Building Together: Pegah Stewart on Learning, Growing, and Evolving with Your Community

In this episode, Roberto Candelaria is joined by partnership expert, Pegah Stewart, who loves to see women and people of color explore partnerships for their business. Together, they share a conversation to help you explore the power of collaborations in scaling your online business.

Tune in as they dive deep into:

  • Guiding customers to your next offering
  • Overcoming fear of charging higher prices
  • Getting audience input on new products
  • Negotiating win-win partnership deals
  • Stopping undervaluing yourself in negotiations (especially as a woman, or person of color)

Whether you’re just starting to explore partnerships or ready to take your collaborations to a new or different level, this episode shares Pegah’s insight “from the trenches” and shares how to take your next step. 



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00:00:02 Roberto Candelaria
OK, y’all. So listen, I’m gonna after I was talking to you the other day and we were joking that we were going to both need to do a segment on our podcast called before we hit record and that’s kind of just what happened here with Peg. We were talking and she said something else. That girl, we got to go. We need to hit.

00:00:21 Roberto Candelaria
Record and I just want to kind of jump in right there and let you kind of let people know where we were. So what you said was like your audience is ready to pay you like they’ve already bought that first project product that’s $7.00 that $27.

00:00:40 Roberto Candelaria
Like they’re ready for the whole meal. Like they want more, but as a business owner, sometimes the business owners like. But now what? Now what now what, like, talk to us?

00:00:49 Pegah Stewart
Well, yeah. Yeah. So.

00:00:52 Pegah Stewart
As I’m talking to creators and we’re looking at their business, you know folks hit launched their first product and they’re like, OK launched it. I’m good to go. They’ve bought it, but we really need to think about what is the full marketing funnel look like, OK, you’ve built your audience, you’ve you know.

00:01:12 Pegah Stewart
Created your first digital product, Congrats. Whether it’s high ticket, low ticket, the person has bought from you and so potentially if it’s a great product and you’ve created some kind of transformation, so you’ve taken them from A to B and they’re super happy. They’ve provided a testimonial.

00:01:31 Pegah Stewart
You don’t just leave it there. You have to continue to upsell and provide them with another transformation. These people are ready to pay, and it’s much harder to go from zero to 1 than it is to 1:00 to 2:00. So once you have a customer and they paid you, it’s a lot easier.

00:01:50 Pegah Stewart
But what we find, what I’ve seen, you know, with with creators, is that they haven’t really thought through the full marketing funnel. And so after you get your for sale.

00:02:02 Pegah Stewart
What is the next clear intention? Uh. Intentional step. You want your audience to take so low ticket. For example, I launched a $29.00 product. I am. They’re in say it’s a lead magnet and I’ve taught them how to build their first. Let’s say I’ve taught them how to build their first.

00:02:22 Pegah Stewart

00:02:24 Pegah Stewart
Landing page right. The next thing you want to do is OK, they have their landing page. What is the next step that you want them to take? Is it that you want them to help them drive traffic to that landing page they’re ready to buy from me. They’re like, OK, what’s next? But if you don’t have that created, then they’re not gonna. They don’t know where to go.

00:02:44 Pegah Stewart
And so even after you’ve launched your first product, you can have your CTA at the very end of that product and say, did you like this? OK, go here for the next step.

00:02:55 Pegah Stewart
Uh, if you provide a bunch of different options, it might confuse the person. It might give them sort of like they do. They they’ll come back to it and try to decide, or they’ll just, you know, everyone’s attention spends these days or so, so small, that they might say I’ll come back to that. Not so being very intentional with where you’re driving your traffic throughout your whole marketing pipeline.

00:03:15 Pegah Stewart
Is so so important.

00:03:18 Roberto Candelaria
So I’ve seen this and as you were talking about this, it actually brought up a scenario that just recently came up with somebody and I was talking to him and.

00:03:29 Roberto Candelaria

00:03:29 Roberto Candelaria
Was like, wait, you’re doing what and why? And So what about that creator who is maybe like I’ve just did a training in somebody’s group?

