Live Bootcamp |  October 23rd - 27th at 12:17 PM CST Daily 
5 Days to Your First Collaboration
FREE 5-Day Bootcamp
 Monday October 23rd -
Friday October 27th
Daily at 12:17 PM CST 

Welcome to the most epic free collaboration training you’ll experience this year!

Before we get started though, a quick warning!

This 5 Day Collaboration Bootcamp is designed only for action-takers and those serious about growing a profitable coaching business in 2023 and beyond.

From what collaboration really is, to who to seek collaborations with, to knowing who to call and what to send them, I’m here to show you how it’s done so you can get to planning and impacting more lives through collaboration! 


Monday October 23rd - Friday October 27th

12:17 PM CST Daily 


From the comfort of your own home, or just about any place with internet access, via the Sponsorship For Influencers community on Facebook


You, me, past clients, and other like-minded entrepreneurs and nonprofits ready to take their coaching business to the next level.


Free. Zip. Zilch. Zero. Nada. Gratis.
Less than 30 Minutes of Your Time for 5 Days


Because I want to see you land collaborations. I believe in you and what you’re doing and you deserve a chance to reach more people, build your credibility and influence, and build a profitable coaching business! 

Here are the things you will learn during the FREE 5-Day Bootcamp:
Day 1: What is Collaboration (I mean REAL collaboration)?

I know this sounds kinda “basic", but it’s important to know what real collaboration is and understand the lingo brands use. We’ll lay a solid foundation for the rest of the bootcamp here on the first day. 

Day 2: Collaborations for YOU? Yes, you! (hint: you DON’T have to be a huge brand name already)

There’s a lot of LIES out there about who can land collaborations that will have an impact on your business. I probably should have said “myths”, but I couldn’t because they are lies! haha. We’ll talk about WHO is landing impactful collaborationand how that applies to you and your business.

Day 3: Where Can You Find Collaborations? (hint: it’s more places than you think!)

One of the top question is hear on an almost daily basis is “where can I find  collaborations that matter”! We’ll talk about where you can find collaborations, and what to offer them when you do!

Day 4: Want to Land a Collaboration? Here’s Who to Call!

This is all about the 411. Remember when we’d go to a phone to dial 411 to get someone’s information? This session is about finding the right person at the right brand to collaborate with you! Don’t do this and you’ll waste hours researching pointless information.

Day 5: Want to Land Collaborations? Here’s What to Send Them!

You know what you want out of a collaboration and who you want to land a collaboration with, but ya don’t know what to send the idea to them. In this training we’ll cover the documents and details you’ll want to send your potential new collaborations! 

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