“Roberto is an incredible mind. With his help and guidance, I took the big jump to double my business revenue and consistently grow. If you’re looking to fund your dreams, move your business forward and maximize sponsorship opportunities in ways that only he knows (simply because he’s worked with some huge corporations), then sign up for his next course, book or event. ”

Lacy Kirkland
Product Launch Strategist & Company Culture Specialist

“Sponsorship for Influencers is the how-to guide for influencers to get sponsored! Whether you have little to no following or over 1 million, this book will give you a competitive edge in getting sponsored.”

Bill Walsh Powerteam International America’s Small Business Expert
Bill Walsh
America’s Small Business Expert

“Wow! In just a short time Roberto provided guidance that will help shift my business to a whole new level! What impresses me most is how he “gets it”; he understands what it takes to build a successful business. He is authentic, tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear, and truly wants to help make a difference so that you will succeed. No matter what level your business is at – start-up, a business looking to grow and stretch – Roberto can and will help you!”

Carolyn Owens
Carolyn Owens
Founder of Infinity Coaching, Inc

“A true game changer. This book is definitely a must read for influencers. Roberto delivers impactful nuggets of wisdom for anyone looking to learn how to gain sponsorship. His 5 steps are thorough, well thought out and easy to execute. He’s carefully crafted a formula for successful sponsorships and it is laid out clearly within these pages.”

Cheryl Polote-Williamson
Award Winning & Multi-bestselling Author

“To some the concept of fundraising, sponsorship, asking for money is not only a foreign concept but a speciality skill that most organisations shy away from and understandably so given the skill that is needed in this specialist area. Roberto Candelaria is not only a specialist in these area’s he is the leading thought leader in his craft. What sets Roberto apart is not only his veteran experience but his focus on SMART strategies for profitability, growth and long term sustainability. His ethical standards surpass most in the industry given his commitment to his legacy
If you are interested in hiring the best look no further than Roberto!”

Sally Anderson
Sally Anderson
Founder/Director of Evolved Leadership Pty Limited

“Sponsorship for Influencers provides the foundation for anyone who is already an influencer to someone who is striving to become one on how to gain the competitive jump on securing sponsors and more importantly, how to do it the right way. Roberto’s simple steps takes you through the process and breaks it down to make sponsorship a regular part of your business.”

Jen Fontanilla
Speaker, Author and Coach
  • “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. Roberto C. Candelaria teaches you how to get that new goal or dream funded without worrying how the development bills will be paid. There is greatness within you, and it’s time sponsors helped the world see that greatness!”

    Les Brown
    World Renowned Motivational Speaker
  • “I bought Roberto’s book, took one of his courses and implemented what I learned. I had one major sponsor before I even launched my website. Now I am working with a major Fortune 500 company who is sponsoring me. I’ve learned so much from Roberto that has had an enormous impact on my business.”

    Christina Daves
    Founder, PR for Anyone
  • “Roberto was a key liaison in our strategic partnership… He helped bridge our two organizations and helped promote both companies to the Austin community. His ability to network with the community proved essential to our marketing initiatives and helped us develop our own relationships within the community.”

    Chase Martin
    Founder and Creative Director, therepubliq.com
  • “Hands on, straight forward, and direct. If you follow his plan, success is inevitable.”

    Angela Mitchell Hudson
    Founder, HOPE SPS2

“Over the last five years, I’ve had the honor of working with Roberto Candelaria on several business projects and events. If you have the opportunity to collaborate with Roberto on a business project or if you’re looking for a fun, energetic and crowd pleasing speaker, he’s your man!”

Shelly Rice
Founder of Life Changing Conference

“Roberto was a spectacular introduction into the world of sponsorship that gave us detailed information that directly equated to executable actions and immediate additional company funds.
I love working with Roberto.”

Ryan Donaldson
Ryan Donaldson
VP of Storytelling
Game Nation Parks

“My recent telephone coaching session with Roberto was invaluable towards helping to get me out of being stuck, feeling more hopeful, energetic and motivated about my business. I went from idea to cash in less than 10 days! I would recommend his work to anyone who needs help with how to develop products, develop a go-to-market strategy or gain monetary business partners and sponsors.”

Tanyalynette Palmo
Tanyalynette Palmo
CEO of Allaxoun Group, Inc

“Sponsorship is now within anyone’s reach … and Roberto Candelaria breaks the process down into a simple, step-by-step formula that anyone can follow. If you are an influencer of any kind, no matter how big or small your audience or niche, sponsorship is an indispensable tool for expanding your reach, your credibility … and your bottom line. Roberto has helped his
clients get millions of dollars in sponsorships from the biggest companies on earth … and he can help you too.”

Alex Carroll

“Roberto’s new book debunks the myths and tall tales of what it takes to get sponsored. This guidebook gives you the step-by-step proven sponsorship success system to getting sponsored as an influencer, even without a huge following. You need to read this book because Roberto is on the leading edge of helping influencers get sponsored!”

Michelle G
Love Scientist

“Sponsorship for Influencers is as compelling as it is enlightening. Through his casual and intelligent writing style Roberto explains how everyday people can be paid for their influence. Roberto guides readers through all facets of the sponsorship process and shares inspiring stories of clients who paved their way to success through harnessing the power of sponsorship. Captivating, informative and understandable this book is a must have tool for anyone looking to extend their sphere of influence through sponsorship.”

Bibi Goldstein
Founder of Buying Time, LLC

Pick My Brain!

Are you looking to identify the next steps to grow your brand/business as an influencer or non-profit leader, but don’t know which direction to choose? Book a consult with Roberto and allow him to help you get clear on your next steps to get sponsorship and/or additional income streams as an influencer. This is NOT a coaching session, this is a determination consultation. 

Ever wished you could pick Roberto’s brain? Some of his most creative ideas and strategies come from these customized one on one calls and, more importantly, he enjoys doing them. This is perfect for the influencer seeking Roberto as your strategic thinking partner with ideas, strategies and solutions based on his business and life experience.