Beyond The Ordinary: Compelling Virtual Summits with Sharee Collier

Podcast Cover - Relationships Make Money Podcast - Ep 21 - Beyond The Ordinary: Compelling Virtual Summits with Sharee Collier

In this inspiring episode of the “Relationships Make Money” podcast, host Roberto Candelaria welcomes Sharee Collier, a remarkable multi-passionate entrepreneur and serial side hustler.

Step into Sharee’s captivating journey as she shares her bold decision to pack up her life and kids into an RV, embarking on a quest for adventure and authenticity. Discover how this journey led her to the world of virtual events, particularly virtual summits, and transformed her life and business.

Explore what virtual summits are and why they’re beneficial for all kinds of entrepreneurs.

Listen in and find out how Sharee’s journey can inspire your own entrepreneurial path.


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Roberto Candelaria (Guest Intro) : Howdy, and welcome back, y’all listen, today we’re going to be talking with Sharee Collier. Now, man, when you hear the words multi-passionate entrepreneur and serial side Hustler, I need a picture of Sharee right next to that dictionary description right there. She loves event planning, creating digital products services. And like she really does it as a way to not only serve her community and to be able to inspire people to look for real answers because her content provides real actual information. But she’s also done it as a way to diversify her income, which I absolutely love. Because I believe that as entrepreneurs, we should have more than one revenue stream now. Sharee has hosted over a dozen virtual summits. In fact, if you’re really lucky, you could even get her and her team to help you design and build your own virtual Summit. She has done digital conferences and hybrid events, including seven events, y’all that she did in five months last year. So it was a whole lot. She’s one of my favorite people when it comes to virtual summits. And she’s got everything from a starter kit that helps you with a step by step project plan. Like I said, all the way to been help you been able to help you oh my god, y’all. I speak for a living over here. Being able to help you build your own virtual Summit. So y’all, let’s get together. Oh, stand up, clap your hands. And I’m getting a representative. Clap your hands as we enjoy a conversation here with my friend, Sharee.

Intro : Welcome to the relationships make money podcast where it’s all about the people, partners and profits. Each week we’ll explore conversations around partnerships, leadership, our thoughts and profits. And now your host, Roberto Candelaria.

Roberto Candelaria : So hey, welcome. And y’all already heard all the amazing things about Sharee. And the thing is there’s always more right like cuz what’s in the official bio ain’t always like the real real. So like, tell me more girl like, who are you? What do people need to know about you? Like, what’s your favorite foods? Your favorite drink? What do you love about?

Sharee Collier : Oh my God, look, there. Let’s start there with the favorite food in the favorite drink. Hey, everyone. I’m Sharee Collier. I love a good Margarita. And I’m like a nacho expert. I’m an expert Nacho Nacho eater. I love, I love Mexican restaurant. I love to walk to the Mexican restaurant, all the things so yeah, that to me, I am well geez, I don’t know, I don’t know, Roberto. Like, I have no idea what to say here. I’m I’m Sharee Collier, you know, I’m a crazy lady who packed up her kids in an RV and about 10 years ago and decided we would hit the road and travel looking for new adventure that lasted about eight years. And that was eight years longer than I thought it was gonna be. And it it kind of just brought me full circle, right. So before we hit the road, I loved event planning in person loved event planning weddings, you know that that was my thing. And once we hit the road, we went we went to all these states, we found many adventures along the way. But one of the biggest things that I found was virtual events, like a love of virtual events. And it brought me back to what I started doing virtual events in my business, which at the time was based around RV years. And any if I can mesh RVing with virtual events, then pretty much anyone could do it. And here we are today.

Roberto Candelaria : I love like just the spontaneity of it all. You’re just like, we’re just gonna go do this. It might last a bit that lasted eight years longer. But let’s also try this. And then I think that like that’s so key. And entrepreneurship is the ability to be adaptable and flexible, which are kind of the same thing, but I don’t know, maybe not. But like, you just had fun. And like we’re like seeking out to like how do I build something that the kids can see the world and I can also do what I want and have nachos and margaritas along the way, man, I mean, what’s better in life? And I also notice that you said not to eat or not not Schoemaker, y’all. So let’s be clear, like Sharee makes reservations.

