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Welcome to the Relationships Make Money Podcast hosted by business and Certified Life Coach, Roberto Candelaria.
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Welcome! If you’ve been with me a while, this is the third iteration of the podcast.

Why the change? I’m so glad ya asked!

It’s time to get back to my core: relationships.

Relationships are powerful. Business relationships kept my business alive while I grieved, through the pandemic, and so much more over the past decade. And it isn’t just personal connections — it’s our relationship to our thoughts, money, profits, and so much more. Join us as we continue the journey: Relationships Make Money.


Well, Howdy y’all. It’s a new podcast, a new name, and a new vibe Welcome to Episode One.

Welcome to the Relationships Make Money podcast where it’s all about the people, partners and profits. Each week we’ll explore conversations around partnerships, leadership, our thoughts and profits. And now your host Roberto Candelaria.

Welcome to the show y’all in the official episode one. And so for those of you that have been with me for a while, or a whole hot minute, y’all know, this is the third podcast, and you’re probably wondering why the name change, and so have no fear, we’re going to get there. And for those of you new to the world, and to my world, I should say, hey, hi, and howdy, and I am so glad you’re here. I am Roberto. I’m a business coach who specializes in working with partnerships and profits. And I also happen to be a life coach. Yes, I am a life coach. I believe in all things, mindset, money manifestation, and helping people realize that our thoughts are the only reason that we don’t have the things that we want in our business. So, for those of you that have been with us before, and you’re wondering why the name change, there’s a long drawn-out answer. And then there’s the one that we’re going to do today. And so we’re going to go with the today answer and it is this.

So today, simply, I believe this to my core, you know, it is something that I live every single day. And it’s also happens to be a name that came about in my head years and years and years ago, circa about 19. Oops, nope, 2011, y’all, when I wrote the first book, Relationships Raise Money, and it just finally felt the right time to bring this out. In fact, my first one-day live events, were called the Relationships Make Money tour, back in 2011, 2012. And it was a tour that I did with a couple of other speakers in Austin, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio.

One-day events where I was teaching about sponsorship teaching about oh, eight JVs and affiliates, and really all types of partnerships to help people be able to build their business by referrals, right? And I always said that I was going to write that next book, Relationships Make Money, but it just never felt right, the right time. And y’all know, the sponsorship side of the business took off, and I just went headfirst into the sponsorship side of the business.

And so, after I wrote that book, Relationships Raise Money, we did the tour, it just now finally feels time to bring back Relationships Make Money to bring back the podcast. And who knows, I might write the book now because I believe in the power of relationships. And, and I do mean relationships in business and all types of business, right? And so that’s relationships with our clients and customers, with our teams, with our vendors, with our affiliate partners, our promotional partners. And I think that the relationship that a lot of coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs oftentimes forget about is the relationship with ourselves, especially the relationship with our thoughts, y’all.

And that is why I really came back and circled around to this name and saying, “Y’all like what is something that I am truly passionate about, something that I want to have conversations about?” And what is the show name and the conversations that I’m just like, “Let’s go!” Something that I’m excited about versus this is what the branding people tell me that I should do. And I will say that that’s probably the very first lesson here in the show, while not an official lesson is this is that, you know, our thoughts, your intuition can oftentimes tell you, like, this is the way to go. And we’ll find our intuition, we’ll fight our gut because there are people that are more flashy and make more money and have bigger followings. And because we see them do something, we’re just like, “Man, they must have it all figured out and have it all together.” And y’all man tell you, they’re just like us, they don’t.

And so, this is the first show name where it was just like, I’m really excited about it. This is my gut feel. And Roberto is following— I just talked about myself and the third person there. I’m talking about what I want to talk about in a way that I want to talk about with the people that I want to talk about it with because relationships have literally changed my life. They’ve changed my business, and even in the darkest moments of business, have allowed my business to continue. And so, you know, when my dad ascended in January of 2019, it is relationships that kept the business going. The reason that I still have a business to this day, because there were friends, you know, like friends’ friends, people like Tom Antion and April Franks and Alison Bird, that all jumped in to take over my coaching calls and the commitments in my business so that I had the space to heal, that I had the space to be able to grieve.

And it was also during that time and through the pandemic that our affiliate and promotional partners more than ever started promoting our evergreen digital products. So people like Damon Oates of Deco Exchange and Jeff Herring, and, again, Tom Antion, and Dr. James Dentley, continue to promote our classes, promote our evergreen digital products, promote the work. And so even in a time when I was stepping back because I was healing, I was going through therapy, I was grieving. And then when the pandemic hit, and a big part of our revenue was from speaking at live events, and then there wasn’t live events.

The relationships we had in the industry, and our affiliate partners allowed us to keep going and to keep growing. And I am just so grateful for these beautiful humans and the relationships that we’ve cultivated in this space over the years. And so I truly believe in the power of relationships, and not only the external relationships but the relationships that we develop with ourself and with our thoughts. And so each week, y’all, we’re going to have conversations around leadership and partnerships and profits, and our thoughts because sometimes as a business owner, as a coach, as a consultant. If there’s something that we want that we don’t have yet, whether that be a certain amount of coaching clients, or a certain revenue goal or a certain profit goal, it often comes down to a thought that we have either about ourself or our worth, or for some entrepreneurs, I’ll give you, I’ll sneak preview here, is entrepreneurs believing that the people that they serve cannot afford their services.

And what would happen if entrepreneurs and coaches actually believed that the people that they wanted to serve could afford them? And that’s a whole nother conversation for a whole nother day that we’ll get to but it all comes down to the relationship with our thoughts, as well. And so we’ll be talking about what’s happening right now, right now in the world, right now in business. And I’ll also be sharing insights from within my own company, the changes that we’re going through some of the software changes that we’re making to be able to better serve you, the new affiliate promotions that we’re putting together.

In fact, right now, we’re shifting our entire affiliate platform, and it’s going to be so much fun, and let you know what’s going on. And I’ll also be sharing from my personal life, and what’s that like as well. And some of these conversations will have client winds, the bumps in the road that we’re learning from, but also episodes where I want to be able to answer your questions about partnerships, about profits, about leadership, about what it takes to be able to grow as a coach and consultant, and to be able to develop the relationships that you’re looking for in this space. So. I want to thank you in advance for y’all coming along on this journey. And I’m excited to see even more success for you and your business and to see where this journey goes together. So, buckle up for the ride, y’all. It’s gonna be fun, and I’ll see y’all next week with another episode.

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