position partner profit live event

Learn how to POSITION yourself to PARTNER with the right people for PROFIT!

This is THE conference for coaches, consultants, and community leaders ready to bring their business idea and walk away with an actionable plan ready to position and partner for success! Our speakers are true practitioners who’ve created massive, replicable success not just for themselves, but their clients. Get ready to network, learn, and enjoy! 

December 2nd - 4th 2022

Why You Don’t Want to Miss This Event

If you have a gift or talent you want to showcase to the world or need clarity on how to serve people, this event is for you. We get the right people in the room, and magic happens. The smaller size of our event works in our attendees’ favor—you’ll actually get to meet everyone. (And by that, we mean walk away with actual new business BFFs.) 

What’s the #1 Question Business Owners Have? 

How Do I Increase My Profitability?

Does that sound like you? Then you need to attend this live event, especially if: 

You’re a coach, blogger, speaker, author, or entrepreneur

You want to learn how to harness your skill to make more money

You want to position yourself as a podcast guest or guest blogger

You want to use affiliates and sponsorships to increase profits

You want to learn from people who’ve done what you’re trying to accomplish

My Experts & I Will Teach You, LIVE, How To…


yourself as an industry leader and expert. Learn how to showcase your unique skill and talent to the world, and find out how you can help your people in big ways.


with others to grow your business. It’s a fact: nobody reaches the top of the mountain alone. Partnerships allow everyone to thrive. This even works if you’re starting at zero.


by leveraging the power of positioning and partnering with others. Learn from real-world teachers who provide actionable advice you can implement.

Why I Created the Position Partner Profit Live Event

I believe you can have a profitable business without sacrificing connection and community. Many people know they can do something they love and they can do something that makes money, but they think they must sacrifice one for the other. That’s not true!

You can build connections and focus on the community doing what you love, making a difference in the world while making money at the same time.

I always like to remind people that revenue pays the bills but profitability brings freedom. You can increase your revenue all day long, but if you don’t focus on profits, you will keep spinning your wheels.

I’ve partnered and collaborated with many different brands, including American Airlines, BMW, Dell, Disney, Enterprise Car Rentals, Hilton Hotels, Southwest Airlines, State Farm Insurance, Wells Fargo, and Zappos. I can tell you right now—it’s all about building relationships.

My goal is to teach you how to use the power of your POSITION and PARTNERs to create a PROFITable business. For this event, I specifically recruit people who have done what you want to do and can teach it in an actionable way.

Our speakers—or trainers, as I like to call them, aren’t just good at speaking. They’re here to guide you because they’re just a few steps ahead of you. They’re where you want to be. That’s why when you come to our event, you will walk away with specifics you can use right away to increase your profitability.

Start increasing profit

Your Trainers

They’re not Insta-famous. These people have done what you want to do, and can teach you how to do it too by sharing action steps you can implement right now.


Damon Oates

8-Figure Earner

One of the few to build 7 figure brands in both the digital and physical product space.

Enisha at Roberto Candelaria event

Enisha Ligon-Garrett

Master Brand Strategist

Working with Coaches, Consultants and Creatives to build their Million Dollar Brand Experience

Darin Adams

Email Automations Specialist

His high-octane, humor-filled, passion-packed presentation is one you have to experience. It’s a life-changing transformation that will leave everyone feeling inspired.

Shahara Wright

Business Strategist and Business Attorney

Partnering with small business to protect their businesses through contracts, IP, and consulting

Christine Jerry

Christine Jerry

Content Strategist

Having running the blogs and content for 7 & 8 figure brands, she helps small business create content plans that allow them to be found by their ideal customer, and paid by them as well.

Liz Wilcox

Fresh Princess of Email Marketing

50%+ open rates and pre-sales to 100% of a wait list sound great, right? Liz is your person, helping over 3,000 students master email marketing.

Warren Carlyle

Founder of OctoNation®

Warren is a Community Building Strategist who will teach you how to build an audience of superfans without spending hours on social media.

Audria Richmond®

Marketing and Launch Strategist, UnCloned® Media

Scale your business model, automate your marketing and multiply your money with Audria. Let’s design your dream offers and marketing campaigns that will lead to explosive results. UnCloned® Media stands as one of the most unmatched and intriguing brands the world has ever seen.

Zenvoia Andrews

Marketing Agency

Zenovia Andrews, CEO of MaxOUT Marketing Agency, a team of expert digital marketers and innovators helping companies attract more attention online, build more traffic to websites, improve their reputations, and obtain more conversions.