Sharee Collier : Man, listen, I love to go out and eat. I love to go out and eat for some reason. Weird, but their nachos are much different from when you make them at home. So yeah, that’s key. I’m not sure either. I’m not filmmaker. But yeah, you know what, we were at a place where we were like super bored. duper tired of doing the same old, same old, but like we were on like, we were living this life that someone else had laid out for us. And it wasn’t by our choosing. And we were like, You know what? Like, why are we here? Oh, because we were raised here. Like, why are we living in our home? Because, you know, we had a kid and then we had an apartment and people were like, Why are y’all in an apartment? You need a house, get a house, we got a house and then they’re like, Oh, you have another kid who need a bigger house. You know, we were just checking these things off. We’re like, this is not what we want to do. So we just packed everyone up and went on an adventure. We were like, Listen, if we hate it and we want to come back, that’s an option. We don’t have to be out there doing it. Nothing forever, but we can go and try it. And I want to go see the rest of these, you know, 48 great states, I want to go see these the monument than these national parks and I want to make great memories with my kids. But you know, you got to fund that adventure. So that’s where I brought in the virtual event and remote work in general, right to monetize the audience that I had built up at what I did, yes. What’s crazy, though? Yeah.

Roberto Candelaria : So I mean, let’s talk about like virtual virtual events, virtual summits. And I know that they’ve been popping up a lot more over the past couple years because of the global health crisis, but like, they’ve been going on for a hot minute, even before that they just weren’t as popular. So like, for people that maybe have seen them, or haven’t seen them, or have their own BS in their own mind, like to you what is the virtual Summit? And like, why are they awesome? Like out? You know, like, like, Yeah, where are they Awesome. Okay, first doesn’t give you an answer, then I was like, wait, don’t be answering the question that you just asked.

Sharee Collier : Virtual Summit. In its most basic form, you have video sessions, right? You have these video sessions, and you have speakers that are presenting them. And when you put together your session topics with your, with your speakers who are helping you deliver that that information. That’s the virtual Summit. Now it goes much deeper than that, obviously, like, how are you going to get people to say, Yes, come in and sign up for this event, that’s going to be this great promise, this big transformation that you’re promising them. And I always tell people listen, if you want good conversions, you better you better make a promise, you better get people from point A to point B. And your goal is to do that with the least amount of people dropping off in between or losing interest, though, for me. Yeah, a virtual Summit is nothing but videos and speakers, and we’re going to deliver that information, how you choose to do it, how many days you choose to do it across and all that extra, you know, layer that you add in, that’s what makes it a virtual event, right? Because we could just pre record all this and just flap it up and say video going live aid again, tune in, you know, I don’t find your seat

Roberto Candelaria : throwing shade at me she throwing shade. Because I told her the other day that back in like 2015, the first word virtual summit I did, I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. And that’s exactly what I did is I pre recorded everything. And I sent out an email. I was like, Look, y’all it’s live. But I didn’t know Sharee . I didn’t know what I was doing. I just took action.

Sharee Collier : An action is an amazing step. But listen, I did my first event the same way. I did mine. My did my first event Thursday, but everything was pre recorded. There were no live sessions. There were no speaker chatbox there was no Facebook group, like I just threw it together. I know look like wow, this hit like we got we got over 5000 people in here. We didn’t may 10. All the knowledge is day one. Like what is happening here? Why? Like, why are people still interested? Listen, they’re not interested in just watching videos, they’re interested in what you are teaching them, they’re interested in the transformation. They’re interested in the topic of the event, and that’s why they’re there. So as time went on, you know, I went from that pre recorded stage and went more, you know, with the live engagement pieces. And don’t get me wrong, I still have a pre recorded session on my event. But I try to always have live I try to always have speaker boxes, that way people can ask the question.

Roberto Candelaria : So like, as you started getting into this, like virtual world, like, if if somebody were actually you know, let’s go here first, and then we’ll go there maybe? Coaches, speakers, bloggers, our viewers, you know, service providers. Like I think there’s a lot of misinformation about virtual summits, in terms of like, who they for and like when in their business. People should be doing one. So I kind of like what’s your take, like, who is a virtual summit for and like, when should they be thinking about one? Or like, is there like one big umbrella outcome that you see?

