Sponsorship Masterclass: Event & Conference Sponsorships


Are you ready to stop leaving THOUSANDS of dollars “on the table”? It’s time to get BIG COMPANIES to write you BIG CHECKS and to generate PROFITS before you even start your event!

Jumpstart your Event Sponsorships and Get Ahead of the Crowd by attending Sponsorship Master Class: Conference & Event Sponsorships!

At this working Master Class you’ll walk away with the ability to know…

  • What true sponsorship is and the key types of event sponsorship that sponsors are willing to invest in.
  • What benefits and experiences you have to offer a sponsor.
  • When to start and who to contact at the brands you want to work with and what to do and when.
  • The number of pages your sponsorship proposal should be.
  • How to create effective sponsorship proposals that convert.
  • Key sponsorship negotiation techniques to get the deal you want.
  • How to decide if you should or should not incorporate sponsorship into your next event.
  • How to decide if working with influencers and ambassadors is right for your event!

This Master Class is for…

1. Anyone who is SERIOUS about getting sponsored and is looking for a working Master Class with surefire strategies to blow away your prospective sponsors… and charge more for your sponsorships!

2. Anyone who is teachable and willing to follow through. Sponsorship is SIMPLE, not easy. I’ll teach you what to do, how to do it, and the “why” behind it all… You’ve got to implement to see results.

3. Anyone who is tired of hearing “no”. You’re tired of working too hard for too few results… let me show you a proven way. That said, you have to implement what you learn in order to get results.