and in the space to be able to go move forward. And so again, I want to invite you to not be.

00:12:22 Roberto Candelaria: So focused on what others are doing, but say, hey, how could this work for me?

00:12:29 Roberto Candelaria: And then one of the big ones that we see and these going to be the last one, I’m going to share here is 1 and y’all. I know my numbering structure is so crazy because I’m just talking, like I said, I’m here at the hotel. And so y’all just patience with the numbering structure that I’m using.

00:12:48 Roberto Candelaria: But it is.

00:12:49 Roberto Candelaria: Oh, I like to call it a judgment.

00:12:53 Roberto Candelaria: Y’all can call it what y’all want, but I a judgment of structured mentorship or a judgment of structured guidance, you know, is when people have coaches or mentors or programs that they’re in, you know, and they’re paying for advice, paying for counsel, paying for somebody to help get them result. But then they’re judging it like.

00:13:15 Roberto Candelaria: I don’t really know if they could do that. I know I paid them, but maybe that’s not going to work for me. And so if we stay in this place of judgment, of structured mentorship, of structured guidance, of structured methodologies that we invest in with other people, then of course it’s going to be hard to be able to do this.

00:13:36 Roberto Candelaria: And that really goes in line with the last one. I want to share on this today, which is your commitment to hard.

00:13:44 Roberto Candelaria: I understand this one’s way more than y’all know some people are committed to hard that it’s got to be hard if if it’s not hard, and if it feels easy, it’s not good and it’s not right that I have to be the one to figure it out versus.

00:14:04 Roberto Candelaria: Maybe there’s a VA that can figure it out. Maybe there’s a coach or mentor that has figured it out and I could learn from them and they can help give me a path forward that I didn’t have before.

00:14:17 Roberto Candelaria: And so as I share more of these next few weeks, I just want to say like yo.

00:14:23 Roberto Candelaria: It’s OK to let it go, you know, like Elsa. Let it go. Let it go. That was probably totally off key, but hey, it is what it is. But it’s OK to let some things go like.

00:14:35 Roberto Candelaria: Let go of some of your limitations for yourself, and when I say limitations for yourself, I mean like the ones you’ve given yourself, and possibly even the ones that other people may have given you as a, as a gift that you decide to open up and keep like I need you to go return that limitation to Amazon or somewhere like we do with Christmas gifts.

00:14:56 Roberto Candelaria: And to like let go of your past failures. They we learned something from all of them.

00:15:03 Roberto Candelaria: And it’s OK to let go of dreaming of the next failure and to quit waiting for magic to just magically happen. And.

00:15:14 Roberto Candelaria: To stop questioning your ability and align with that questioning your ability, I would also add that y’all when we have like anger or jealousy or whatever it may be about the success of other people y’all you’re mentally running someone else’s business.

00:15:34 Roberto Candelaria: And mentally running someone else’s money, which is gonna make it kind of hard for you to play in yours.

00:15:40 Roberto Candelaria: And so I want to invite you to look at yourself, right and say hey.

00:15:46 Roberto Candelaria: What conversations could I change in my head?

00:15:50 Roberto Candelaria: If I know the top three reasons that people don’t grow with partnerships are, you know, really come from this place of scarcity really come from comparing and despairing really come from wanting to be perfect and not show people where I am, where I really am, but versus where I want them to think, I am like, what conversations could I change in your head?

00:16:11 Roberto Candelaria: UM, I’ll give you a hint. The ones that I had to change, the ones that really helped me lean into partnerships, leaned into affiliates, lean into JV’s and to events, sponsorship and podcast sponsorship, and all the different types of brand deals that we’ve done over the years. We’re changing the conversations in my head.

00:16:33 Roberto Candelaria: The first one was judging.

00:16:35 Roberto Candelaria: Judgment of myself and judgment of others. The second one was learning to always stop finding fault fault in what somebody else was doing fault in what I was doing fault in, what they should have done, or why I could have done it better, learning not to complain as much because all I could do it.

00:16:56 Roberto Candelaria: And this one, Oh my gosh, shout out to Corinne Crabtree to quit catastrophizing so much. I remember. I was talking with Corinne.

00:17:05 Roberto Candelaria: OK.

00:17:08 Roberto Candelaria: I was telling her, you know, I’ve got some people that are telling me that I need to work on self trust.

00:17:13 Roberto Candelaria: And Corinne was like, actually, I think that you just trust yourself too much because your brain gives you this ******** and you just believe it. And I was like, really, you think so? You think so, friend. And when I went back and I looked at it the way that I explained to people now is.

00:17:33 Roberto Candelaria: I was so good at catastrophizing and looking for the fault and looking for disaster that it was like, you know, if you’ve got a smoke detector in your house and the battery beeps.

00:17:43 Roberto Candelaria: What do you do?

00:17:45 Roberto Candelaria: Now most people would probably think, oh, I just go change the battery the way that I described what my brain would do is that my brain would be like we could change the battery, but why change the battery if the house is going to burn down? And like if, if, if, if everything’s going to like end anyways and everything’s going to be awful, then we might as well just get straight on the phone with the insurance company.

00:18:06 Roberto Candelaria: File a claim we might as well find a new place to live. Whether that’s, you know, leasing a condo or hiring the architect, or buying a new place like we may as well just figure that out because changing the battery could be way too easy to fix the problem.

00:18:23 Roberto Candelaria: And so I got to change the conversation that things could be easier. I’m not going to say easy, but they could be easier. So I want to invite you to ask yourself, what conversations could I change in my head on the way to creating more partnerships and in the next couple of weeks, we’ll talk more about different types of partnerships, collaborations and how you can apply them.

00:18:45 Roberto Candelaria: Even if you’re just starting out, bye bye.

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