Sharee Collier : Well, listen, I may not, this may not be the popular opinion. I’m not sure.

Roberto Candelaria : The popular opinion you guys you’re the one making money with it is

Sharee Collier : it’s my opinion, and I’m about to share it with y’all. I think a virtual Summit is right for just about any business owner. I really do feel like you can do this at any stage in your business in any niche. If you want to. If you have an audience, great. If you don’t guess what Facebook, I hopped on one. It’s there for you. You know, you can launch a new product I just did that will teach me how to claim it. Keep that in mind. Teach me how to summit was my was my first b2b event, I literally pivoted in my business to a new audience, new business model, new website, everything with this one event, and it went over Jetline we got a huge sponsor hate summit with our title sponsor for this event. They didn’t have to say yeah, but they did. Why? Because they gave them an offer that made sense for them to come in and say, you know why we’re gonna we’re gonna put our money, we’re gonna bet on Sharee . You know, we’re gonna bet on Sharee for this event because she’s onto something here. And it’s just my way of teaching people how to do three very important things that I think all entrepreneurs and all small business people are trying to do. We want to grow our audience. We want to increase that authority. And we want money in a bank. And everyone is talking about these three things. My thing is, I’m just going to do that with a virtual Summit. It’s that complete funnel, it’s going to help me do all three of those. And it’s going to help my speakers do all three of those as well. That’s why,

Roberto Candelaria : yeah, so like, let’s talk about that, like, you know, growing your audience, increasing authority, putting money in the bank. And I didn’t ask you this ahead of time, but I know that you’re one of those people that just like okay, let’s do this. So, y’all, you should have seen the face. She just made it me. Y’all should have seen the face if the episode ends here. You know why? Like, can you just share, like, hey, like, I pivoted this business with this new Summit, teach me how to sell it. And I think that’s why people are just like, Yeah, that’s cool. Like we hear about numbers. We hear about this, but we hear about failures, too. So like, could you share a little bit about like in this transition like this talk about the grow your audience part, like how many or roundabout number by people opted into the summit?

Sharee Collier : No, I didn’t tell you hands down. 1300 people opted into the summit. Okay. Oh, my 1800 People that 1300 people. So that being I have mixed feelings on this number. I thank you for asking this. Right. Okay. So let me give you a backstory here. I’ve always done b2c events, they’ve always had a minimum of like, 3000 people that opted in, it’s always been three to 6000. So I had to count on that number. But I had to just get my mind wrapped around the fact that Okay, sure. Yeah, you’re, you’re expecting three to five people. But you built that business, right? Like I had built this RV platform, I had a very targeted audience. And I expected those people to show up and enjoy the content, because I built it for them. So with this one, coming into a completely nude space, and just being like, you know what, like, I’m going to talk to fellow entrepreneurs, fellow creators, fellow small business people on and offline, and I want to show them like, Hey, this is how I built this other business. I’m about to do it again, with this one, you want to come along for the ride, because I’ll show you how to do it as well. I’ve got to step back and say, okay, Cherie, like, you’re going to have to be realistic about your numbers here. So at first I was like, hey, I want to have like, 3000 people minimum, like, gotta have a guy got a house. And day one, I saw how many people registered. And it was like, 400 people registered for the summit. And I was like, Oh, we’re not gonna get there already. No, we’re not going to get there. It’s the numbers, not the numbers. A number like no is not working. The math is not happening. It’s not happening. I like to switch things about. I like my way. So the numbers weren’t working. And I was like, okay, so you know what, this, this is something real. That is happening right? Now, I’ve got to adjust these all I’ve got to adjust, like my whole mindset around this event. So I had to knock that knock that way down. I said, You know what, if we get 1000 people registered for this event, I’m going to be ecstatic, I’m going to be ecstatic. Because that’s 1000 new people on our list, and we are going to continue to build on it, and it’s still going to be a big win. And here’s how I’m going to make sure that the people register. And that was by giving them giving them a no brainer. Can I just say that like a no brainer. If you landed on our red, we had about a 50% conversion on our registration. And we did not run ads for this event. Guys don’t add, like we did this completely, just with sending a couple of emails, having speakers promote sharing on social grabbing and tapping into those hashtags, though, there are ads. So when you landed on our sales page, I wanted to convert those people and make the most out of every set of eyes that landed there. And the way I did that was by curating an incredible like, yeah, topic, but also, the virtual slideback, our virtual swag bag was so packed, it was so packed. And from the very first thing I put in there, I could have stopped right there, I could have just been like, when you register, you’re gonna get my 70 page virtual summit planner, and it’s gonna guide you through how to set up your virtual Summit, you know, and get you started in your planning. In your planning. I could have left it right there. But I was like, No, can’t do that. Because when people come and they want to participate in your Summit, as a speaker, you need to support them, you need to encourage their growth as well. So we talked in and we ask our speakers, like do you have something that you can contribute to this virtual side, but obviously, it can make for the topic, but you know, you get them to talk something in it adds value, and then you are able to deliver this bundle of goodness to every person who registers right. So everyone gets something for free. But your speakers get a lot of grado for teaching me how to summit like, speakers are getting like 100 leads and 100 leads 300 leads on their opt in just from people registering. So you know, we kind of focused on different areas and we wanted to make sure that there was going to be room or collaboration like this podcast episode right now.

