position partner profit live event

Position. Partner. Profit: The Life Coach Edition

September 6th, 2023

11:00am - 4:00pm

The Capital Grille - Dallas

The #1 Question I Get from Life Coaches Ready to Grow a Business…

How Do I Increase My Profitability as a Coach?

Does that sound like you? Then join me in Dallas, especially if: 

You're ready to get in front of more of your ideal clients that are ready (and willing) to invest in your offers.

You want to learn how to harness your skill to increase your profits, not just your revenue.

You're tired of being the best kept secret.. You're ready to be seen by others as the amazing coach you are.

You want to leverage partnerships and collaborations to increase profits.

You want to learn from people who’ve done what you’re trying to accomplish.

During this VIP Lunch and Training Intensive, You'll Learn How To...


yourself as an industry leader and expert. Learn how to showcase your unique skill and talent to the world, and find out how you can help your people in big ways.

This is ain't a conversation about "niche".


with others to grow your business. It’s a fact: nobody reaches the top of the mountain alone.

And works even if you haven't yet hit your first $100k or if you're already a 7-figure coach.


by leveraging the power of positioning and partnerships with others.

We have clients that have built multiple 6, 7 and 8 figure businesses without 1:1 Coaching... we'll tell you how!

Howdy, Coach! We both know you can't "think" your way to profits... It. Requires. Action.

And… intentional actions. Otherwise, you’d have already thought a better thought to have the profits you want in your business. 

(oh, watch this video to see what some of our past clients say!)

Your Trainers

They’re not Insta-famous, by design. These two amazing women have done what you want to do, and can teach you how to do it too by sharing actionable steps you can implement right now. Yes… we love taking “action”.

Ashley Jangro

Certified Life Coach

$40k in enrollments from a single group call and creating more income in 72 hours than in an entire year-long salary as a teacher sounds great, right? Ashley’s your person! She’s helping life coaches become Life Coach Closers utilizing your coach skills for even more conversions and profit.

TaVona Denise

Master Certified Life & Business Coach

A reformed hustler who now spends time soaking up Vitamin D from her hammock in Playa del Carmen, her work has allowed her to support coaches and consultants who have completed their first launch all the way to 7-figure earners. The secret… building effective relationships and knowing the difference between influence and influencer. It’s a subtle, but can really add up in your bank account! Relationships Make Money… learn how to do it with ease, not sleaze.

Stop Doing Business Alone

Ultra-successful people don’t work alone. Why should it be any different with coaches? It’s time to find partners and learn how to collaborate with others to reach that next level of success.

Even if you’re just starting out, you already have a skill or talent that is incredibly valuable to others. It’s your turn to join a group of highly motivated coaches ready to create even more profits.

Roberto Candelaria Event

What Are You Waiting For?

Being intentional about doing what you love and earning money can be simple, but it’s not easy. If you’re ready to do the work and see results, book your ticket to POSITION. PARTNER. PROFIT.

Join us LIVE on September 6th in Dallas, Texas!

What Will You Learn?

How to position yourself as the industry leader and go-to person in your space.

How to position yourself for collaborations and partnerships with others. 

This alone bring six-figures a year to our business.

How to partner with brands you and your community use and trust

How to profit by creating a revenue model that works for your business and lifestyle goals

How to profit even more by building a highly engaged community 

VIP Lunch and Training Intensive


  •  ️1 Day All-Access Admission to training

  • Position. Partner. Profit. Event Workbook 

  • Lunch on Day of Event

  • Pre-Work LIVE Session: 5 Ways Life Coaches Monetize Online  (Aug 9, 2023)

  • Pre-Work LIVE Session: Partnerships and Collaborations – The Pathway to Build Your Audience, Generate More Leads, and Increase Your Sales Replays of the Pre-Work Sessions (Aug 23, 2023)

  • 1-year access to all the REPLAYS pre-event workshops

About Roberto Candelaria

Roberto Candelaria is a Master Certified Life Coach and Business Coach. Since 2009, he’s worked with and trained thousands of coaches and business owners to build wildly successful businesses– focusing on platform, partners, and (say it louder for the people in the back) profit.  

Personally, Roberto grew his business after getting fired from the only job he ever wanted. Despite major health issues (including being under anesthesia 11 times in 18 months), he became profitable after 6 months…and now has a business where he can spend 70+ days traveling (mostly at Disney) each year while running a business he loves. 

In his 14+ years of coaching, he’s helped coaches and online entrepreneurs master their profit through partnerships, move into multiple-6 and 7 figures, and finally find the freedom they’d been chasing for way too long.

Offline, Roberto keeps it weird in Austin, TX with his husband and two dogs. (But travels to Disney any chance he gets.)

You Got Q's... We Got the A's

If you’re seeking strategies to better position yourself in your space and partner for profits, this event is for you. Past attendees have included authors, speakers, coaches, influencers, online product creators, and nonprofit leaders.They all have one thing in common: They’re ready for more partnerships, collaborations, and profits. If that describes you, reserve your spot today!

Partnerships and Collaborations are such an amazing way to grow your business as a coach. For me, my first “big” collaboration was secured when I was in business less than one year with an email list of less than 100 and I had done less than $100k in business.

My partner got his first collaboration when he had only 43 total Instagram followers. YES, only 43! followers!

My clients have secured partnerships with other brands with NO social media presence.
Here’s the key… it’s the WILLINGNESS to dive in a see partnerships as a way to grow your business.

Our events have information that benefits you, no matter where you’re at. Novices, seasoned veterans, and those even exploring business can benefit from our event. Our trainers teach strategies you can actually implement in your business. But there’s more than just the people you meet on stage. At this event, it’s about the community, which includes the people you’ll meet in the room and the ones sitting next to you.

There is no virtual ticket option for the main trainings on September 6th in Dallas, and there will also be no recordings for sale of the event. 

The only virtual component is the Pre-Event sessions. If you unable to attend one live, the recordings will be sent to all registered attendees.

Short answer… be you! Show up as you are.
Before the event we have a series of live pre-event trainings that come with your ticket purchase.

If for any reason you register for the event after the live session, you’ll still have access to the recordings!

While not mandatory to attend these sessions or watch ahead of time… these sessions/recordings will help build an awesome foundation before the event.

This event will take place on September 6th, 2023 at the The Capital Grille Dallas, TX. Registration is at 11am with sessions starting at 11:30am and the event ending at 4pm central. Details will be sent in the confirmation email.

We recommend finding a hotel or Airbnb in the downtown Dallas, Texas area!

DFW and Dallas Love Field are the two closet airports.

We totally get that life happens and things come up. Due to the nature of this event, there are no refunds or transfers of tickets to other programs with Ready to Propel, LLC.

While we will miss you in Dallas, you’ll still get access to the recordings of the pre-event live sessions which you’ll be able to learn and grow from.

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