00:03:40 Roberto Candelaria
And it was, I mean, I was, they were paid for the training. Like let’s just say, like, you know, whoever’s group, it was like Bobby’s group paid Bobby’s group paid Peggy to come in and where Bobby and Peggy came. I.

00:03:52 Roberto Candelaria
Don’t know but like.

00:03:54 Roberto Candelaria
And so, like Peggy, gets paid to go teach this class, and then she teaches this class and the people in that group are like, Oh my gosh.

00:04:02 Roberto Candelaria
I want to know more about you, and then there’s like, oh, my God. OK, let’s do it so.

00:04:09 Roberto Candelaria
I’m going to send you to another free web.

00:04:11 Roberto Candelaria
But then they also build their e-mail list, and let’s say they’ve got.

00:04:16 Roberto Candelaria
I don’t know 500 to 1000 people on their e-mail list.

00:04:20 Roberto Candelaria
But they never sell. They just keep doing free webinars. So what about that person who’s stuck in that? I’ll keep doing free webinars and maybe one day they’ll buy. But they haven’t even sold that $29.00 product.

00:04:33 Pegah Stewart
Man, yeah, there’s so much involved with the mindset here and like starting to charge your audience, being worried that they’re not gonna buy from you or that you’re not giving them enough value.

00:04:43 Pegah Stewart
You know you’ve provided enough value that they’ve watched your whole webinar, and I mean every piece of content that we create, we should always be thinking what is that transformation I’m creating, whether it’s super, super small, you know, learn teaching someone how to tie their shoes super, super small, but still a transformation or something a bit more.

00:05:04 Pegah Stewart
Complex and and so I think that, you know, starting to charge, especially as women we sometime we negotiate against ourselves, right. And so even before we put out that price we go, OK, I’m going to charge say I don’t know $500 no no ones going to buy it. OK 250. No, no, no. I don’t think I have enough experience.

00:05:25 Pegah Stewart
Why me? Uh, that other person’s charging this much? OK, maybe maybe $50. And then by the time it goes to lunch, it’s like low ticket. It’s like, why are you, you know? And so.

00:05:39 Pegah Stewart
I always folks come to us and they go, hey, how much should they charge for this piece of product? You know, I have X amount of experience and I.

00:05:46 Pegah Stewart
Always like to say.

00:05:48 Pegah Stewart
Again, back to that transformation. What is it the take away that that person’s going to get? What is that testimonial that they’re going to give you after they’ve learned that product? How much is that worth? You know, if you’re teaching, for example, you know, if you’re teaching someone how to negotiate, how much money are you putting back in their pocket over one 2-3 years, that is?

00:06:08 Pegah Stewart
Price list so you can charge high ticket for that.

00:06:11 Pegah Stewart
And like, please stop negotiating yours against yourself, people. You’ll be surprised once people have had those few touch points with you. So on social and your e-mail list, they’re ready to buy. You just have to make sure that you’re showing what it is that they’re gonna take away from that product and how they’re that’s going to impact them in the long run.

00:06:33 Roberto Candelaria
So you’ve had an amazing career and you just that maybe just a little bit of negotiation and all the partnerships work that you’ve done now for over a decade. What do you think were some of the tips that helped you?

00:06:49 Roberto Candelaria
And and and.

00:06:49 Roberto Candelaria
We can go kind of either way. Here. We’ll see where you want to take it. That either helped you when you were negotiating on behalf of a company, be able to be like, look, I’ve got the full power of this brand and of the company, but also stop negotiating against yourself. Like, what were the things that you were just like? OK, girl, I got this like.

00:07:08 Roberto Candelaria
Like let’s.

00:07:09 Roberto Candelaria
Go what helped you do that?

00:07:12 Pegah Stewart
I always like to say think like Chad when it comes to myself. So when I say, Chad, what do I mean? You know, your typical white man who comes in the boardroom and doesn’t care and will speak their mind and and even if they might not be the most qualified they will.

00:07:32 Pegah Stewart
Act like they are the most qualified.