Roberto Candelaria : Yeah, I love that. So y’all what I want you to hear is like very first thing that she said it’s a great way to go into new space. She did it 1300 P People and y’all like that ain’t nothing to sneeze at like especially in a new space so that that hits the like it hits both right it hit the grow your audience and the increase your authority part like especially for like you as a summit host, right? I want to talk about like that part. So like, how else was this summit where you went out? You got the 1300 people, you have the speakers, the virtual swag bag, you mentioned that hey, summit was a sponsor of it. Like, how else does this helped you now that you’ve done this first new summit and an all new brand for you, helping you increase your authority?

Sharee Collier : Well, that’s the thing, right? When I came into this space, I’m not gonna say, you know, a lot of people know, me as Sharee , who talks about how to make money and travel, right? Like that’s, that was my thing for many, many years. But no one knew Sharee outside of the RV space. Like no one knew this lady named Sharee , who could plan the hell out of a virtual assignment. Until teach you at a summit. That wasn’t just build your, like your authority, it was like, boom, bust through the door, and make sure like, everyone knows, like, Hey, pay attention. And you see the branding of the event. It was very bright, like, usually you see it and know it. And you’re like, what is the like, yes, pay attention to this. Because, like, I like to come and I like to come correct. From this from the very start, like I want it to be branded. I want my event to make like a very big splash. And that is starting from the very beginning. And that’s setting myself up to be like, Hey, if you don’t know me, you better know me after this. Because I’m doing shouting something. Maybe you ain’t your ABA. No before maybe you never thought about and not to be cocky and say that, but nobody has my perspective. I’ve done 14 of these. One of them was a digital event that had three in person event going at the same exact time in three different three different times though, like that’s four events going at the same time. And you know, I don’t know I mean, I am gonna toot my own horn, I love to do these. And they’re what I what I’m good at. So yeah, when it when it came time to be like, You know what, I’m almost doing a disservice not sharing my way of doing these with the world. Like, everyone’s gonna have their own way, right? Like, we could all plan our own wedding, listen, but it may not come out how you thought it was gonna

Roberto Candelaria : that’s why some of us just go to the courthouse, like, that’s a warning we do that we go to the courthouse, and then we’re gonna go play Disney after

Sharee Collier : saying like, we could all throw some stuff together and call it a day. But if you have someone who’s opening your eyes to like, different ways of doing things, which I’m always going to do it my way. Yeah, I know. The thing is the math ain’t mad. But I’m gonna say the numbers are I just like a quick thing. But like, I usually don’t give people a 24 hour replay. A lot of Summit hosts will give you a 24 hour replay on you know, your free ticket. I almost never do that now, like, well, let me try it. Let me try this one time. You know, I’m always experimenting with things and I’m still willing to share, like, all that turns out. And you know, if you if you find someone who’s willing to share with you, I think people will just genuinely be interested in pay attention to it. So I think by tapping into the space with so much knowledge and experience that nobody was even aware of, I think that set the stage for the authority, right? They’re like, Oh, you had authority, you know, he was an authority.

