3 Must-Have Partnerships to Grow Your Reach as a Coach

Ready to have more partnerships and collaborations that you can implement on right away as a coach, consultant or online business owner?

Well, today’s episode of the Relationships Make Money show is for you!

Roberto will share 3 simple partnerships and collaborations that you could use as quick as today.

You’ll also learn real life examples of partnerships in action, from Beyoncé’s collaboration with Verizon to Roberto’s own experience co-hosting a popup program.

This episode will have you seeing collaborations everywhere and taking steps to maximize your business growth through the power of partnerships.



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00:00:00 Roberto Candelaria: All right, so you’ve probably heard me say that once you begin to understand partnerships and collaborations that you will see them everywhere like all the way around you. And let me tell you, I was watching a football game. I can’t say which game because of trademarks and all of that, but y’all probably have a guess and there was an usher concert there going on.

00:00:21 Roberto Candelaria: And Oh my God, Alicia Keys. That was the thing, y’all. That was a whole moment. But there were some amazing examples of partnership and collaboration throughout that show through the commercials and everything that were happening. And today I want to share.

00:00:35 Roberto Candelaria: To you three types of partnerships and collaborations that as a coach, as a consultant, as an online business owner, you could start putting into effect into your Business Today if you really wanted. So hey, let’s jump into the show and talk about some of these ways.

00:00:01 Roberto Candelaria: OK y’all, so like I said, there was a football game, there was an usher concert. Alicia Keys made an appearance. Ludacris popped out, and some of us maybe lost our minds a little bit there. But that’s all great. Because listen, oh, my gosh, there was so many great examples of partnership and collaboration inside.

00:00:20 Roberto Candelaria: Of the game inside of the commercials. And so I wanted to kind of reemphasize like my definition of partnership, because when we talk about partnerships and collaborations, it’s not from the viewpoint of giving away equity or anything like that. And so.

00:00:40 Roberto Candelaria: You know, in the business space per se, like one definition that we can use, right is that partnership is that as a company, as a brand, as an individual that you have something of value that another person or another brand wants access to.

00:00:58 Roberto Candelaria: And because of that, right, like they’re willing to collaborate with you. And they’re often willing to promote for the access that they want. So notice, right. We’re not talking about giving up equity. We’re not talking about creating a legal entity with somebody. We are talking about.

00:01:19 Roberto Candelaria: You have something what that someone wants access to and you know, one of the best examples of this. I was actually texting a friend.

00:01:28 Roberto Candelaria: Last night I’m recording this by the way. The day after that usher concert and game that Alicia Keys and Ludacris, you know, made appearances at and it’s Monday morning. And this will come out probably the week after. And I remember texting my friend Heather last night, and I was like, girl, listen.

00:01:48 Roberto Candelaria: This is.

00:01:50 Roberto Candelaria: Ohh crazy and she said. What what happened? And she was like, did you see the game? Did you see the game? She’s like, my nerves are shot. And I was like, it was a good game. But listen, I was telling Warren because he’s in New York with Charlene right now that I personally think Beyoncé won the night. You know, her commercial in the Super Bowl.

00:02:11 Roberto Candelaria: With Verizon.

00:02:12 Roberto Candelaria: And and everything that happened after, like everything in this 5 minute window, her team was on it. And so when you think about the definition that I just gave, right, so as a company brand or individual, you have something of value that another brand or person wants.

00:02:32 Roberto Candelaria: Access to and they’re willing to collaborate with and often promote you for the access that they want. So you always think about this Verizon.

00:02:44 Roberto Candelaria: A company paid Beyoncé, who also has a company but is also an amazing personal brand, to be in their Super Bowl ad. Then, after Verizon paid Beyoncé to be in the Super Bowl ad.

00:03:02 Roberto Candelaria: They then bought the ad and produced the ad.

00:03:07 Roberto Candelaria: And obviously they get a lot of traction because of Beyoncé, so Verizon gets.

00:03:12 Roberto Candelaria: Win Beyoncé gets a win because Verizon airs this ad and at the end of the ad, she’s like, hey, drop the new music. And so within like 5 minutes, right, we see an ad, we see the Instagram post, we see the new songs dropping and.

00:03:33 Roberto Candelaria: Think about this.

00:03:35 Roberto Candelaria: It’s like.

00:03:36 Roberto Candelaria: Verizon paid Beyoncé to drop her new album at the biggest TV event of the year. This is a perfect example of a partnership and a collaboration, and I wanted to share today different ways that you could do this too.

