Learn how to POSITION yourself to PARTNER with the right people for PROFIT!

This is THE conference for coaches, consultants, and community leaders ready to bring their business idea and walk away with an actionable plan ready to position and partner for success! Our speakers are true practitioners who’ve created massive, replicable success not just for themselves, but their clients. Get ready to network, learn, and enjoy! 

position partner profit live event

Why You Don’t Want to Miss This Event

If you have a gift or talent you want to showcase to the world or need clarity on how to serve people, this event is for you. We get the right people in the room, and magic happens. The smaller size of our event works in our attendees’ favor—you’ll actually get to meet everyone. (And by that, we mean walk away with actual new business BFFs.) 

What’s the #1 Question Business Owners Have? 

How Do I Increase My Profitability?

Does that sound like you? Then you need to attend this live event, especially if: 

You’re a coach, blogger, speaker, author, or entrepreneur

You want to learn how to harness your skill to make more money

You want to position yourself as a podcast guest or guest blogger

You want to use affiliates and sponsorships to increase profits

You want to learn from people who’ve done what you’re trying to accomplish


Create a connected community that becomes the heart of everything you do.


Build mutually beneficial relationships to boost visibility, reach, and profits.


Optimize revenue potential while continuing to lead with passion and purpose.

Why I Created the Position Partner Profit Live Event

I believe you can have a profitable business without sacrificing connection and community. Many people know they can do something they love and they can do something that makes money, but they think they must sacrifice one for the other. That’s not true!

You can build connections and focus on the community doing what you love, making a difference in the world while making money at the same time.

I always like to remind people that revenue pays the bills but profitability brings freedom. You can increase your revenue all day long, but if you don’t focus on profits, you will keep spinning your wheels.

I’ve partnered and collaborated with many different brands, including American Airlines, BMW, Dell, Disney, Enterprise Car Rentals, Hilton Hotels, Southwest Airlines, State Farm Insurance, Wells Fargo, and Zappos. I can tell you right now—it’s all about building relationships.

My goal is to teach you how to use the power of your POSITION and PARTNERs to create a PROFITable business. For this event, I specifically recruit people who have done what you want to do and can teach it in an actionable way.

Our speakers—or trainers, as I like to call them, aren’t just good at speaking. They’re here to guide you because they’re just a few steps ahead of you. They’re where you want to be. That’s why when you come to our event, you will walk away with specifics you can use right away to increase your profitability.

Your Trainers

They’re not Insta-famous. These people have done what you want to do, and can teach you how to do it too by sharing action steps you can implement right now. 



Damon Oates

Enisha at Roberto Candelaria event

Enisha Ligon-Garrett

Keenya Kelly

Darin Adams

Shahara Wright

Christine Jerry

Christine Jerry


Warren Carlyle

Ashley Jango

Staci Moore

Staci Moore

Monique A.J. Smith

Elayna Fernández