The Sponsorship Roadmap

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If you’re like most people, you’ve probably wondered what working with sponsors would be like, but you might have been hindered by these limiting beliefs:

  • No one will ever sponsor me.
  • I’m just 1 person.
  • I have nothing to give a sponsor.
  • What if I’m rejected?
  • I don’t know where to find a sponsor!

With this course, you’ll learn that You Really Can Get Corporations to Purchase and Promote Your Products! Here’s EXACTLY What You’ll Discover When You Enroll…

  • What Sponsorship is… And Why You Want Sponsors!
  • Why Sponsors Need YOU… Get Paid To Help Them Reach Their Business Goals
  • How to Get your book, website, events and dreams sponsored… Finally be able to breathe and let your creativity flow knowing the bills are paid.
  • How to find the “right” person for your sponsorship… You won’t spend countless hours with trial and error making sales calls and crossing your fingers (I’ve been there, you’ll learn this in lesson 2 in the course!)
  • How to Make it Drop-Dead Simple for Anyone, Including Sponsors, to Promote You!… If you don’t know how to leverage a promotion it could be the LAST check you get!

For less than the cost of a Starbucks coffee every day…you could learn a skill that makes you THOUSANDS and streamlines your business. You can’t find a quicker, easier way to learn from the comfort of your home on how to get sponsors to fund your dreams and sky rocket your credibility!