00:03:58 Roberto Candelaria: As a coach, as a speaker, as a consultant, as an online business.

00:04:04 Roberto Candelaria: And so the the very first we’re going to talk about today is podcast guesting. So podcast guessing is a great way that you get to give value. You get to show yourself as an expert in your space and you also get to create, in most cases a no cost call to action. Now one of the things I hear when it comes to podcast.

00:04:26 Roberto Candelaria: I’ve seen people like well, but how do I even find the podcast? How do I even go out and figure out which ones I should?

00:04:32 Roberto Candelaria: Neon. Now there are services out there such as Pod match and different Facebook groups that can help you with this. One of my favorite ways y’all is to go search the podcast directories so you know if you are use Apple Podcast or Spotify or wherever it is that you listen to.

00:04:54 Roberto Candelaria: Podcast I want to invite you to go there into the search bar.

00:04:57 Roberto Candelaria: And put a search term for the work that you do. So let’s say that you’re like my friend Jeannie, who creates websites for life coaches. You would go to the search bar in that podcast and just put in websites for coaches and you want to be able to start looking for, hey, who’s already having conversations around this, whether it be episodes.

00:05:19 Roberto Candelaria: Or shows that are doing that. If you are a life coach for women, you know, go search some of your topics.

00:05:29 Roberto Candelaria: Be like helping women with weight loss or if you are a copywriter, maybe go search something as simple as copywriting tips and see what podcasts are already having guests that are talking about copywriting and messaging. So you can maybe reach out to them as well now.

00:05:49 Roberto Candelaria: Of course, before you reach out, I suggest that you listen an episode or two of their show, but I love doing this because when we’re able to do this, we’re able to see who’s already having the conversation that we want to have.

00:06:02 Roberto Candelaria: Versus. Just like bombarding people, it shows that their community may already have an interest in that topic, and so it’s, you know, not so much like a game of hide and go seek and like, oh, my gosh, where are these people at? No, they’re right in front of us. If we can go take time to look now.

00:06:22 Roberto Candelaria: The second way.

00:06:24 Roberto Candelaria: Partnership, #2 will say here for the sake of this conversation, is guest training now. Y’all guest trainings have been one of my favorite ways to be able to build our e-mail list to be able to connect with other people and end up with more speaking opportunities on different stages.

00:06:44 Roberto Candelaria: Now notice I didn’t say grow my social media. I believe that social media is something that really does help brands. I believe that, you know, you can pick the one or two platforms that you want to be on and go all in.

00:06:56 Roberto Candelaria: And I also personally, for my time, I love to put my time into e-mail. It’s where I spend my time. And so you get to pick what works for you and what works for your business and how you want to begin to utilize these different opportunities. And so guest training. Here’s a few things I want to invite you to be able to think about.

00:07:19 Roberto Candelaria: Think about workshops, think about webinars, whether they are paid or free. An example of this is oftentimes I am a guest trainer in mastermind groups. For other leaders that work with people that have multi, six and seven figure businesses and I will go into those masterminds whether it be in person.

00:07:42 Roberto Candelaria: Or virtual and offer trainings on partnerships, collaborations, joint ventures and occasionally, if a bunch of their people are doing events on sponsorships for events. Sometimes these mastermind trainers pay me to go in and do that.

00:07:57 Roberto Candelaria: Other times I deliver those workshops at no cost and I look at them as an opportunity to not only train deliver value for more people, to know our name, but I also know that it helps build our e-mail list as well. And so workshops, webinars are a great way to do that. Another great way to do this.

00:08:17 Roberto Candelaria: Guest training in terms of a workshop or webinar is to collaborate with someone else that has an e-mail list that is a good fit for the people that you serve and that you are a good fit for the people that they serve.

00:08:35 Roberto Candelaria: An example of this.

00:08:37 Roberto Candelaria: Is Tom Antion. So Tom Antion is one of my initial mentors and someone that I deeply, deeply respect in the Internet marketing space. He just says it like it is and keeps it, Oh my gosh, people say they keep it 100. I feel like Tom keeps it 1000. He just always.

00:08:57 Roberto Candelaria: Says it like it is and it’s something that I really.

00:09:00 Roberto Candelaria: And so when I was getting started online and I believed that online marketing wasn’t really a thing, that it wasn’t really going to go anywhere, I thought Internet marketing was a fad. This is many, many moons ago, y’all like 2010, 2011 to be specific.