00:07:33 Pegah Stewart
Like and so, uhm, you know there’s a few things here negotiating for corporate and then especially negotiating as a woman coming in. The first thing is is, you know, preparation, whoever is least prepared a negotiation, they’re gonna lose. And so doing your due diligence. And what does that mean from a company standpoint?

00:07:53 Pegah Stewart
What is it that a talking to all your stakeholders? So if you’re running your own business, talking to your whole team, making sure you’re aligned on what is our goal here, who am I talking to? What is their goal and doing some thinking beforehand before you even go into the conversation?

00:08:10 Pegah Stewart
And the more prepared you are, the more confident you’re gonna be and that’s and stop right there. So you have to slot the time to prepare the number. The second thing is you know, we say negotiation and people cringe. They’re like, oh, I don’t wanna negotiate. Oh, gosh, I don’t want to be that person. Like, I don’t want to.

00:08:30 Pegah Stewart
You know and and you know, we’re if you just shift your mindset and think I’m negotiating every single day, it’s not just negotiating. For example, my salary, which a lot of people associate negotiating with that and they’re like, I have to ask or, you know, negotiating when I’m buying a car. No, we’re negotiating every single day you’re toddler.

00:08:51 Pegah Stewart
When he doesn’t wanna have dinner, you’re negotiating with him to have dinner. And I mean tell there’s a great negotiators, mind you.

00:08:58 Pegah Stewart
When you know you’re picking your next vacation spot with your, you know family, whether it’s like a family trip or with your partner, you’re negotiating on where you’re going next. And so negotiations are all around us and we need to rewire and rethink about negotiation as being something that’s super key and that we don’t do and say, no, I actually do this.

00:09:19 Pegah Stewart
All the time in this setting there are negotiation, can be trained and there’s some things that I can do to prepare and go fully in 100%. And so one is preparation, one is fun body language, things that you can do where you can stand up straight, make eye contact.

00:09:38 Pegah Stewart
That is proven to actually help you when you’re talking from your diaphragm. I I had this one time I was negotiating with someone, literally. We were on a zoom call and the person slowly moved out of the frame of the zoom call where I was staring at nothing and they were trying to.

00:09:58 Pegah Stewart
Off screen negotiate with their partner with the deal with.

00:10:00 Roberto Candelaria
My God, that’s the best.

00:10:02 Pegah Stewart
Isn’t it? I go, I can tell that you’re you haven’t thought through the scenarios. You’re not? Yeah. Like, literally wear eye contact. And they’re leaving the frame.

00:10:15 Pegah Stewart
It’s like I’m going to remember this moment, which clearly, but yeah, I went on a rant there, but uh, definitely.

00:10:21 Roberto Candelaria
Well, but I think that that’s good though, right, because like it really leads into like on that side of the table, the, the people that were going off screen.

00:10:28 Roberto Candelaria
Like, I think that some people, even as business owners like they haven’t thought about like, what am I even, you know, even though it’s your own business like so, but think about this like it’s it’s it’s so counterintuitive, but it’s just like they haven’t even had the conversation with them. So it’s like, OK, what am I allowed to do? Like, what is the boundary of this negotiation? Like, do I even even though it’s my business? Do I even have the authority to negotiate?

00:10:51 Roberto Candelaria
On behalf of me.

00:10:54 Pegah Stewart
Yeah. I mean, even when you’re starting out, there’s a few.

00:10:58 Pegah Stewart
A lot of people don’t put in the work and so like with the negotiation, there’s that due diligence that you have to do prior. So who are the decision makers? What is it that I want? What is my anchor? So what is like the least the minimum that would be happy with. So let’s talk like for example, a brand sponsorship, right?

00:11:19 Pegah Stewart
See a lot of these coming to my.

00:11:21 Pegah Stewart
It’s gonna say desk, but to my e-mail and so you know, when you’re making an ask, you’re making an ask, but you shouldn’t be expecting to get 100% of that or else you’re not gonna move forward with it. You really have to think about. OK, I’m building my partnership agreement, my sponsorship. I’m giving it to say, you know, the marketing coordinator.

