Relationships Raise Money – [E-BOOK PDF] Digital

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You’ve waited long enough to learn the secrets to securing corporate sponsorship. Relationships Raise Money: A Guide to Corporate Sponsorship will help you:

  • Create effective campaigns
  • Understand what can be sponsored
  • Create sponsorship campaigns that get results
  • Measure the effectiveness of your sponsorships
  • Persuade your sponsors to renew.

In the words of Barry Spilchuk (Founder, You’re My Hero books): “[Relationships Raise Money] … is a step-by-step guidebook to unravel the mystery of how sponsorships work – AND – a manual that will give you the confidence to approach any sponsor with integrity and a Win-Win attitude.”

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Other Reviews:

“I’ve been waiting for someone to write this book for years. Finally, a step by step guide for small businesses and non-profits to acquire corporate sponsorship dollars. Brilliant! On behalf of event planners everywhere, thank you, thank you, thank you!”
— Shelly Rice, Founder, Chocolate Blues and Business

“The days of a donor ‘signing the check’ just to get your organization off their back are over. The donor is looking for a win, too! Relationships Raise Money will help every organization who is seeking

sponsorship to develop lasting relationships with their donors, resulting in long- term viable organizations.”
— Leslie Knight, Founder, Knight Performance Management
Author, Powerful Women: They’re Not Men in Drag

“Roberto Candelaria is one of the most genuine, gifted and caring people I have ever had the pleasure of working with, and his extensive knowledge and understanding of both corporate sponsorships, the non-profit world as well as for profit are only exceeded by his generosity and service to others.”
— Patty Farmer, Winner, Best Business Connector in Dallas (2010)
Author, Make Your Connections Count

“As festival designers, we are always looking to develop new relationships with local and regional sponsors. The guidance within Roberto’s book provides us with the tools to strengthen our existing sponsor programs and to develop new, professional relationships with corporate sponsors.”
— Kathi Danielson, President, Performance & Event Management, LLC