00:09:17 Roberto Candelaria: You know, Tom was like, hey, why don’t we do a web?

00:09:20 Roberto Candelaria: Car to my list.

00:09:23 Roberto Candelaria: And in my head, I was like, I don’t know about this.

00:09:27 Roberto Candelaria: Because the last time I did a webinar, I had three people show up and two people bought. They all marketing numbers. Oh my gosh, 66% close rate. That was awesome. And also three people, two people bought and I was like, there’s got to be more to this. And so when Tom was like hey.

00:09:47 Roberto Candelaria: Let’s do a webinar to my e-mail list.

00:09:50 Roberto Candelaria: I’ll promote it.

00:09:53 Roberto Candelaria: You train, you make an offer and then we will split based on an affiliate Commission from your digital product. And I was like, sure, sure, OK y’all now I was thinking it was going to be another situation where three people show up to buy.

00:10:09 Roberto Candelaria: Within the first hour or so, there was something like over 200 registrations as it kept going. There was several 100 registrations and I was just like.

00:10:20 Roberto Candelaria: Oh my gosh. Like, like, what’s going on here in town was like, dude, you ain’t seen nothing yet. This is just getting started.

00:10:29 Roberto Candelaria: And it was so amazing because it was a great introduction to Tom’s community and to Tom’s e-mail list, I got to show myself as an expert in corporate sponsorship for books, product services and events. With this, I got to create a call to action right to this course that we had at the time, called the sponsorship road map. We don’t have that.

00:10:49 Roberto Candelaria: Many more, but we do have other some sponsorship trainings inside profitable Community Academy and I got to make this affiliate offer where Tom was able to win because he made an affiliate.

00:11:01 Roberto Candelaria: I was able to win because I got new customers, but our customers were able to win because they then got to learn how to get sponsors for their books, product, services and events and were able to move forward with the new skill set from this webinar and so guest trainings have been.

00:11:21 Roberto Candelaria: Some of the biggest ways that I’ve been able to build the e-mail list, but more importantly.

00:11:26 Roberto Candelaria: Help more people get the results they want in their businesses from the offers and the invitations that we’ve been able to provide them additional training for, whether that be online, whether that be at the countless events that I’ve spoken on in, you know 2018, I spoke in several states, four countries and got to impact so many lives.

00:11:47 Roberto Candelaria: Because of doing guest trainings to other people’s communities, now what happens right is some people be like, well, how do you find these people? So when you’re thinking about this guest training, there’s a few spaces that I want to invite you to consider.

00:12:03 Roberto Candelaria: Number one is your existing.

00:12:07 Roberto Candelaria: And your past clients?

00:12:10 Roberto Candelaria: Why? Well, one of the things that I found is that our existing clients that are getting a result from us and working from us, they’re already telling their students about us. They’re already telling their clients about us. And so oftentimes we will reach out to current and existing clients as well as past clients and been like, hey, you had an amazing result.

00:12:30 Roberto Candelaria: With X you went and did ABC and were able to get this result. Do you know anybody in your community that wants to? And sometimes we’ll do those trainings with them.

00:12:42 Roberto Candelaria: I reach out to my current and past mentors and coaches. As I mentioned, TomTom was coaching me. I’ve reached out to others that have coached me over the years and been like hey, this is a skill set that I have. This is the topic that I can train on. This is an offer that I have.

00:12:58 Roberto Candelaria: I think it will fit other people that you mentor because they’re very much like me. Would it be OK if I did a free training in your group?

00:13:07 Roberto Candelaria: We find these partners for guest trains at live events and this is twofold y’all one being on panels at live events. I love being on a panel. It is the most underrated thing. I wish more people would be open to being on panels because you get to connect with so many more people, but.

00:13:27 Roberto Candelaria: Also, I’m looking for the panelists that are on the stage. The speakers that are on the stage and other peoples in the rooms.

00:13:34 Roberto Candelaria: Because I always want to connect and be like, hey, who are you? What are you up to? Because there could be an opportunity not only for me to maybe serve someone else’s community, but to find other amazing subject matter experts that I could bring in to our community, to our membership, to our paid programs, to be able to help the people.

00:13:54 Roberto Candelaria: That they work with.

00:13:57 Roberto Candelaria: Another place that I find these opportunities for guest trainings or like I said, I’m gonna flip it over that I find guest trainers are the paid memberships that I’m in.

00:14:08 Roberto Candelaria: And so I want to invite you again to if you’re in paid memberships and you believe that possibly you could create value, reach out to that leader, reach out to the person that runs that membership and see how you can offer value to them. And then of course your current net.