00:11:42 Pegah Stewart
Hey, who is the decision maker there? Who is it? Does this company run partnerships? What kind of partnerships do they do? Have you done your due diligence to see what kind of wins are for?

00:11:52 Pegah Stewart
Them are you asking questions on the call? It’s all about getting to a win win on on these calls and not just going and going. Oh, I’m gonna ask for this and this is the be all end. All you really just have to think of it as a collaborative dance. You’re going to work together to find a win win because for for example.

00:12:12 Pegah Stewart
Sponsorships. You wanna keep working with these people and so.

00:12:16 Pegah Stewart
Well, it’s all about, you know, the number one thing to do is really ask those questions prior to and come to the come to the negotiation ready to dance and not argue and be argumented because we see all kinds of negotiations at the table and no one likes to negotiate.

00:12:34 Roberto Candelaria
I always tell people don’t be the person that shows up with the ultimatum because unless you’re ready.

00:12:38 Pegah Stewart

00:12:40 Roberto Candelaria
Live it and burn the bridge. Just just don’t. Especially when it comes to partnerships and sponsorships and all that stuff.

00:12:46 Pegah Stewart

00:12:48 Pegah Stewart
For sure. And the people who really ask the questions, so like the less you talk and the more the other you get, the more other person to talk, the more insights you’re going to get to be able to craft something that is a win win and you can really tailor your your partnership too, so.

00:13:06 Pegah Stewart
The best partnerships I’ve done with folks who’ve come and asked us to partner or the ones who go, hey, what are your goals? Like, what are you all doing, what is, what is success look like for you in the past? What energizes you all? How can we make sure that you know, I’m executing on all the things that.

00:13:25 Pegah Stewart
Are are wins for you? What are the goals for this?

00:13:29 Pegah Stewart
And so once you start asking those questions and just listen, then you can craft really a win, win and and and understand that. So, uh, when you’re coming to the table it’s it’s not just talk, talk talk if you if you find yourself in that spot take a moment and be wow, I’ve talked a lot. I need to.

00:13:49 Pegah Stewart
Just ask those probing questions.

00:13:53 Roberto Candelaria
That’s so good. I was on the.

00:13:57 Roberto Candelaria
Because about two weeks ago, I was on the phone with the software company who we’ve done some work with at some of our live.

00:14:03 Roberto Candelaria
And we’ve worked with the representative there. I don’t know a good 6-7 years at least. And I text him, I call him. And I was just like hey.

00:14:13 Roberto Candelaria
We’re doing this virtual summit in May, and I know y’all typically don’t do this type of thing.

00:14:19 Roberto Candelaria
But you’re probably going to be working on our event in October. So can we figure out if there’s a way to do something like this? Like what just makes that?

00:14:27 Roberto Candelaria
A win.

00:14:27 Roberto Candelaria
For you all. Yes. And what was so interesting in talking with this individual and and y’all this is to to Peggy’s point of.

00:14:34 Roberto Candelaria
Like, we just can’t assume that we know what’s going on in somebody else’s business or put like problems in our own business on theirs like partnerships, sponsorships, collaborations, they aren’t there to fix all of our problems. Yeah, like so we again, it is about that collaboration and what this individual shared with me is like, well, what we found is we’re very good at acquiring.

00:14:57 Roberto Candelaria

00:14:58 Pegah Stewart

00:14:59 Roberto Candelaria
But we could really raise the retention rate.

00:15:03 Pegah Stewart

00:15:03 Roberto Candelaria
And So what are things that you could do to maybe like help us with the retention rate? And we’re like, oh, well, in December, y’all, we had this many people come on the platform. Could we do this and we it literally turned into an hour long conversation about what are ways to increase retention, which is if I were pitching.

00:15:23 Roberto Candelaria
I would have never in a million years been like, hi, how do we get you to keep the customers you have like that was the cause again, right in my head, thinking about what they’ve done in the past, I would have been like, OK, they want ex new customers for every $1000 they give us, they need X new.