Angel Tuccy

Media & PR Specialist, Speaker, Author

Angel Tuccy is an Award-Winning Speaker, Radio Host, TV Producer, PR Media Specialist, and 15-times Best Selling Author. With her help, her clients have been featured in thousands of major media publications, television, radio, podcasts, magazines, and stages.


Ashley Jangro

Online Marketing Strategist for Coaches

Staci Moore

Staci Moore

Affiliate and Partnership Broker

Monique A.J. Smith

Leadership Strategist

Elayna Fernández

The Positive Mom

Stop Doing Business Alone

Ultra-successful people don’t work alone. It’s time to find partners and learn how to collaborate with others to reach that next level of success.

Even if you’re just starting out, you already have a skill or talent that is incredibly valuable to others. It’s your turn to join a group of highly motivated entrepreneurs just like these and learn how to POSITION yourself as a PARTNER, resulting in PROFITs for your business.

Roberto Candelaria Event

What Are You Waiting For?

Being intentional about doing what you love and earning money can be simple, but it’s not easy. If you’re ready to do the work and see results, book your ticket to POSITION. PARTNER. PROFIT.

How to POSITION Yourself As a PARTNER and Make a PROFIT

If you’re ready for proven, real-life strategies for positioning your brand and connecting with partners online and offline, you don’t want to miss this opportunity.

Who Should Attend the Event?

Experts and Thought Leaders

Community Leaders



Life and Business Coaches

YouTube Content Creators

Service Providers

What Are You Waiting For?

Being intentional about doing what you love and earning money can be simple, but it’s not easy. If you’re ready to do the work and see results, book your ticket to POSITION. PARTNER. PROFIT.

Join us LIVE this December

What Will You Learn?

How to position yourself as the expert in your niche

How to position yourself for collaborations with community leaders and business owners

How to partner with brands you and your community use and trust

How to partner with affiliates and sponsors

How to profit by serving more people with your unique skills and talents

How to profit by building an engaged community 

How POSITION. PARTNER. PROFIT. Works in the Real World

Whether you’re a blogger, podcaster, speaker, author, coach, or entrepreneur, the first step is to POSITION yourself in your niche as an authority figure and thought leader. You can do this by providing real value to your community, online and offline.

When you demonstrate your value, you can attract a PARTNER who can help you grow your business. Successful people work hard, but they don’t fly solo. It’s your job to build relationships and make connections to further your goal.

When you use the power of your POSITION as an expert and PARTNER with the right people, you can make a predictable PROFIT doing what you love.

December 2nd - 4th

Virtual Streaming Access


  • ️ 3 Days of Training and Coaching During the Main Event via Live Stream (December 2nd-4th)
  • Digital Event Workbook
  • Attend from the comfort of your home
  • Welcome Reception Friday Night
  • Q&A Session Saturday Night (dress code: PJs) 


If you’re seeking strategies to better position yourself in your space and partner for profits, this event is for you. Past attendees have included authors, speakers, coaches, influencers, online product creators, and nonprofit leaders.They all have one thing in common: They’re ready for more partnerships, collaborations, and profits. If that describes you, reserve your spot today!
Our events have information that benefits you, no matter where you’re at. Novices, seasoned veterans, life coaches, and ecommerce sellers can all benefit from our event. Our trainers teach strategies you can actually implement in your business. But there’s more than just the people you meet on stage. At this event, it’s about the community, which includes the people you’ll meet in the room and the ones sitting next to you.
All attendees at the in-person event must have a valid registration with the proper ticket type. But we won’t stop you from purchasing an in-person and a virtual ticket.

This event will be live streamed to you starting December 2nd. We’ll send out the streaming information as we get closer to the event.

We have a limited room block at our host hotel. We recommend booking your room as soon as possible to ensure you can take advantage of the discounted rate. A link with our group rate will be emailed to you after you register for the event. Once all the rooms in our block are booked, the conference discount will not be applied to any other room bookings at the host hotel. You can also book a room at one of the other hotels nearby in the “Galleria” area of Houston.
Houston has two wonderful airports, George Bush Intercontinental Airport and Houston Hobby. We recommend you arrive in Houston and check into the JW Marriott Houston Galleria on November 30th if you are attending the VIP/Mastery Day, or on December 1st, if you’re attending the main event. To avoid missing any of the speakers, book your return flight on Sunday, December 4th, after 5 p.m. CT.
If you registered with an in-person ticket and are unable to join us, please email [email protected]. Our team will set you up with live-stream access for the main event.
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Virtual Streaming Access​

Position. Partner. Profit. Live!

December 2nd - 4th, 2022