Ready to Get Collabs and Partnerships For Your Brands?

Collaborative Success:
Building Profitable Partnerships (and Collabs) for Online Growth

My tested and proven strategy for leveraging even more partnerships and collabs in your business...

Jan 18, 2024
12pm - 1:30pm Central

** Replays will be provided

Does this sound familiar?

==> Hearing others talking about partnerships and collabs but you feel it’s too hard or think it is only for big brands?

==> Find yourself going in circles wondering who (or if) you should reach out to… and even offer them?

==> Ask yourself what collabs or partnerships might look like for you? (I mean you know you’re great… but how do you show them?)

==> Wanting to network with other small business owners, but the thought of choosing (and sticking with) a niche sounds restricting?

==> Thinking about giving up or “throwing in the towel” cause it really sucks doing it all alone?

If so... you're not alone.

You can get partnerships and collabs even with a small mailing list, no social media and if you're just starting out...
Let me show you how!

Meet Fareedah


She helps parents protect their kids online and has partnered with brands such as Facebook, Mozilla, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more!

You Deserve To...

==> Increase your profits and grow your reach: With partnership and collabs you can better serve your community (and help the communities of other business owners) without having to be a mighty team of six doing all the “heavy lifting” yourself.

==> Believe partnerships and collabs are fun: Partnerships and Collabs are SO much easier than filling a new funnel with (expensive) ads. Plus, you get to build relationships with other small business owners and leaders in your space… all while building your email list and building community!

==> STOP waiting for brands to send you a “DM” only to offer you a free pair of sock (shirt or sticker) to use your influence and relationship with your community.

To Get Started w/ Collabs and Parnterhips You Need To:

  • Create the mindset for profitable partnerships
  • Know what types of Collabs and Partnerships You Want (hint: I’ll show you 3 types you can start using today)
  • Have an idea of what brands (or other business owners) you want to collaborate with or partner with
  • Know which brands are a good fit for you



A lot of people ask me about my affiliate marketing strategy. Well, I stole it from Roberto, obviously. Both he and Warren have been instrumental in me keeping partnerships and networking top of mind. And those partnerships have led to some great connections and big dividends in my revenue over the last few years. This year alone, I can attribute over $50k to partnerships. Like Roberto always says “RELATIONSHIPS MAKE MONEY, BABY!”

-Liz Wilcox

The Fresh Princess of Email / LizWilcox.com

Collaborative Success:
Building Profitable Partnerships (and Collabs) for Online Growth

My tested and proven strategy for leveraging even more partnerships and collabs in your business… With this training you’ll be able to make partnerships and collabs simple in your business. You’ll learn 3 key types of partnerships you can implement right away to build your email list, increase your reach and make more sales!

JANUARY 18, 2024 @ 12pm CENTRAL

Register for the live workshop today for only $27

Will learn

  • The 3 simple types of partnerships and collabs to expand your reach and make more money in any economy – online or offline.

  • The 3 key differences between the business owners who are stuck trying to hit six-figures and those doing multi-six and seven figures. (Changing even just one of these could increase your revenue this year)

  • The #1 partnership strategy our clients use so that you can use what’s working right now in business! No more guessing what to try.

  • How to skip the common pitfalls and mistakes people when getting their first (or next) partnerships and collabs.

  • How to clearly define which brands (or other small businesses) are a right fit for you. Never sacrifice your values for a deal. 
Roberto Candelaria Speaking on stage at Life Coach School Mastermind

partnerships and collabs are a marketing and growth strategy if you're a...

  • Coach
  • Speaker
  • Blogger
  • Content Creator
  • Digital Course Creator
  • Services Provider
  • Online Business Owner
  • Life Coach

... A business owner that wants more reach, more leads, and more sales.

Why Learn
from Me?

Howdy, I’m Roberto!
Uncle. Dreamer. Husband. Disney-Kid at Heart!