00:15:40 Roberto Candelaria
Customers. And if I would have gone in with that.

00:15:44 Roberto Candelaria
That would have been a stopping point right away. And so I think that that’s really neat that you said that you also mentioned.

00:15:52 Roberto Candelaria
Doing this collaborative dance and this networking so I want it circle back to where we started with this and that creator that’s y’all listening. I promise I have no idea where this is going. Like I really don’t. But I have an idea in my head that that this could really tie things together very well.

00:16:12 Roberto Candelaria
So you talked about this collaborative dance and networking. I mean, sorry in negotiating.


00:16:20 Roberto Candelaria
Can negotiation when this course creators thinking about I’ve made this first sale have this first funnel? Had the $29.00 thing and now I’m going to whatever’s next.

00:16:30 Roberto Candelaria
How do they do that collaborative dance with themselves, knowing that they’re going to help their end user? Or should they maybe talk to whoever that end user is to find out what transformations next be?

00:16:41 Roberto Candelaria

00:16:42 Roberto Candelaria
Said they’re negotiating against themselves right now. How do they learn to do that dance with themselves and?

00:16:47 Roberto Candelaria
With their community.

00:16:48 Pegah Stewart
Fully. I mean, such a great point in terms of you have a community, you have the answers right there. Why not use it? And so instead of getting out of getting get out of your own way, get out of your own head. You’re not. You’re not the main character. You’re there to serve your community. So you know, like, if you’re sitting on a product, it’s a disservice to your community.

00:17:10 Pegah Stewart
I’m not putting it in front of them, or if you’re too busy negotiating against yourself or bringing down your your cost of of your you know you’re not. You’re not putting things in front of.

00:17:20 Pegah Stewart
So I would absolutely, you know, ask survey we what we see you know at at the job is folks come to us and they spend three, six months building their digital product. And I always go please don’t. Please, please throw up a landing page and start collecting feedback and see if it even resonates.

00:17:42 Pegah Stewart
Don’t don’t let perfection paralysis get to you and spend countless hours you know, on something. And so if you’re stuck in that, you know in that spiral of trying to figure out what’s next.

00:17:55 Pegah Stewart
You’re you’re in a place where you’re lucky and you have, you know, an an audience, a community that you can tap into. What we find is creators are like audiences, love, love to see you build with them. They love to be part of the process. They love to see behind the scenes. And so even if you’re building your next product.

00:18:16 Pegah Stewart
What you can do is you can go to your community.

00:18:18 Pegah Stewart
Hey all, I’m thinking about launching this product. What do?

00:18:21 Pegah Stewart
You think what?

00:18:22 Pegah Stewart
Would you want to learn about what would you excite you? How much would you pay for this kind of product? You could even do like a survey and you’d be surprised folks will come. They’ll show up, they’ll give you, you might have 50%, they’ll give you the other 50%, and even add another 20%.

00:18:38 Pegah Stewart
Be like what this gave me so many more ideas and so I would absolutely, you know, tap into and in fact strategically from the very beginning incorporate those surveys and incorporate that communication with your audience and and be vulnerable with them. Like you don’t need to.

00:18:57 Pegah Stewart
Have this perfect all the time because that doesn’t resonate. People love seeing sort of the learnings that you go through and then they want to learn from that as well.

00:19:08 Roberto Candelaria
So I’m over here chuckling y’all and y’all can’t see this because obviously this is audio, but we just actually lived this ourselves, so we just did a recently, did a four week partnership class, which was I mean it was phenomenal. It was great. It was like great transformation.

00:19:29 Roberto Candelaria
And what happened is because I taught it based on where our people had been versus where our customers are now as we we were getting so much real time feedback that now I’m just like, OK, I’m just going to go record a whole new course based off of of all the questions I got.

00:19:49 Roberto Candelaria
Not teaching this four week thing and everybody that was in this four week thing. We’re just gonna give them a copy of the new course because while they got value while they got transformation, they were at a different point than I thought they were because we didn’t ask ahead of time. We were just like, oh, they’re here and it was.