Roberto Candelaria : And let’s hit this last part, right? Yeah. cash in the bank. So first time and over, I mean, not your first one overall, but first time with it with your own new brand. Right? Teach me how to summon first time 1300 opt ins, how many speakers 23 speakers. Okay, so you’re 23 speakers, which, you know, Sharee and Liz reached out to, and so 23 speakers, 1300 opt ins, and we saw the increase authority. So like, let’s talk some money, right, like now it is 1300 opt ins in this your quote unquote, first virtual summit ever in a new space with a new brand.

Sharee Collier : What does something like that do? Well, it did a lot. Because when you’re hosting a virtual Summit, you have multiple opportunities, right to main catch. Okay, so you’re gonna have your speakers, you can pretty much I’m not, I’m sorry, not your speakers, you’re gonna have your tickets, your virtual summit tickets, and you can expect people not as many that registered, right, like we didn’t sell 1300 tickets. Okay, you’re gonna get a certain percentage of that, for teaching you how to submit we saw about 10% conversion, so not bad. Actually, it’s pretty good. For my b2b events, we were seeing 18 and a half, but again, this was these people were very used to seeing me, you know, they were very used to seeing me I have multiple events in this space. So I think 10% is what you need to aim for. And you know, if you’re around it, you know, you’re at like seven or eight, you know, be happy with that. But the main thing is to Get more people in the door, right? Because Okay, yes. So we made, let’s say, we made 10% of that in sales. We also had a larger ticket option on the back end of that, which was to like our tickets ranged from, like $69. If you bought within like the first 15 minutes of signing up, yeah, in our early bird session, though, during that early bird period, the ticket price was actually $99. And if you bought early, you got it for 69. Well, that ticket went up to 299 over the course of this event, right? Because during the event, it was like 199. And after the event came at night, so depending on when you bought depends on what you’re going to pay. And we weren’t, we weren’t encouraging people like Hey, guys, like, we don’t want you to get to the end of the event and see the price like the full price tag, because we’re not sending out. We’re not doing that, like this is the price we’re encouraging you and I’m so I’m so thoughtful and authentic about selling to people because I don’t like to be sold, right? I don’t, I don’t like for nobody to sell me on some dumb shit that I gotta go back and ask for a week for I’m telling you 100% 100%, we did not have one refund request for teaching me how to thumb it because what you what you bought was so much more valuable than what you paid. So our all access pass, we kind of thought that just my my little offer that was in there, my offer was worth $299. But we could have just felt that we didn’t build my offer was giving people all the steps they needed to produce their summit, it also gave you a tracker that I use personally, to keep track of all my Summit, it’s very automated, it links up, it’s got bits and pieces that you’re going to want an summit, I promise you, it took me a long time to outline the outline these 425 steps that you need to take to produce an event like if we had a summit and didn’t want that. You don’t want to start from scratch. So I knew just by having that in there, we were going to encourage people and we were going to offer value, then I had my co hosts, you know Liz Wilcox, she’s an amazing, she’s just amazing at email marketing, copywriting just hands down, flat out just a genius, okay, she wrote all the copy for the event, all the emails for the event, landing pages, everything. And then in the All Access Pass, she gave people or email template, like, you know, to produce their supplements, we could stop right there. And you could have been like, Hey, you’re gonna have everything you need. But we didn’t, we added over $3,000 in value to this ticket that were selling between 69 and 299, depending on when you’re going to get it. So we did the selling for the speaker. And I think as the summit goes, you need to do that you need to do I told all my speakers don’t pitch, don’t pitch in your in your, in your session, we’re going to do that for you. And that’s what we were doing. Like, we are going to make sure people opt into your opt in, and we’re going to make sure tickets get sold. And you’re going to make some money. If you promote and you send people over, we’re gonna get them to convert. Yeah, so in addition to that, we did a challenge. Okay, so one of our speakers did a session on running a challenge after a virtual Summit. And I was like, You know what, I never have done this before. I’m gonna try it. So it was like day four of the event. And we’re supposed to wrap up in one day. And I promise you, I was up late at night putting together a damn virtual challenge that we were going to run the next week. And that’s exactly what I did a three day live virtual challenge. She told me she was like, sure you can expect 10% of your people to show up and percent no, she’s an empathy, you’re going to register, we got 130 people registered, if bed, you can expect about 10% of that to show up with you live on a call that happened. And then you can expect 5% of the overall to buy your you know, your your offer, right, which wasn’t a which wasn’t the ticket it was the larger, the larger package, which was like 699. So you know, we had people coming in at different price points on a very small offer that was going to help them we had people upgrading to a larger offer that was like price between 399 and 699. And then we had people opting in from the challenge. So we this was not my I’m not getting your final, final total. But this it was my smallest event people wise, but hands down was not my lease my lease profitable. And I think as summit hosts, we need to think outside the box and figure out where that money is going to come from because it’s there with the sponsorships with ticket sales with upsell styling ships. Yeah, collaboration, like my calendar is so full right? So I was just telling Roberto about this, like the calendar is so low, because you have just done your audience an incredible service, you just answer a question for them. Maybe some of them didn’t even know they had you open their mind. You inspired them you inform them and you educated them and they are so ready to put in the work that you got to be ready afterward. What What’s your emails, your products, your services, like I’m not telling anyone right now to go out and plan a virtual summit put in three months of work and not have something to follow up with because I think you would do yourself a disservice then right? You If you’re rated these warm leads, and you don’t have anything to sell, you don’t have a next step in your funnel. But I also think a virtual Summit is the funnel by itself. I think it’s the ultimate collaboration. Yeah,

