Sponsorship Boot Camp™ – Sponsorship Boot Camp™ is where Roberto C. Candelaria, and his guest speakers, are going to give you everything you need over three days of deep-dive training to get sponsored. This is for Authors, Business Leaders, Non-profits, Speakers and anyone ready to catapult their business through Sponsorship! Learn how to get sponsored and fund your dreams with other people’s money!

  • How to build and define your sponsorship goals
  • How to craft an effective sponsorship proposal
  • How to build an effective Sponsorship Marketing Plan
  • 3 ways to make yourself timely and more irresistible to sponsors
  • Five keys to build a sustainable sponsorship program
  • How to get your sponsors to renew
  • How To Charge Thousands MORE… Even When Your Customers Or Sponsors Are Telling You No!

Sponsorship Crash Course™– If you want to add rocket fuel to your business with free media exposure, bulk book purchases, sponsored speaking tours, event sponsorship and have companies sponsor you…

Spend the day with International Best Selling Author and Sponsorship Consultant, Roberto C. Candelaria, and become a Sponsorship Magnet by creating an irresistible sponsorship property and opportunity.

With over 15 years in the business, as a sponsorship consultant and strategist, Roberto knows what sponsors love and what you need to do to get sponsors to say yes. Roberto’s worked with celebrities, experts, business leaders, entrepreneurs and authors to help them get sponsored.

It would cost tens of thousands of dollars to hire Roberto or another Sponsorship Strategist. In Sponsorship Crash Course™, Roberto brings you his knowledge and expertise for a small fraction of the cost.

Attend Roberto’s Sponsorship Crash Course™ in the One Day in person format or through our new webinar series! 2016 Dates will be announced soon!