00:14:26 Roberto Candelaria: Now #3 here that we’re going to share for today of ways that you could do this is to Co create an offer Co creating an offer with someone else, either in or out of your space that shares us a same common audience is something that.

00:14:45 Roberto Candelaria: Again, I don’t see enough people doing and it’s one of the ways to bring more value to community, to launch something way quicker, to be able to deepen relationships, to be able to create more revenue and hopefully a little bit more profit.

00:15:02 Roberto Candelaria: And not have to do it alone.

00:15:07 Roberto Candelaria: I’ll share an example of this before I kind of go into the steps of what this might look like in August, let’s say August 2019. I was at an event called Wreath Makers Live. So was wreath makers live 2019 and I was there with it was Damon Oates.

00:15:27 Roberto Candelaria: Parker’s Deli and Julie Samaka was their event with makers live and Damon Parker, Rachel Miller, Warren and myself were sitting up, and Damon and Parker’s hotel.

00:15:39 Roberto Candelaria: I think we had Domino’s Pizza that night. We were sitting there eating pizza and one of the the conversations that came up from Damon was like, you know, how do we serve my people better? How do we serve my community better? Because if everybody goes out and makes an offer, different people are going to buy different things. But there’s still a certain percentage of the group that may not.

00:16:02 Roberto Candelaria: Be served. So how do we do this together?

00:16:06 Roberto Candelaria: And so we came up with a plan where we created a 30 day pop up group called The Biz Squad. It was Parker Stelly, Damon Oates, Rachel Miller, myself and Warren. And we were basically thinking about, hey.

00:16:26 Roberto Candelaria: If you were new to the wreath making community, if you were a new maker, what would you need to be able to help build your business in 30?

00:16:37 Roberto Candelaria: Case and we created an offer where all of us were in it. We all taught one week. We all did a Q1 Q&A, but then we were all in the Facebook group and then the revenue that was created from that was split amongst us.

00:16:54 Roberto Candelaria: You can do this too, and so when creating an offer, some of the things you might be able to do is like how do you create a pop up group? Very much like we did. How do you Co create a group coaching program?

00:17:07 Roberto Candelaria: And maybe even a webinar, maybe an an in person workshop, and one of the things that’s becoming more and more popular is 2 or more host coming together to Co create a virtual summit.

00:17:20 Roberto Candelaria: And this is all so amazing because there’s more than just you to promote, you know, and and some examples that I’ve done. We’ve had four instructors, so we’ve had four people promoting this.

00:17:32 Roberto Candelaria: When there’s more people, we can decide on responsibilities and who’s going to do them and what’s so much fun is that we all get to teach. We all get to train, we all get to serve, we all promote and then as a result of all of that, we all get paid very similar to.

00:17:53 Roberto Candelaria: The last thing I shared with you where do we find these people?

00:17:57 Roberto Candelaria: Our existing and past clients with my current network with live events like y’all. I literally told you we were at the event in the hotel room and we’re like, hey, how do we create an offer instead of all of us selling different things? We all just promote the same thing tomorrow. So this was real time at a live event and so.

00:18:18 Roberto Candelaria: This can happen for you, and so the three types again that I shared today, things that you can get started with immediately are podcast, guesting, doing guest trainings, free or paid, but also looking at Co creating offers. So I want to invite you to be open to this.

00:18:38 Roberto Candelaria: And as you do it, what I want to invite you to do next is create a list of brands or people that you’d want to partner with.

00:18:47 Roberto Candelaria: And then as you create that list of, OK hey, I want to be able to work with these brands or these people. I want you to allow your brain and your your, your, your hand as you pull out that pen or pencil y’all I say pen or pencil because I still love taking physical notes. I know a lot of people love to type but I love physical.

00:19:07 Roberto Candelaria: Notes is say, how could I possibly do this? How would I want to work with them if anything were possible and write that down?

00:19:16 Roberto Candelaria: And as you do this, allow yourself to be uniquely you.

00:19:22 Roberto Candelaria: Yes, uniquely you because y’all we can’t do what everybody does say, what everybody does act like them, be like them, mark it like them and then create something different in the world. So I hope that you have an amazing day. I’m excited to see what partnerships look like for you. Send me a DM.

00:19:42 Roberto Candelaria: On Instagram and let me know what partnerships might work.

00:19:45 Roberto Candelaria: For you. Bye bye.

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