Roberto Candelaria : I agree. Awesome. So last question. One last question second to the last, because we are going to come up on time, and you and me could sit here and talk for hours. Like, if somebody’s thinking about a virtual event, what are very simply like the first two or three things they should be thinking about? Oh, I got this.

Sharee Collier : First two, or three, I’m gonna give you the first five. Okay. Okay, the first five steps, okay. Number one, you’re going to choose your topic, you have to know what your Summit is going to deliver. And that should relate very closely to your current audience or the audience you’re trying to attract, right? It has to be something they are searching for. They need they want a hurdle thing, okay? You have to have a big promise there that can even identify that audience and really be shut down. You can’t be like, this is for business owner. No, ma’am. No, ma’am. That’s too general, ditch that down and figure out maybe you have a broad audience, like, you know, you got 20,000 people on your email list, and maybe you’re not talking to all of them. Maybe you got nobody on your email list, you’re like Facebook, go find me, the people didn’t know I need fine, but just know that you’re going to pay for those, you’re going to pay for those ads. So anyway, you need to find your audience. Step one, choose a topic. Step two, identify your audience. Number three, we’re going to make a list of topics that are going to deliver the transformation that you are promising your audience in your topic. So you have this grand topic, you want to take them, like I said, from point A to point B, all those little dots along the way, those are going to be your topic. Once you have your topics, you need to go find speakers who’s going to deliver that information, you have to find speakers who can speak on the topic in a way that is going to resonate with the people you picked out. There are going to be multiple people who can speak on each and every topic, you need to find the right ones, you need to find the people you want to work with. You want to find the people you want to speak to your audience and share this moment with because make no mistake, a virtual Summit is a collaboration like it takes everyone and then once you have those done, choose your date market on the calendar. Well, those are your first steps.

Roberto Candelaria : And I’m gonna add a follow up question that last one choose the date put it on the calendar, on average, right? Because we know everybody’s different, like, what should people be thinking about in terms of time, because I’m a tight, y’all. When I did that first one, like in 2015 2016. I was about to say my dumb ass, but like I literally thought about and I’m like, in two weeks, we’re gonna do this. And I texted a bunch of people. And literally, I put on a summit in two weeks. I don’t recommend that, ever. So like when they put the date? Like, what is the timing that you recommend?