As a Master Certified Business Coach and Partnership Strategist, I’ve worked with and trained business owners to build wildly successful businesses– focusing on platform, partners, and profit since 2009.

Why did I create this workshop? 
Simple. Because my partnership strategies have worked for 15+ years and not just for me… for my students and clients. (You’ve seen some of them on this page!)

Partnerships and collabs are all around you!

The process and strategies I teach have helped my students partner with other small business owners, get on top rated podcasts, grow their email lists, be featured by National Brands and secure multi five and six figure deals.

Meet Bradley


Guiding men and their hearts through the hardest of journeys, offering expert grief support & education. He has partnered with Canva, local municipalities as a Chaplain, and more. 

It’s Time to Start Adding Partnerships and Collabs as a Profit Center in YOUR Business…

Let’s Grow Your Email List, Social Following, and Revenue (& even more profits!) with Collabs and Partnerships!

Collabs and Partnerships Are Simpler Than You Think…

Yes… Simple, Not Easy.

Enisha at Roberto Candelaria event

Enisha Ligon-Garrett / CEO, Ellese & Co Creative Services

"The best ideas with a plan to implement are what Roberto brings to the table each and every time I have the pleasure of sharing space with him. As an industry veteran, he knows how to see profits for your business and position you to command" premium prices. He does all of this with a great deal of patience and grace. No more hustling to meet my revenue goals."

Christine Jerry

Christine Jerry / Founder of The Virtual Collab

"Working with Roberto has allowed me to gain clarity and direction for my business so that it aligns with my goals as a wife and mother. He has helped me through the fear of stepping out from behind the scenes to being the face of my company. I have grown from a high 5-figures to a multi 6-figure business. More importantly, I have been able to serve more mom entrepreneurs!"

This training was designed to fast-track your success with partnerships and collabs no matter the size of your email list or social media following.


Meet Ashley...



Meet Ashley...

“Roberto’s mentorship and strategy has been a game-changer for me. I have clarity on what I want for my business, and was able to create offers that feel good to me and my clients. Now, I get to collaborate with other amazing six and seven figure coaches with my “Your Basic Pitch” sales program and my podcast and YouTube show, “High Earning Coaches.” While working with Roberto I’ve more than doubled my six-figure income while also creating more partnerships with other coaches and creating monthly residual partnership and affiliate revenue.”

-Ashley Jangro

Certified Sales and Marketing Coach / AshleyJangro.com

Ready To Get Partnerships and Collabs?
Here's what you get when you join the live workshop

Collaborative Success:
Building Profitable Partnerships (and Collabs) for Online Growth



What’s Included:

Got Questions?

We have some answers!

It is possible to creating win/win partnerships and collaborations with ZERO social media following and little to no email list. While you do have to work and put in effort for this (and most) to make money, it does work for most businesses that follow the process.

The live training is January 18, 2024 at 12pm Central time.

If you are unable to make the live session, the session replays will be available within 48 hours of class, usually sooner.

Short answer, yes.
Because we teach how to build relationships with others, a big email list isn’t necessary. Many people we work with had little to no email list when they started getting partnerships and grew their list through collaborations.

Not at all! In fact, many of our previous students are coaches, consultants, bloggers, service providers and online business owners. The strategies we teach are not solely dependent on social media.

Chances are that you will!

Having worked in partnerships, collaborations and sponsorships across various industries for the past 15+ years I have a unique view as to how small business owners apply these strategies to their businesses in a way that feels good without adding a lot of hustle.

Yes, it will!
We’ll cover multiple ways to collab and partner with other small business owners, both online and offline.

Probably not.
Partnerships and collabs are best when you have clarity on who you serve, and how you serve them. That said, we do offer trainings within PCA that do help you gain clarity on this.

Given the digital nature of this training, there are no refunds for this training. All sales are final.

Send us an email to [email protected] and we’ll get back to you with a reply. 

Learn to Make Partnerships and Collabs Simple and Profitable for Your Business!

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