00:20:09 Roberto Candelaria
It was uncomfortable sometimes, yeah.

00:20:11 Pegah Stewart

00:20:11 Pegah Stewart
Yeah, interesting. And so are you. So are you launching a whole new product from that like how are you? I’m curious.

00:20:18 Roberto Candelaria
Yes. Yeah. So So what we’re doing is the whole plan was that we are teaching this in our membership.

00:20:27 Roberto Candelaria
As for people, our Members, but we also sold it as a standout stand alone for week group training and as we went through it and the questions we’re asking every week, they were just so good that it made me realize if I just take these questions, reroute them, I could literally in one afternoon and two or three hours record the product.

00:20:48 Roberto Candelaria
Have our VA team break it up, build it up, put it into kajabi the base of the slides are already made. The base of the handouts made, but it’s like how we teach the examples we use would be different. And.

00:21:00 Roberto Candelaria

00:21:02 Roberto Candelaria
Because, again, a tool like Kajabi makes it easier. I can. We can literally hit Grant offers to all the people that already have this other thing and then build a new landing page to be able to sell this thing that was created because of feedback we got through the community while we taught live. And so I would also say it’s like never be afraid to like.

00:21:22 Roberto Candelaria
I realized that.

00:21:25 Roberto Candelaria
You know, how do I want to say this?

00:21:27 Roberto Candelaria
Like it’s OK to realize that you could have done something better and also you don’t have to make.

00:21:32 Pegah Stewart
Yourself wrong. Yeah. I mean, you know it. I always say like, a digital product is not set it and forget it. It’s always evolving. And so, you know, getting in that mindset.

00:21:33 Pegah Stewart

00:21:47 Pegah Stewart
But you’re not going to have the perfect product when you launch, you’re going to get feedback. And that’s amazing because it just means it’s an evolution. It’s like it’s like your first like social media post. You know, I’m sure we all cringe at the first thing that we put out there, but it’s better to get started than not. And then it’s better to have a digital product.

00:22:08 Pegah Stewart
They’re not, and so it’s constant evolution. That’s one of the things I love about, you know, light life, digital, like, live communities.

00:22:17 Pegah Stewart
And products as as you’re teaching, you can sort of see the AHA moments. You could see what resonates, what doesn’t resonate, you know where sort of the engagement might drop and then you can continue to to evolve and. And so for for folks coming out with new digital products, that is a really great tactic to especially if you’re not sure.


00:22:37 Pegah Stewart
Of how the content’s gonna.

00:22:39 Pegah Stewart
And it’s a it’s a great way to build your product with your community. Maybe do like a beta group or a founding member group and get a lot of feedback. Umm, make it super exclusive and then you get your affiliates to promote that afterwards. And there’s a lot of fun ways to approach this, but you know, love, you know, Roberta.

00:22:59 Pegah Stewart
What you said of.

00:23:00 Pegah Stewart
Take it how much content you got from that live cohort that you took into and put into another product? It’s definitely part of the you know, of of a great entrepreneur constantly making their digital products better involving from that.

00:23:15 Roberto Candelaria
Yeah. And you know, and to to your point about like a digital products, not always Evergreen, you know we taught we’re going to bring one of them back later this year, but we taught sponsorship for.

00:23:24 Roberto Candelaria
Others and one of the programs that we taught was called sponsorship for events and it was literally how you reach out to different brands like Kajabi. Like all these other great companies and like, hey, can you come sponsor this event? And we taught people how to do that, but the first version of it came out in 2011. And so it’s like y’all events shifted.

00:23:44 Roberto Candelaria
Over that time, you know, during the pandemic, we literally did a pop-up version of it virtually. Of course, because it was the middle of the pandemic.

00:23:53 Roberto Candelaria
But it was called sponsorships and a pandemic, and it was like, OK, now that everybody’s doing virtual conferences, here’s what you need to know because, like, you can’t offer them a vendor booth in your hallway, you can’t offer them the VIP lounge. And so I I think I, I love that you said that. It’s just like as time evolves as your student evolves, as even technology.