Sharee Collier : Okay, so I think you should be choosing something about 90 days away. I think I did my first one a little bit less than 90 days, maybe 60 days, but it was a lot. It’s a lot of work. I’m not saying it’s hard. But it’s a lot of work. There’s a lot of steps that go into it, you know, and it’s a lot of thinking through because everything ties back to this journey that you want this person to go on and this goal that you want to help them achieve. And I’m just be flat out honest with you do not deliver this transformation. And they don’t achieve this goal. Is that a successful event? Like if people came to teach me how to thumb it? They were still confused by the end of it. Like I don’t think first of all, you know, my audience. Second, I did not do something right. Okay. So I think in those 90 days, you have to split up your time, you have to split up your time because you only have a certain amount of time and a window to get certain things done. So I like to split with that though. Like I like to start with planning, right? You’re going to make those initial decision, okay, you’re going to divide, make those first five steps, you’re going to decide how many days you’re summit days, what’s in your ticket, all this stuff is going to happen very early on is an optional step here. I like to call partner, if you’re going to have a co host. This is when you bring them in after you’ve made those initial decisions. Go pitch them one to be your co host so they can take on the rest of the half

Roberto Candelaria : of this. We’re co Sharee gonna be my co host. Y’all heard it here.

You heard it like, yeah, I don’t have those other things yet. you partner with

Sharee Collier : someone, okay, you get them on board. And then you guys can finish the planning together. But some of it needs to be done ahead of time. Right. So next step, you’re going to start pitching, you’re going to be pitching your speakers, you’re going to be pitching sponsors. Don’t leave the money on the table and make sure you get the right people to help deliver the information you need. After that you’re going to prepare all the start would appeal. Okay, so then you’re going to prepare, you’re going to prepare your website, you’re going to prepare your content like your landing page, you’re going to write those emails. This is when you’re going to be creating graphics for your speakers to share all of this. Once everything is ready. It’s time to promote you’re going to tell the world about it. Okay, we’re going to be shouting it from the rooftops give your speakers affiliate commission for sending over referrals. I like to do it Get it split right down the middle. Good for you good for me good for everybody involved. You know, it feels great. Okay, give them what they need. I like to provide, you know, square posts, I like to provide video posts, I like to provide, you know, things you can use in your story, wherever you’re going to post, I want to make it super easy so that when it comes time for you to actually do it, you get it done. Okay, next, you’re going to produce the event, this is the live event, you show up live block off the week, I don’t care if it’s a three day event, by the event, trust me, you’re going to need some extra time, you’re going to have some moments in there, you’re going to have some moments in there. So give yourself that time to like recharge your energy. And then after your event is over, you’re not done, you got one step left. And that’s to present the present that offer that is going to be the final or next step in the process for your people. Like, okay, teach me how to summit, I taught you how to do them, we did a challenge. And I help you walk through those five steps, you don’t have nothing else to do but produce your assignment. And I need you to take action, though my last step for these people was to present them with my summit host base camp program, which provided all the templates like if you don’t want to, you know, create your speaker pitch deck. Well, I have that for you. If you don’t want to design all these graphic templates, guess who are you, if you need a speaker intake form, we have it like that, you know, I want to make it super easy. And the goal is always to help you get it done. Because sometimes people need that motivation. They need that person pushing them to go get it done and get it completed. And if you make it super easy for them, or you can help them over that hurdle. And me. We all win.

Roberto Candelaria : Yep. And so it was we all win and here. Where do people find you?

Sharee Collier : Oh my gosh, look for me at the summit. be summit And yeah, I’ll I’ll provide you a little freebie. For everyone. This was in our summit host virtual swag bag over on teach me how to summit and it was the planner I was just talking about you have a way to drop a link. Right? You can drop a link. Yeah. Yeah. So I’ll give back to all your listeners. Because listen, it is 70 pages of virtual summit planning goodness, you can print it out and use it digitally. But it’s gonna walk you step by step through those first key depth and get you on your way to planning your first big event. So I am so thankful that you had

Roberto Candelaria : weeks ago. Y’all, y’all? Yes, fun, fun, fun, fun. And y’all listen, if you listen to this, like somewhere else, that ain’t my website. Just go over to Roberto And, you know, find me on Instagram and click over there. And you’ll see us post this episode along with show notes and guides and everything else right there on my website because you know, some of the player platforms they don’t let us put this goodness there for you. So thank you so much, Cherie. I hope y’all have an amazing day. And we’ll chat with y’all soon.

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