00:24:14 Roberto Candelaria
Faulty all like.

00:24:15 Roberto Candelaria
Was listen my first sponsorship class in 2011, we were talking to people about mailing off your sponsorship packages. We were like, we’re like use the good paper y’all go buy that resume paper and now it’s like these are the subject lines you use to actually get them to open up the e-mail.

00:24:23 Pegah Stewart


00:24:33 Pegah Stewart
Ohh boy, that’s that’s bringing me back to my first corporate job selling paper to that was like the office. I don’t know if you all watched that show, but I was literally Jim from the office, so bringing me.

00:24:44 Pegah Stewart
Back to those days.

00:24:47 Roberto Candelaria
Uh, so I guess in closing here.

00:24:49 Roberto Candelaria

00:24:51 Roberto Candelaria
What is one thing that you would and and I’m not.

00:24:54 Roberto Candelaria
Even gonna say course creator.

00:24:56 Roberto Candelaria
You know, to the person that’s listening, we’re gonna do this two ways. Like one. What would you tell the person that’s listening, who has an idea for a course, for a workshop that is maybe talking themselves out of it, negotiating against themselves and is finding all the evidence in the world that they’re going to fail.

00:25:15 Roberto Candelaria
At it.

00:25:16 Roberto Candelaria
What would you tell them? And then the second one being is?

00:25:20 Roberto Candelaria
What would you tell that woman specifically? The woman of color that’s listening and is just like?

00:25:28 Roberto Candelaria
What’s that motivation that they can hear from you?

00:25:30 Pegah Stewart
Totally. Yeah. I mean, there’s a few things. The first thing I would say is please find an accountability partner who’s your ally, who, you know, it could either be your best friend or your partner or your mom, who really, you know, and we’re not always going to be 100% and sometimes.

00:25:50 Pegah Stewart
You know, especially as women of color, sometimes we doubt ourselves and we get in our own head.

00:25:54 Pegah Stewart
That you know. And so having an an out like that that you can call up that you can talk to, that’s gonna be like, what are you talking about? Come on, snap out of it. Let’s go. You do that thing that’s that is really helped me in moments where I’m like I don’t know. I don’t know and it’s it’s it’s normal we all do it but what are you doing in those moments to get.

00:26:16 Pegah Stewart
A past that one is having incredible network. It doesn’t even have to be a bunch of people. One person that you can rely on, but then you know, going before that is in a few years when you look back, what are you gonna tell that person if you don’t launch it? How much are you gonna?

00:26:31 Pegah Stewart
You know, UM, be angry at yourself as well. And so with these digital products, just get it out. You’re in your own head. And as women, we do that. Think back to what would Chad do? Don’t let Chad take up more space. You deserve that spot, please.

00:26:52 Pegah Stewart
Our world needs more of your voices, specifically women of color, so please take that spot and don’t let, because if you don’t do it, Chad will.

00:27:07 Roberto Candelaria
Oh my gosh, I’m just sitting here picturing, like, we all need to chat. I I need to.

00:27:10 Roberto Candelaria
Get a shirt that says I’m not Chad.

00:27:13 Pegah Stewart
Your whole branding campaign.

00:27:16 Roberto Candelaria
Oh my gosh, yes. OK, friend. So very, very, very last thing. You’ve got an event coming up, April. Tell us about it. Where do they, where do they go?

00:27:24 Pegah Stewart
Yeah. So we have an event called boldly made. It’s at and it’s basically for anyone looking to level up in their career. We’re talking, I’m going to be talking about negotiations.

00:27:38 Pegah Stewart
And we’ve got some powerful women talking about, you know, how to pivot in your career, how to get promoted, how to build a resilient mindset. So if that’s something, there’s gonna be incredible, ambitious women in the community as well. So if you’re interested, definitely come and and I would.

00:27:52 Pegah Stewart
Love to have you.

00:27:53 Roberto Candelaria
Awesome. Well y’all, we’ll chat with you soon. I’ll talk to you next week and have a great day.


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